I’ve been saying since this conflict in the Ukraine broke out last year that if NATO got involved they would not be able to defeat Russia. They don’t have the manpower, resources or logistical capabilities to get the job done. Not to mention, there is not a whole lot of enthusiasm among the peoples of Europe to do war against Russia. There are now retired US generals making statements saying the same thing.


NATO would not be able to move troops and equipment eastwards fast enough to stop a hypothetical Russian invasion of Europe, a retired US general has warned.

“Being faster than the Russians to get to a critical place is the only metric that matters for effective deterrence, and we still can’t do that,” Ben Hodges, a former commander of US Army Europe, told the Washington Post on Monday. “Military mobility is still a problem. It is better than it was five years ago, but that’s not the metric that matters.”

Almost one year earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the bloc would increase its number of high-readiness troops from 40,000 to 300,000, without explaining which countries would provide these soldiers or pay for their deployment. NATO has only insisted that 100,000 will be deployable within ten days and the rest within a month.

Estonian officials are unhappy with the arrangement, the newspaper reported, and are seeking guarantees that reinforcements would arrive “not when Russian aggression starts, but from the moment we see the first indicators and warnings,” Estonian military chief Gen. Martin Herem told the Post.

Russia does not want to invade Europe, but if NATO decided to fully involve themselves in the Ukraine, they potentially could be forced to take countermeasures. They’d be able to absorb the Baltic countries fairly easily if they chose to do so.

It is insane that we are even having these discussions. Hopefully this ZOG system collapses economically before they can execute any more of their insane war plans.

Comment:  NATO is the British Empire World military and Israel is a part of the British Empire created by the British.