Unwilling Supersoldier Comments on Being Used Against His Will & How Unethical It Really Is!

Nice article, but these technologies have already been implemented for a super solider program…these programs have been ongoing for over 50 years. My grandfather was part of one of the first programs to see how far a soldier could be pushed. It was run by Nazi scientist that came to United States through Operation Paper Clip. Those that lived through that program were told whom they could marry (like Eugenics). His son, (my father) was also part of another super soldier program ( all this was even before they even used the term (super soldier) was part of a psychic warfare experiment and also physical abilities combined with technology. I was also unwillingly used and made to participate in a similar, but different type of program and because of this I have refused to have any children to bring into this nightmare of a game, not that my genetics may have been already used against my will idk. These military contractors don’t always work for the good ole USA. They have shadow government unofficials to answer to that have zero oversight and are a sophisticated gang with tons and tons of unlimited funding supplied by dark means that does not have to be accounted for. The men calling the shots and paying for these unofficals are egomaniacs and have the delusions of grandeur god syndrome. The technology in article was obsolete about 18 years ago and have abandoned using humans altogether. Programs in public view are just a distraction from what is really going on.

$3 billion super soldier program: 10 times muscle endurance, 7 foot vertical leap, wall crawling, personal flight and more | NextBigFuture.com

Comment:  This is from 2008 and he says the article is 18 years behind the times so fast forward to 2023.  We are at least 33 years behind in knowledge of what the deep state is doing with super soldiers at this time.  IMAO the Deep State will use its’ super Soldiers AGAINST the American people.  Expect it!  These unelected Secret Society people are basically Satanic.  Don’t expect anything Good from them.  They work for a foreign country- The British = TRAITORS!  No doubt in my mind these super soldiers are heavily drugged and are being made to take abnormal amounts of hormones like Testosterone which will have a negative effect on them in later years.

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