Amy Says WTF (The Jesuits & The Great White Brotherhood) GLITCH IN THE CODE (

Comment:  Look at link on the bottom …..the Jesuits as a SYNAGOGUE OF JEWS.


Amy Says WTF (The Jesuits & The Great White Brotherhood) GLITCH IN THE CODE
From the Plandemic to War. Every means possible is used to distract and disempower the masses.
Amy Says WTF points attention back at the True Enemies of Humanity where it belongs
In this weeks episode of Glitch In The Code we continue our journey towards the head of the snake. I recently came across Amy and her research via her various channels (which i will link below) and found her research and video delivering to be incredible.
Whilst the world is stuck at the level of Trump vs Biden and distracted by the fall out from the Covid Scamdemic (Trojan Horse for The Great Reset) not many are still searching for the head of the beast, which is why I was so pleased to get Amy on the show as a continue on from the previous episode with Michael Feeley and David Icke.
In this episode Amy shares her research into The Jesuits, The Vatican and what is know as The Great White Brotherhood which may well be at the top of the pyramid and the group that truly hides within the shadows crawling the halls of the Vatican, The House of Parliament and The White House. Not to get confused with the cult that is known as The Family that also borrows the name of The Great White Brotherhood, this group has been said to be what some call the Tall Blondes or The White Reptilians.

  • Wow these are quite old, it’s unfortunate that the key to all of these families, which is always that they are Jews, throughout history these cockroaches have raped and plundered civilizations to the extent, that they have been driven out of so many countries till they slipped a foot in the door and never left and it was over.


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  • The Jesuits & them being Victims in the same sentence is what is Mind Boggling here. That’s like saying the Vatican Players are Victims. I suppose they’re Victims is Satan, but they’re also his Militia at the highest order & they are the Foundation of Secret Societies who, at their core, do not typically hold Humanity as Sacred Beings. The Jesuit Oath is just disgusting & still in practice.

  • Amy Says WTF – Meet Our Jesuit Supreme Court (

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