Was Billy Milligan the Subject of a CIA Mind Control Experiment? (I Believe He Was But Cannot Prove it As His Records Would Be SEALED)


In 1963, she married Chalmer Milligan, and they moved the family to Lancaster. According to psychiatric reports based on Billy Milligan’s memory, his new stepfather repeatedly sodomized him and otherwise tortured him by burying him alive and hanging him by his toes and fingers. Chalmer Milligan denied all of those allegations, and he was never charged.


See Bottom pictures in this Link of Kim Nobles’ Artwork depicting Monarch SLAVE Tortures by British Intelligence (who works with the CIA):

The Complete Gallery of Kim Noble’s Paintings About Ritual Abuse

The Alter Ria Pratt paints the horrendous sexual abuse required to SPLIT a child by the CIA/British Intelligence who have classified and SEALED all the records as well as CIA Destroying their records as they are all severe child abusers and Traitors.

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