President Reagan Was a Transexual According to an Ex-Child Sex Slave

What my source told me is that he sued the Gov’t for his Childhood of Sex Abuse and Being Turned Into a Sex Slave Forced to Gratify the Deviant Desires of Our Sick President.  Reagan’s Body was Exhumed by a small group of US military men who witnessed his body being exhumed to prove he was shot and in the process it was exposed that he had female genitals.

Photos and video taken of Reagan’s body showed he had female genitals.  (Likely Reagan was on male hormones like Testosterone which can give a female a MALE appearance.)  My source stated he was about 12-13 years old when he wandered into Reagan’s bedroom and Nancy had a Strap On and looked Drugged.  Reagan pulled “his” pants on and Jon Voight assured Reagan no need to worry as this child is on Adrenochrome and “won’t Remember.”  Reagan proceeded to molest the young boy who had zero will to resist as Adrenochrome affects the unconscious making a person scripted to do whatever that person is told to do.   Jon Voight is what is known as a “Handler” of a Mind Controlled Sex Slave.

Based on this information it is 100% Unlikely that any Investigation into Child Sex Abuse by Reagan would yield ANY Significant Truthful Result.  (That is like the Fox Guarding the Hen House!)


Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, is the result of an investigation into pornography ordered by U.S. President Ronald Reagan.  This would just be another Fake Commission which would Cover-Up the Real Perpetrators at the top.  If you notice the Elite Never Seem to Be Charged With Child Sex Abuse Crimes Cuz They Control These Investigations!

25 Jan, 2020 14:28

Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes

Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes

Cindy McCain, widow of the late Arizona Senator John McCain, has raised more than a few eyebrows after remarking that Jeffrey Epstein’s horrific crimes against young women were common knowledge. But common for whom, exactly?

Speaking at a conference in Florida, McCain claimed that a girl from her daughter’s high school was one of Epstein’s victims, and said that she hoped the accused sex trafficker –who allegedly killed himself while in detention at a Manhattan prison– was “in hell.”

Her uncontroversial condemnation of the shadowy multi-millionaire was followed by a rather more curious statement.

“Epstein was hiding in plain sight,” said Cindy McCain. “We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no one that was – no legal aspect that would go after him. They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him.”

Comment:  Well the Harvard Lawyer and TV Personality was Dershowitz and he was raping a minor controlled by Epstein named Virginia Giuffre! The lawyers aren’t going after the Perps b/c They ARE the Perps.  The Media Heads are Too!  They are compromised by Epstein or someone similar.

She didn’t elaborate, leaving many on social media to speculate on what she meant.

If McCain knew about Epstein she should have come forward, noted numerous Twitter users. Inaction and silence led to “trafficked, sexually assaulted kids & adults” paying the price, one unimpressed commenter argued.

McCain only spoke out against Epstein “after he [was] dead,” read a similarly scornful reply to her comments.

Epstein’s purported suicide in August occurred as he awaited trial on sex-trafficking charges, more than a decade after receiving a ‘sweetheart deal’ from the government for soliciting prostitution from a minor.

Ronnie Reagan as a young swimmer:

No Bulge.  No penis.

Comment:  Reagan was OWNED by the Cabal as all of our Perverts are.  The Cabal likes perverts who are easily controlled by their degeneracy.  The Cabal also likes drug addicted Hollywood Stars cuz they are controlled by their addictions.  They will do anything they’re told to do or say whatever they’re told to say as long as they get their drug/child of choice.

Reagan had rather wide hips.

Woman’s Collar Bones: 


No description available.Note Reagan’s Collar Bones are very similar to the Female’s collar bones pictured above.

Female to Male Transgender:

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