We Are Headed Into a New World Disorder. An Extremely Fucked Up Situation Where Nothing Will Work As It Should Thanks to the Egomaniacal Criminals Who Run Things.


World in Chaos – Lawlessness prevails as squatters steal private homes and China builds terminator robot armies
Mike Adams The entire western world is breaking down into lawlessness and chaos, and the cities of America are the worst hit.

Squatters are stealing homes all across the blue cities and states, with 1,200 homes in Atlanta now being seized by squatters. Police can do nothing, as “squatter’s rights” make a mockery of the rule of law.

Meanwhile, China is building vast armies of terminator robots, which will sweep across America as a “cleanup crew” after civil war 2.0 runs its course and millions are dead.

We cover all this and more – including an interview with John Perez about finance, silver and crypto – in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News here.



Synagogue of Satan will be responsible for the Collapse.

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