Donald Trump has been indicted on charges relating to the classified documents hoax. He put out a video statement about it proclaiming his innocence.


Obviously, I have many problems with Trump, but the fact that this Jew regime continues to go after him with all these hoax charges, indicates to me that he’s still the best presidential candidate available in the field. The problem is that the elections are rigged and nothing has been done to fix this.

Meanwhile, Republicans are putting out statements proclaiming how horrible this is while they have done nothing to stop this continued abuse. They’re just empty statements.

Look at Kevin McCarthy’s statement. It is a joke. He isn’t going to do shit.


People are rightly trashing Republican politicians for their meaningless statements.




Unfortunately, none of these people are going to do anything. They’re actually a much bigger part of the problem than the Democrats because they pretend to represent our interests when they do no such thing. They’re all a bunch of cowardly faggots.

Why Nothing is Done About the Rampant Corruption (CUZ The Police and FBI are Deeply Corrupted Their Own Selves)

Ricky Schroeder talks Satanic Ritual Sacrifice (

Comment:  All sides are corrupted including Trump who is the best candidate for sure but still deeply corrupted by the Deep state.  His mentor was king of the Deep State:  gay pedophile lawyer Cohn who ran the little slave sex boy toys for the CIA to the politicians so they could be black mailed.  With a mentor like this What do you Think Trump does his own self behind the scenes?