Petition Against Plastics Pollution

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Time is running out to STOP plastic from completely destroying our planet! 

For over 150 million years, sea turtles have roamed the ocean — but rampant plastic pollution is threatening the survival of these beloved marine animals. 

Baby sea turtles often mistake floating plastic debris for food, which isn’t surprising given that an entire garbage truck’s load of plastic is DUMPED into the ocean EVERY MINUTE. In fact, scientists predict there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. And just ONE single piece of plastic has a 20% chance of killing a sea turtle. 

When sea turtles try to eat plastic mistaken for fish, they can easily CHOKE TO DEATH or become ENTANGLED. Even if they manage to get the toxic plastic into their tiny stomachs, it can rupture their internal organs or cause severe damage to their digestive systems. Researchers estimate that over HALF of ALL sea turtles in the entire world have ingested plastic. 

Plastics are rapidly killing aquatic life like sea turtles and decimating our precious oceans — and if we’re going to protect the fragile marine ecosystems that our planet relies on, we must band together and show strong public support immediately. Will you join the fight to protect our planet today? Add your name now and DEMAND government intervention to END plastic pollution! >> 


Plastics are everywhere and are taking over the Earth. Because it’s non-biodegradable, it just keeps breaking into smaller microplastics that are contaminating our water, food, and air supply. Without even knowing it, the average human consumes a credit card’s worth of plastic every week!

The damage caused by plastic can be traced all the way back to the manufacturing process, which burns through TONS of dangerous fossil fuels that worsen global warming. These massive factories spew out dirty greenhouse gases that pollute the air and pose serious health risks to nearby residents — most often low-wealth and BIPOC communities.

And yet, the greedy fossil fuel industry and plastic corporations are still willing to put our planet and human health on the line — all for the sake of profit. Plastic production has already been forecast to increase by 60% within the next 7 years, so it’s CRUCIAL that we ACT NOW.

We still have a chance to STOP the PLASTIC APOCALYPSE from destroying the Earth, but we can’t do this work without you, patty. Please take action now to help save the planet from plastic before it’s too late! >> 


Thanks for taking action to defeat plastic pollution! Friends of the Earth

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