A group of bus drivers refused to provide transportation to 900 Jews who traveled to attend the pro-Israel, pro-genocide rally in Washington DC the other day. A bunch of them called out sick when they found out that they would need to transport these hateful yids. The Jews are very mad about what happened and have called them hateful anti-Semitic bus drivers.





Hey Jews, maybe these bus drivers simply didn’t like the fact that you support a genocide in the name of your evil Zionist terror state. Their position is actually a principled one. I wouldn’t want to provide transportation to you demonic rats either.

Besides, why couldn’t your lazy asses just walk to the terminal? You assholes clearly had no problem with seriously injured and sick Palestinians being forced to walk from north Gaza to south Gaza as they attempted to flee your carpet bombing campaigns. You were totally fine with that, but god forbid that you yids have to walk from the airplane to the airport terminal.

Whatever the case, now you kikes know how it feels to be banned from a service for your race and political views. It isn’t very fun is it?

I’ve been banned off of numerous services largely because of whining from you kikes. So you can simply fuck the hell off with your complaints about these bus drivers. I hope more and more people refuse to provide members of your race all types of services.


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