Something BIG is Coming & It May Be Wise to Heed This Warning

Something Big is Coming and it May Be Wise to Heed This Warning

Dear friends – it is after 5am and I am unable to sleep because I intuitively feel the information in the videos below is accurate. We should take these warnings seriously. I can feel it in my bones that something big is about to happen. I have been saying for many months (years actually) that the dark ones are going to use the wireless grid to activate certain frequencies that will cause many people to die — especially those who took the COVID jab. The (((usual suspects))) will blame all the sickness and death that is triggered by the wireless frequencies/radiation on a non-existent virus and they will try to push another “vaccine”, claiming it will “save lives” (NOT!!!). Ultimately these wicked beings are going to lose. But many lives may be lost before the final victory of the forces of love. Please do what you can to protect yourselves and prepare. I believe that people with cell phones are in great danger and people who live near cell towers could experience great harm. Do whatever you can to protect yourselves.



I encourage you to watch both videos below.

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