How the Criminals Hide Their Crimes (Rothschild-Rockefeller-British Empire Crime Conglomerate)


For criminals moving large sums of dirty money internationally, there is no better device than an untraceable shell company. This book reports the results of an experiment soliciting offers for these prohibited anonymous shell corporations. Our research team impersonated a variety of low- and high-risk customers, including would-be money launderers, corrupt officials, and terrorist financiers when requesting the anonymous companies. Evidence is drawn from more than 7,400 email solicitations to more than 3,700 Corporate Service Providers that make and sell shell companies in 182 countries. The experiment allows us to test whether international rules are actually effective when they mandate that those selling shell companies must collect identity documents from their customers.

Shell companies that cannot be traced back to their real owners are one of the most common means for laundering money, giving and receiving bribes, busting sanctions, evading taxes, and financing terrorism.

Every year a staggering number of unidentified shell corporations succeed in hiding perpetrators of terrorist financing, corruption and illegal arms trades, but the degree to which firms flout global identification standards remains unknown. Adopting a unique, experimental methodology, Global Shell Games attempts to unveil the sordid world of anonymous shell corporations. Posing as twenty-one different international consultants, the authors approached nearly 4,000 services in over 180 countries to discover just how easy it is to form an untraceable company. Combining rigorous quantitative analysis, qualitative investigation of responses and lurid news reports, this book makes a significant research contribution to compliance with international law and international crime and terrorism whilst offering a novel, new approach to the field of political science research. Global Shell Games is an invaluable resource for scholars of international relations, and a fascinating, accessible read for anyone interested in learning about worldwide criminal practice in corporate finance.

Surprising Findings

  • Nearly half (48 percent) of all replies received did not ask for proper identification, and 22 percent did not ask for any photo identity documents at all to form a shell company.
  • Against the conventional policy wisdom, those selling shell companies from tax havens were significantly more likely to comply with the rules than providers in OECD countries like the United States and Britain.
  • providers in poorer, developing countries were also more compliant with global standards than those in rich, developed nations.   
  • Corporate service providers were significantly less likely to reply to potential terrorists and were also significantly less likely to offer anonymous shell companies to customers who are possibly linked to terror. However, compared to the placebo a significantly decreased share of firms replying to the terrorist profile also failed to ask for identity documentation or refused service.   

How Arrogant These Financial Criminals ARE!

An Actual Response from a Corporate Service Provider

“[Y]our started purpose could well be a front for funding terrorism, and who the f*** would get involved in that?  Seriously, if you wanted a functioning and useful Florida corporation you’d need someone here to put their name on it, set up bank accounts, etc. I wouldn’t even consider doing that for less that 5k a month, and I doubt you are going to find any suckers that will do it for less, if at all. If you are working with less than serious money, don’t waste anybody’s time here.  Using a f****** google account also shows you are just a f****** poser and loser. If you have a serious proposal, write it up and we will consider it. Your previous message and this one are meaningless crap. Get a clue. Just how stupid do you think we are?”

Comment:  This is exactly how The Banksters Launder Dope Money Through Their Banks:  Citibank, HSBC, etc.

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