What the Intelligence Services Can Do According to a Commentor on Fightingmonarch.com


Amending my former post: audio and mic harassment. Mostly from Sonitus Technologies as they test moral mics (dental microphones) on soldiers so they can hear them everywhere and anywhere. The Dentist just mixes it up with the dental paste and puts it in, when doing a crown. Within three years or so, the tooth is rotted out from the mic.

The audio harassment can come from a number of sources. Curiously, Sonitus Technologies just merged with the maker of the bionic ear, so the military tech is bulking up. Audio harassment can also be from black tiny threads thrown around the ears. Wipe with rubbing alcohol behind and just below the ear, in the hollow cavity there, and you will see them. They do not come off with soap and water.

All their drugs are hormone based (using oil) so they don’t come off with soap & water. You need a 5% solution. Most of the low ranks use apple cider vinegar (and smell very badly). Lemon juice works, black tea bags, or anything that is silently acidic. Witch hazel or rubbing alcohol for rubbing down ‘dusted’ surfaces.

After showering, wipe with rubbing alcohol or a light bleach solution that smells like pool water (just enough to wipe off the drugs). Sanitizing wipes work well, as well, especially for the hair where they throw hydrachloric acid and the like

If you find yourself mumbling, or worse, they dosed you with pyschotropics. Drink a beer. Counters it perfectly. As does butter and soy, but less so.

Dusting: They use powerful veterniary drugs, that you can buy by walking in the store or online. Which is why they call us aimals. They stick a thumb and forefinger in their pocket, pinch, then pull out the hand and ‘wave’ “Hi there!” while they coat you with very powerful drugs.

They (federal agents, important people who cannot afford to get caught being stupid, even family members) use college students to do most of the Dusting. They bill it as a game: Werewolves & Vampires. Alternatively: Hunger Games, Twilight (which is where you get werewolves & vampires), and Hogwarts: Slughorns Special Collection.Also, they use cops, who love to view everyone naked, just like the students, with a second cellphone using ultrasound. Ultrasat took away our clothes when it went up in 1980 and they have never been on since. All ultra sound devices and satellites can view people naked, though they might need to ‘sweat’ you a bit to get some water to do it.

Much of it is laser and brain research, but the students get bored and like ‘to play’ around. If you have ever volunteered for research (and I have not, ever!) write the University with a Cease & Desist Letter and tell them that you are no longer a research subject….. Good luck with that…. but it’s the right thing to do.I sent them a MRI of my skull, study IDs, and informed them that I never signed up for research and UCLA still keeps going to this very day.


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