Security Specialist Exposes a Social Engineering Program-Voice to Skull Technology Which is Patented; This is NOT Russia-It is the USA! Here is a Bill Gates Dream Come True!

Comment: I bet Bill Gates and Microsoft are involved in this as he is in Seattle, Washington as well as the CIA cuz the CIA has LONG Been Involved in Brain Washing & Brain Manipulation. No WONDER Graphite was put in the Vaccines. I am certain it would enhance the effects of Voice to Skull technology.

What This Technology Can do: “It Can make the Blind to See, the Deaf to Hear induce Love & Hate. Induce Sexual & Spiritual Feelings.

Induce Dreams and Visual Images.

Control Sleep Pattersn.

Read Thoughts. Beam Voice to Head. Replace Thoughts and MEMORIES!

See Through Eyes; Hear Through Ears. Monitor Muscle Movements. CAUSE & Prevent Car Accidents. Induce ACTS, Give Diseases, & CURE Diseases in a Couple of Hours.

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