Ex-Hollywood Star States He Was Sexually Abused as a Child; Is Now On DEATH ROW After Viciously Murdering Retirees

Skylar Deleon was sexually abused, beaten and tortured by his late father, John Julius Jacobson Sr., according to attorney Gary Pohlson. Jacobson recently died from AIDS, reportedly.


 In 2019, Deleon, still on death row at San Quentin State Prison as the moratorium on lethal injection had prevented her execution, was afforded hormone therapy that partially feminized her appearance before she legally identified as female, and her name was changed to Skylar Preciosa Deleon.


In 2020, Skylar Deleon said she knows there are no words that can help the Hawks family. She revealed how the father, a drug dealer, and a tyrant, would abuse them physically and allow others to abuse them sexually. However, it’s really bad to see two loving individuals who did everything right so they could enjoy their retirement years being inhumanely tortured to death by selfish people.

Comment:  Child stars are sexually abused a lot by the Gay Pedophiles Running Hollywood.  A Father allowing his son to be Sexually Abused would then be promised roles & commercials in exchange for his child to be in.  There is a CLEAR LINK between Child Sex Abuse & Transgenderism.  There is also a Clear Link between Child Sex Abuse & Violent Crime.

Experiences of abuse during childhood contribute to the onset of mental health problems during adolescence and adulthood, including suicidality and depression.811  Individuals who experience abuse during childhood are 3 to 5 times more likely to develop suicidality later in development.12  Experiencing sexual or physical abuse during childhood is related to chronic and repeated suicidal behavior into adulthood.13,14  Initial reports have revealed higher risk for suicidal behavior among TGAs who report childhood abuse.15  Given the extremely high rates of suicidal ideation and behavior observed within samples of TGAs, greater attention to this population’s psychosocial experiences, which could underlie their disproportionate rates of mental health problems, is needed.


Evidently Transgenders Have Overwhelming Incidences of Mental Health Problems.

Skylar DeLeon, from Power Rangers actor to gender reassignment to death sentence

A story of abuse and crime that won’t have a happy ending

Skylar DeLeon.
Skylar DeLeon.AP

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