Operation Crimson Mist-CIA CRIMINAL OPERATION in Africa Involving MASS MURDER and MASS Mind Control



Operation Crimson Mist During the late afternoon of 6 April 1994, a hail of cannon shells tore through the fuselage of a commercial airliner flying overhead central Rwanda. Several seconds later the blazing plane exploded on impact with the ground, killing President Habyarimana of Rwanda, President Ntaryamira of Burundi, and most of their senior government officials. In that fatal millisecond of time, the entire political command structure of central Africa was decapitated, leaving the way open for “Operation Crimson Mist”, the most obscene terminal mind control experiment ever mounted by the United States of America against a sovereign nation. On November 5, 2021, a crowd crush occurred during the first night of the Astroworld Festival, a music event founded by American rapper Travis Scott. The event was held at NRG Park in Houston, Texas. Ten people died: eight on the night of the concert, and two more in hospital over the following days. The causes of death are under investigation. Twenty-five people were hospitalized, and more than 300 people were treated for injuries at the festival’s field hospital. 5G CONNECTION TO AI AND TRANSHUMANISM Dean Henderson, MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana, provides a dire warning and says that 5G is DARPA’s end game for humanity. Henderson adds that “Some say that Chemtrails is the means by which they are loading our bodies up with aluminum, since this is the best conductor for plugging us into the 5G “smart grid”. Trans-genderism is an Agenda 21 stepping stone Trojan Horse gateway to trans-humanism, which involves the integration of 5G into our very being. thefacthunter.com

Comment: CIA is a completely criminal Agency created and serving the crime Syndicate known as the British Empire.

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