Israel is a Zionist Nation With ZIONIST Satanyahu as Leader

How Israel’s leaders use targeted killings to try to ‘stop history’

by TUT editor

Ronen Bergman, author of ‘Rise and Kill First,’ a revelatory history of Israeli strikes on individual enemies, dissects his discoveries and their often discomfiting implications

ed note–the article, encompassing a rather long interview between Times of Israel and Ronen Bergman, author of the new book dealing with Mossad, is long and somewhat tedious and will take some time and several readings in fleshing out the more minor nuances and details associated with it.

But at first glance however, the one thing that the reader of this interview can immediately understand is the following–

That Israel, from the very beginning of its inception, was an operation rooted in criminality, or, put in more specific terms, rooted in organized crime. As such, violence, blackmail, bribery and all the other tools which historically have been associated with organized crime operations OF COURSE went hand in hand with everything that has been associated with the entire ‘Jewish state’ affair. it could not have been any other way and more importantly, it never WILL be any other way, because the entire ‘Jewish state’ affair is in its plainest terms the application of Judaic criminal principles and protocols manifested in the sphere of organized politics, and as such, Israel will always have its ‘button men’–a term used in Mafia parlance to describe assassins–who are charged with going out and engaging in violence and terrorism in order to keep the ‘business operations’ of ‘la famiglia’ in tact.

Next, as much as both the interviewer and author make a pretty good show of affecting regret over Israel’s violent past as covered in Bergman’s book, the fact of the matter is thus–Judaism has since its very beginning enjoyed a very cozy relationship with death. All one need do is go back and leaf through a few pages of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Numbers, Joshua, etc, to see for themselves that the storyline appearing in the Torah beginning with a penniless nomad named Abraham hearing voices in his head promising him and his family fame, power, and fortune reads like a chapter from either The Godfather or The Sopranos. There is, never was, and never will be anything ‘holy’ about this ‘code of ethics’ known as Judaism which is in effect no different than the ‘religion’ of wiseguys, thugs, hitmen, and ‘good fellas’. Rather, it is ‘their thing’, the vehicle by which they are empowered in engaging in criminal activity against the whole of humanity for their own enrichment and empowerment, but something which they gussy-up to appear noble and respectable with all the religious mumbo-jumbo that functions as a cloaking device for what they really are and what they really aim to do.  Read more of this post

Of all groups polled, Jews biggest supporters of legalized infanticide

by TUT editor

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