Below is an open letter I just sent, by email, to the traitors, deviants, and cowards at Academi, since they have been harassing me.

I have added pictures and redacted my full contact information, which was at the bottom of the email with my signature, but otherwise, this is identical to my email. I will also tweet copies to the treasonous child molesting trash at NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, and USAF–not to mention the Rockefeller Crime Family and their affiliates.


Traitors, Incompetents, Cowards, Homosexuals, Child Molesters, and Losers!

I am sure you know of the existence of my website, where I have written over 210 articles to expose the crimes of you and your affiliates at CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI, USAF, and others abroad.

So far I have 776,390 hits and 7,830 followers, who read about you and your clients. You can see the hit counter at the bottom of my main page.

Among others, I have written pieces on your masters at Monsanto, the child molesting dweeb Bill Gates, the fat shitboy Henry Kissinger, and the white trash that call themselves the Rockefeller Family, whom I believe to be your chief clients in this instance.

Since I have written multiple articles on how to beat mind control, hive mind, and microwave harassment, the degenerates that came from Academi tonight, in the employ of the Rockefellers, were very easy to spot.

Of course, that’s typical of your incompetence.  I can’t believe your masters pay you.  Perhaps it’s more for your sexual services so they can make bacha bazi with you, your families, and Erik Prince–not to mention his mother, sister, wife, and children, whom he sells to them.

Or is it more that the Rockefellers pay you to rape their wives and children while they watch? Do you use dogs? Do you dress up in special outfits for their parties? Does that cost extra?

Here’s another piece I wrote on the implementation of LOCK STEP and how you weaponize people like me.  It has a lot of big words, but maybe you can puzzle it out together.

I know it’s hard for cowards and slaves like you to understand, but real people fight back.  And, when we’re not drugged and hypnotized, we don’t fall for your bullshit deals.

Through a cyberattack, your employees tried to stop me from sending this email, which will be posted at my site.  I wonder what else you hide from each other.  I wonder what your co-workers hide from you.  I wonder what you hide from your clients.

In the meantime, here’s another piece I wrote on how you like to play video games with men’s penises, anuses, and prostate glands.

Is that something you learned in the American military, when they urinated on you and sodomized you with objects?

You may also be interested in my article on FORT HOOD and OPERATION GLADIO C.

You can read more about me below, while you hide in the shadows like the craven traitors you are.

I am easy to find.


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Our enemy depends on silence.