Department of Homeland [In]Security

Comment: Department of Homeland Security was created by the Bush Criminals on Behalf of the ZIONIST British Empire. This phony LIAR is running this Stasi-Gestapo Operation. When It doesn’t work these scum will have to run for the hills. Lol

DHS Launches Board to Police Speech on the Internet

By infostormer -April 28, 20225

The Department of Homeland Security has just launched a Ministry of Truth board designed to police speech on the Internet.

Some crazy bitch who may or may not be Jewish has been put in charge of this. She sounds quite pleased that she will be in charge of policing speech on the Internet. She also has strange links to Ukraine.

They obviously won’t be policing disinformation. These people are the very source of disinformation so that would require them policing themselves.

What they will be doing is going after people who expose all the ZOG lies and they will then claim that the people who are speaking the truth are the ones spreading disinformation.

It’s not going to work. These people are too incompetent to make it work. They are feebly trying to prop up a collapsing empire that is based around unnatural and evil things.

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