This is Typical of How the CIA’s Hypnotists Create KILLERS

Sirhan is not alone in the short but fascinating cases involving wrongfully accused, post-hypnotically activated victims. I will conclude with the notorious, sensational, but factually proven case involving one Palle Hardrup. Hardrup was a thirty-year old Danish man who walked into a bank in Copenhagen, robbed the teller at gunpoint, shot him when he refused to hand over the money, shot the bank manager, then:

stood staring at his victims for a few moments as if trying to puzzle out what he had done. After putting his gun into his raincoat pocket, he unhurriedly sauntered out of the bank and rode his bicycle to his aunt’s house where he sat waiting for the police. (Perrot Phillips, “Now Go Out and Kill,” from Out of This World, vol. 6, 1978, pp. 74-5)

The author then notes that, “The case would have ended there—if it had not been for police psychiatrist Dr. Max Schmidt. Hardrup, in his opinion, did not really fit into the accepted pattern of a murder-mad gunman. He was a weak man, certainly, and a man who could easily be led. But he did not have a strong enough killer instinct to have murdered the two men at the bank—not unless he had been influenced by some other, unknown, factor.” Dr. Schmidt pursued his investigation and discovered that Hardrup had robbed another bank for $2,000 that he had given to a man by the name of Bjorn Nielsen, who Hardrup referred to as his “guiding spirit”. Nielsen had told Hardrup that he needed the money to fund a new Danish Nazi Party.

Nielsen was a ruthless confidence trickster who was known to have dabbled in hypnotism and the occult. He denied knowledge of Hardrup’s bank raids. But Schmidt was suspicious. Dr. Schmidt eventually administered a truth serum to Hardrup and an amazing story began to unfold. Suddenly Hardrup was describing in great detail how Nielsen had taken possession of him by hypnosis and had then manipulated him into murder. It happened that Nielsen and Hardrup had shared a cell together sometime after the end of WWII. In the spartan privacy of their cell he [Nielsen] subjected Hardrup to hypnosis and so started turning him into a robot.

But without a confession by Nielsen it would be difficult to prove in court. Dr. Paul Rieter, chief of the psychiatric department of Copenhagen City Hospital, eventually told investigators that, in his view, Hardrup had behaved in “an abnormal, insane-like condition while deprived of his own free will by hypnotic suggestive influence.” He added, “The impulse of the criminal acts came from without.”

To prove to the jury that this could actually happen, Dr. Rieter set up an amazing demonstration. He selected “a perfectly ordinary and gentle married woman—one of the last people who could be suspected of being capable of any crime of violence. Then, with permission from her and from the court, Rieter hypnotized her and showed the jury how it was possible to turn her into a “killer”. He kept his voice soothingly soft as he told her that her marriage was being destroyed because her husband was having an affair with another woman. But he kept repeating that her husband was in no way to blame, that he had been tricked and seduced by a viciously perverted woman.

Dr. Rieter continued to suggest to the hypnotized woman that she would be doing a great service to the world if she eliminated this evil woman and that it would not be considered a crime at all. Rieter even suggested that the hypnotized woman would be helping to protect other innocent people from the harm done by this evil woman. Also in the courtroom was another volunteer—a woman who had agreed to act as the “evil seductress”. Rieter told his guinea pig where to find her, and he handed her a gun loaded with blanks. “You know what to do and why you have to do it,” he said. “So now wake up …”

When the woman awoke from the trance she was obviously bewildered. She immediately stood up and searched the rows of people until she spotted the woman she had been told was the “evil seductress”. She walked over to the woman, raised the gun and fired. If the gun had been loaded with real bullets the “seductress” would have been dead.

The jury was convinced. Nielsen was sentenced to life in prison and Hardrup was sent to a “home for psychopaths.” After a few years he was released.” (Phillips, vol. 6)

As Lisa Pease notes in her masterful essay, “Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part I: The Grand Illusion”:

Have you ever seen a master magician? Have you found yourself gasping in amazement asking half-aloud, “How did he do that?” You see a man step into a box on a hollow platform immediately hoisted into the air. Within seconds, the man you saw get into a box that still hangs in front of you appears from behind you in the audience, walking down the aisle. Your eyes have convinced you this is not possible, because you saw the man get into the box. Yet there he is, the impossible made real. The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is also a carefully constructed illusion, designed to confuse and obfuscate. Imagine what the eyewitnesses in the crowded pantry saw. Robert Kennedy had obviously been shot, and Sirhan was firing a weapon. Sirhan must have killed Kennedy. And yet, the physical evidence does not support this conclusion. Sirhan cannot have killed Kennedy any more than the magician could be both in the box and in the audience.

Without belaboring the point and reiterating what many have surmised, it seems almost beyond argument at this juncture in the research that Sirhan was programmed to serve as a distraction for the real assassin(s) of Senator Kennedy. Multiple eyewitnesses saw him throughout the night with the suspicious girl in the polka-dot dress, who lured him into the pantry just moments before Kennedy arrived. She was also sighted with him on numerous occasions at local gun ranges, and famously fled the scene in a hysterical giddy state with another man, shouting, “We shot him! We shot Senator Kennedy!” To this day, Sirhan continues to state he has no memory of the act, with his last conscious recollection being following the woman into the pantry and her pinching him sharply before he entered “range mode”. There, he claims, individual faces and bodies morphed into paper targets. Then he goes blank. As Pease notes, it’s possible Sirhan was firing blanks, since numerous witnesses observed burnt wads of paper being expelled from his gun and hanging in the still air.

Comment:  The Kennedy’s themselves don’t believe Sirhan is guilty and want his release.

Thane Eugene Cesar, a young employee for Lockheed who had ties to Robert Maheu—Howard Hughes’ CIA liaison and Vegas manager—was hired only weeks before the event by Ace Security, and left in January of 1969, a month before Sirhan’s trial began. Cesar was an avowed racist and George Wallace supporter who believed Kennedy was “giving the country over to the blacks”, to paraphrase his eerie interview with Ted Charach in the 1970s. He also owned a nine-shot .22 caliber Harrington and Richardson revolver, which he falsely claimed he sold before the assassination, but which was recovered in a muddy Arkansas pond years later and matched to his receipt of sale dated after the RFK murder. (Bill Turner and Jonn Christian, The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, p. 166)   What is remarkable about this piece of evidence is that the man who purchased the gun, Jim Yoder, told the LA police this exact story, namely that Cesar had the .22 model after the Kennedy murder, during a re-inquiry by the LAPD in 1974. In other words, the security guard following the senator into the pantry, and positioned to his right and rear, holding his arm, owned a gun almost identical to Sirhan’s. And he had misrepresented that fact. (ibid, p. 167)

As to the other assassins, or perhaps a third gun, it is anyone’s guess. Twenty-one year old “memorabilia collector” Michael Wayne, who possessed ultra-right wing California Minuteman Keith Gilbert’s business card when later interrogated, is a person of interest. (An already-incarcerated Gilbert coincidentally had Wayne’s business card when his prison effects were examined.) As are a few other individuals who lurked in the Ambassador that day. But it’s irrelevant to the main revelation that one of the CIA’s dirty tricks from its MK-ULTRA days very likely changed the course of world history that fateful night. And the people truly behind Robert Kennedy’s death were never identified, let alone prosecuted.

Most of the American population has never considered that night as a transformative and disturbing episode in U.S. political history. They are content to believe that, well, only crazy people who’ve watched silly movies like Conspiracy Theory and The Manchurian Candidate and even Zoolander (“Kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia Derek!”) believe in hypno-programmed assassins and mind control. If that really took place, we’d hear about it on CNN or the Rachel Maddow Show. Which truly goes to show that in the end, the nation’s own self-reinforcing ignorance has been the CIA’s supreme accomplishment. No one really needs to be implanted with electrodes or “psychically driven” these days, so complete is the deception, so smooth and without discernible facets or seams. Today, the wholesale vertical integration of the military-industrial-psychosocial control apparatus has become as polished as a diamond. In a way, the pioneers in social engineering gave the American public far too much credit; it turns out that if you give the average citizen a cell phone that lights up and beeps every half hour, a Facebook feed, and an endless stream of sensational headlines and celebrity drama, you can get away with anything, up to and including the complete and utter erosion of our democracy.

Comment:  This was done with Hypnotism alone.  Can you just imagine what can be done with Splitting a person’s mind and programming just a portion of the brain to be an assassin after drugging him?  That person would not have any ability to resist the programming after being tortured to being split! And Drugged as well!  Where are the Human Rights Activists?  Oh right they are working for George Soros who finances them and is a bona certified cabal member.  The Cabal to my knowledge picks which individuals to make into Billionaires.  They have to be CIA programmed to be Sadistic Psychopaths first without any empathy.  Look at the Billionaires we have:  Bill Gates responsible for Mass Murder, Jeff Bezos of Washington Post/Amazon connected to the CIA, Facebooks Fuckerburger Censoring Vaccine Critics and Dissidents also CIA connected, Donald Trump connected to Roy Cohn who ran the CIA Monarch Mind Controlled Sex Slaves, and the List goes on.  Billionaires do not care about Human Rights.  They use CIA slaves to become Billionaires.  They have no empathy.  They are Psychopaths.  It is the same for the Hollywood crowd at the top.  All Psychopaths who use and abuse SLAVES to become very wealthy and many A listers are Slave Programmers & Handlers.  Programmers Rape, Torture, & Burn Slaves as well as Lie to Them, Deceive Them, Steal From them, Blackmail them and every nasty psychological evil you can think of besides blaming Slaves for crimes they never committed and convincing SLAVES to be the Fall Guy.  The Cabal members commit the crimes and SLAVES do the time.  That is the real world.  It is time for real Justice.  It is time for the fall of this Crime Cabal and for Slaves to be Set Free. It is time to Shatter the CIA and Investigate the Secret Societies behind it.  It is time for people to wake up to their Spiritual Selves and Act Now.

Creating Schoolyard Shooters-CIA’s ORION Project

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Michael Le Flem


Michael Le Flem is an independent researcher, author, and musician. He was a professor of history and philosophy in Chicago for ten years and holds a Master’s Degree in Western Intellectual History from Florida State University. He currently lives in Mexico.

Kim Noble’s Artwork shows how horrendous sexual abuse/”Programming” to a child creates a Monarch Slave:

The Complete Gallery of Kim Noble's Paintings About Ritual Abuse | The ...Jewish Mafia Pedophiles at Work Destroying a Child.  Herbert Bush was one of them as his real name was Scherff and he was a wicked pedophile/Programmer/Murderer of child slaves.  He loved torturing children.The Complete Gallery of Kim Noble’s Paintings About Ritual Abuse | SGT ...SNIPPITS AND SNAPPITS: THE WORLD OF MIND CONTROL THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ...

Randy Turner’s Account of Sexual Abuse by Bill Day, Jimmy Carter and Herbert the Pervert Walker Bush when he was around the age of 13-14.

Maybe a week After I had beat Bush Jr. up during our white house tour I am laying in bed and wake up to Bill Day walking into the room.

He sat on the bed to my left and grabbed my left arm then G.H.W Bush walks in and then {Jimmy} Carter walks in and I was thinking wtf is the president doing in my bedroom?

Carter gets on the bed and grabs my right arm and I believe they shoved these long cardboard tubes on my arms which were to make sure I wasn’t able to fight back.

Bush says I heard what u did to my boy you son of a bitch! Bush reaches down and grabs my testicles and starts crushing them.

I was begging them to kill me the pain was so bad and I must have passed out from the pain.

Bill Day was saying things into my left ear as Bush was torturing me, something about not trusting cops or authority and at some point I passed out.

I recall coming to looking down and seeing poppy sucking on my penis.

Carter was saying something into my right ear as Bush was trying to stimulate me sexually; he was saying something about sex with boys, girls, young or old is all good like he was trying to convince me nothing was wrong with sex with young kids with older women and men. I don’t recall what all they programmed just the beginning of it and the rest is a blur.

This continued for what seemed like an hour or more but during one of my court trials Bush claimed I popped within 15 minutes.

When being tortured to this extreme 15 minutes can feel like and hour.

The (popping) is what happens when the brain is unable to deal with the pain it makes a physical change and when this occurs you feel and hear a popping sound in your head.

I am no expert on how it works but I do recall some medical professional explaining it during my court trial saying the brain can physically alter itself to stop pain receptors in some people.

This popping noise is that the victims hear and feel in their head.

It is at this point the Alternates are created.

These Alternates are given names and have completely different personalities from the person being programmed.

The drug they use (Adrenochrome) allows the programmer to feed information into the subconscious and when the drug wares off the victim will have no memory of what took place or a very vague memory of something but usually will relate it to a dream or nightmare they had and not reality.

Comment: Mind Control is essentially a Rockefeller/Rothschild Zionist project and done on military bases in conjunction with the CIA primarily. The Rockefeller’s/Rothschild’s consider themselves ‘Jews’ but are the Synagogue of Satan and mind control is a Satanic project.

Fritz Springmeier has heavily researched Mind Control and his pdf books are readily available for free on the internet.

Hillary Clinton (Jewish) is/was a user of Monarch Child Slaves:

So Was Herbert the Pervert Walker Bush.

Jimmy Carter too.

Ronald Reagan was the sickest of them all.

Bill Day Photojournalist in Hollywood was a Programmer (Sexual Abuser).  Read about these creeps in Randy Turner’s horrendous account of having his Mind Split by torture as a young teen.  If we, as Americans, can sit by and ignore these severe abuses (British too) maybe we deserve the gov’t we get which will strip us all of our rights and make us all slaves.  Are we too stupid to survive?  I think the vast majority are.  Only the smart ones who want to be informed will bother coming to this website.

British Crown is in charge of ALL this evil here in the United States AND in Canada.  Eyewitness reports from Canada:

Some of this I have DIRECT, first hand information/experience with. I lived for a few years in The Southlands, on a friend’s estate, and our neighbour was involved in a huge drug import/running/distributing operation which included the estate adjoining ours, and Celtic Shipyards. I have considerable awareness of the Picton Pig Farm operation. Piggy’s Palace was a crown corporation and it served as a blackmail operation similar to Epstein Island. Filming CEO’s, head of RCMP Western Canada…having coitus with native “girls” on an altar on site, and the women ritually killed. RCMP and many police forces..municipal..Victoria, Vancouver…even here in our little town of 100 Mile House..And Hwy 16 murders of natives….this is a 150 year old Masonic vendetta, punishing the native tribes for the Indian Wars of the 1860’s which the Chilcotin tribes won..over the British Crown. That vast area of BC in officially unceded territory. Yes, the police, RCMP, municipal forces, judges, lawyers, Catholic and Anglican churches are ALL involved.


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