…KHAZARIAN CABAL. (Synagogue of Satan aka British Empire)

SOTN Editor’s Note: As one looks across planet Earth today, one thing is readily apparent: war and conflict, chaos and confusion prevail on every continent.  Quite obviously, this state of international affairs has been fastidiously engineered with highly purposeful design.

The exposé found at this link clearly demonstrates that only the all-powerful and all-pervasive Khazarian Cabal could ever accomplish such an Ordo ab Chao feat: The World Wars And All Other Cataclysmic Events Were Carried Out By THE TRIAD.

Make no mistake: no other malevolent entity or international crime syndicate is so successful at pitting nation against nation like the Khazarian Cabal.  Truly, they are the all-time masters in stealthily executing the “divide and conquer” strategy.

Comment:  Another name for the Khazarian Cabal is BRITISH EMPIRE….Crime Syndicate.

For example, the reason why the American Left has been socially engineered to hate Russia is because the Khazarians hate Russia.  Similarly, the reason why the American Right has been mind controlled to detest China is because the Khazarians desperately needed an enemy for conservatives to fear.

This game of divide and rule has gone on for millennia and represents the primary stratagem by which the Khazarian Cabal dominate the entire planetary civilization.  All they really care about is that everyone else is blamed, NOT them ever, for all the deliberately manufactured problems of the world.

Toward that end, their ultimate Ordo ab Chao game-changer is to instigate a full-blown World War III scenario, which the Khazarians have been working overtime at since they carried out the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks.  That defining moment also served to profoundly polarize the whole world community of nations into two camps—the Zio-Anglo-American Axis/NATO and the BRICS Alliance/Global South.

In light of the rapidly unfolding WW3 geopolitical chessboard, the two main pieces are now the United States and China.  Russia has already served its purpose by being deceitfully provoked into starting the Ukraine War; now it’s China’s turn to be provoked around Taiwan.

Everywhere you look and hear, it’s: “CHINA! CHINA! CHINA!”

Well, it’s not China that the American people need to be very, VERY, concerned about; rather, it’s the ever treacherous Khazarian Cabal whose countless agents and covert operatives occupy the highest echelons of the Biden administration as well as all of institutional and corporate America.

What follows is an excellent list of indisputable reasons why it’s not China, but the treasonous Khazarian Cabal and it many traitorous co-conspirators who need to be eradicated from the American Republic post-haste.  For it’s the Khazarians who are using China to perpetrate all manner of nefarious deeds such as the COVID-19 biowar. (And China didn’t even know their Wuhan labs were being used as a bioterrorism hub to launch the various Covid bioweapons worldwide.)

In other words if there was no machiavellian Khazarian Cabal operating in the shadows 24/7, China would not be independently undertaking their various machinations.  China was never a country out to conquer the world; but because of Anglo-America imperialism they have been forced into a much more aggressive posture for the sake of self-preservation (just like Russia has been).

State of the Nation
June 28, 2023

N.B. The post below frequently uses the name “Jews” where SOTN would have used the term “Khazarian”.  In point of fact, Khazarians are totally fake Jews.  The Khazarians don’t have a religious bone in their bodies and intentionally use the Jewish people as cover for their countless crime sprees against humanity.  Quite unfortunately for authentic Judaism such as that espoused by the enlightened rebbes, all of the most powerful Khazarian Mafia types in American government today calculatedly identify as ‘Jewish’.  However, there are also many good Jewish people who have been co-opted by the satanic Khazarian agenda.  Many of these religious Jews participate in and/or support the Holohoax fraud for a wide range of reasons.  In some way it serves their self-interest so they maintain their posture of willful ignorance of Holohoax truth.  The true back story is really much more complicated than this and can only be correctly understood by reading this crucial exposé: THE. WHOLE. MEGILLAH.

It Isn’t the Chinese; It’s the Jews, Stupid


The Chinese may occasionally — even often — take advantage of the White man’s insane surrender on all fronts, and will probably take further advantage as time goes on, but the main causes of the White man’s abdication are Jewish through and through.

*Based on an article by Russell James

ABOUT a decade ago, the kosher “liberal” media were (as they still are) blaming White men for everything, while the kosher “conservative” media were trying to confuse the issue of Jewish power by scapegoating Muslims. Since the end of the Cold War they’ve been at a loss as to which straw man to portray as “the enemy of the West,” and have vacillated between the Muslims and that old standby “Russia”, with a couple of detours toward tiny, harmless countries like Venezuela or North Korea)

Over the last few months, the (((neo-conservative media))) — following a well-worn track laid-down by The Epoch Times — have ramped-up their propaganda machine to claim that it is the Chinese who run the “Deep State” and that they are the reason America’s domestic and foreign policies are always against our own interests. So I have re-purposed an article originally by Edgar Steele to reflect this new tactic of blaming the Chinese for America’s woes.

Of course, claiming that the Chinese are the source of America’s decline is preposterous. The changes in policy that are the root cause of our decline have been going on for decades (at least since the 1940s) — long before the Chinese (or any other non-White nation) had even the tiniest toe-hold in America. Any non-White nation except the Jews, that is, who were here, cajoling, whispering in ears, and using their great wealth to influence policy since the beginning.

Comment:  This crime syndicate funnels their illegally gotten gains into subversion of media and politicians.  They make money prostituting Children, Creating SNUFF PORN, Sex Rings in Congress, Paedo Films, Weapons Trafficking and Drug Trafficking and take all these black profits into funding politicians, media, universities, scientists, corrupting Everything they fund.  Since these child traffickers OWN our Media they will NEVER report on their crimes.

So, before you start parroting neo-con propaganda and inadvertently make the situation for White America even more untenable, take a few minutes to learn the truth, and remember: it isn’t the Chinese; it’s the Jews, stupid.

  • It wasn’t the Chinese who blocked the PayPal accounts of patriots and stole the balances they contain – it was Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese who get patriots fired for their political and social views – it is Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese who maintain a dossier on millions of patriots and draw from them to defame and destroy – it is Jews.

  • It wasn’t the Chinese who have been bent upon bankrupting and imprisoning so many that I know – it was and is Jews.

  • It wasn’t the Chinese who had Ernst Zundel deported and punished for “thinking wrongly” – it was Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese who have hijacked my government – it is Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese who have made it virtually — and in some countries, literally — illegal to criticize them – it is Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese who have hijacked the American legal system and now are transforming it to conform to Talmudic law – it is Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese who own and run the Federal Reserve Bank, which is in the process of destroying the dollar and the American economy – it is Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese rigging the US stock market and commodities futures markets – it is Jews.

  • It wasn’t the Chinese who sent our military into Afghanistan and Iraq – it was Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese who refuse to serve in the US Military in numbers proportionate to their population percentage – it is Jews (1/10 of 1%, vs. 2-1/2%).

  • It isn’t the Chinese who erect menorahs in public venues – it is Jews.

  • It isn’t the Chinese who continue to impose “racial diversity,” disfavoring America’s founding race, upon us in all walks of life – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who began and continue to expand militant “feminism,” destroying the traditional relationship between the sexes – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who promote sex perversion and “transgenderism” and do everything they can to reduce the White birth rate – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who buy off all our legislators with our own tax dollars – it is Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who tried to sink the USS Liberty and killed and maimed so many of its crew members during an extended attack – it was Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese enacting “hate crime” laws designed to outlaw opposition to the multiracialist, open-borders agenda – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who run NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who sued to force us to allow homosexuals to lead Boy Scout troops – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who started and ran so many ostensibly Black anti-White organizations like the NAACP – it was Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese importing huge numbers of Somalis and Bantus and Mestizos into American cities – it is Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who formulated American legislation providing pensions to Russian Jewish immigrants for doing nothing – it was Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who run organized crime throughout America – it is Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who created and promoted the drug counterculture – it was Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who literally own and run nearly all of Hollywood’s movie-making enterprises – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who literally own and run almost all of America’s mainstream media – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese spewing obscenity and race-mixing propaganda from the TV and movie screens – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese trying mightily to block and censor alternative views and alternative media – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese lying about and guilt-tripping all Whites about slavery and the supposed “holocaust” – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese stealing American tax dollars to fund all their holocaust monuments throughout America – it is Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who forged the Anne Frank “diary” – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who lied about gas chambers at Dachau and Auschwitz – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who lied about mass graves at Treblinka – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who lied about Jews being made into lamp shades and soap during World War 2, such lies resulting in the deaths of millions of White people – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who doctored WW2 prison camp photos to appear to be belching smoke from crematoria – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who used WW2 pictures of dead Whites, falsely claiming they were Jews – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who made criticism of Jews punishable by death in Soviet Russia after they took power – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who killed over 20 million Russians – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who looted and destroyed the Russian economy – it was Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who have amassed an illegal arsenal of over 300 nuclear weapons in the Middle East – it is the Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who brag about controlling America – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who advocate the use of torture by, and on, Americans – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who twist American laws to punish speech criticizing themselves – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese endeavoring to get America to outlaw anti-semitical speech – it is jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who sell goods that it is now illegal for Americans to boycott – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who extort millions in “fees” for putting their worthless “kosher” label on goods – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who retaliate against rock-throwing children by shooting them in the head – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese stealing land in Palestine – it is Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who ran down Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer – it was the Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who have caused America to spend uncounted trillions in the Middle East with zero benefits for our country – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who send teams of trained assassins into foreign countries, including America, to kill people with whom Israel disagrees – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who run the ADL, which maintains dossiers on thousands of law-abiding American citizens, for the purpose of punishing those with whom they disagree – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who break into and enter the offices and homes of law-abiding American citizens, to procure “dirt” both for their database, and in the hopes of getting data they can pass to a compliant FBI to enable false, politically motivated prosecutions – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who have caused America to go from being the most-loved country in the world to the most hated – it is Jews.
  • It isn’t the Chinese who regularly phony up “hate crimes” against themselves – it is Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who caused the Great Depression – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who got America into WW1 – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who started WW2 – it was Jews.
  • It wasn’t the Chinese who reaped the bloody “benefits” of the 9/11 attacks – it was Jews.

* * *

Source: based on an article at The Foremost Problem

SOTN Editor’s Note: The compiler of the preceding list was an extremely fearless attorney and great patriot Edgar Steele.  Because of his fierceness in relentlessly exposing the Khazarian Cabal, he was ruthlessly framed for attempting to murder his wife.  Following the transparently false conviction, Edgar was sentenced to 50 years in prison whereupon he passed away at 69 after 3 years of incarceration.  In order to prevent Steele from practicing as an attorney, he was disbarred from the practice of law by the State Bar of California.  Moral of the story: the Khazarian-owned and -operated legal profession is by far the most controlled of all; for whoever exerts complete command and control over the legal system effectively controls the nation.

The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World

Editor’s Note: We originally published this post in July 2017. It’s essential reading in terms of peeling back the onion and understanding the organized discordianism addressed on our pages. There is also a tandem podcast that offers more details: “Tim Kelly and Russ Winter Discuss Sabbatean Frankism’s Impact on the World.”  We also recommend our post detailing Nesta Webster and James Billington’s work on connecting the dots on the French Revolution and the discordian plot against civilization, which is especially relevant to the present day: “Illuminism and Freemason Uprising Part I: A Deep Dive into Revolutionary History with Nesta Webster and James Billington.”

One of the most hidden aspects of the history of the last 350 years is the impact of the Shabbetian Messianic movement. It was led by Shabbetai Tzvi starting June 6, 1666 (6666). Tzvi convinced, perhaps, half of the world’s Jewry at its peak that he was the true messiah. A vast Sabbatian movement promoted the Messianic ambitions of Tzvi, who only recognized the sacred book of Kabbalah, the Zohar and rejected the Torah and Talmud.

The Sabbatian Luciferian phenomenon was kept alive through the centuries with great help. In the 18th century, Jacob Frank reintroduced Sabbatianism to Europe.  Although Jewish scholars have dissected Sabbatianism and Frankism, little of it is known to the outside world. Rabbi Marvin Antelman believes the movement lives on at least in spirit and refers to today’s believers as “satanic Sabbatian Frankists.” The article that follows uses Antelman’s book, “To Eliminate the Opiate,” (now deep sixed) as the primary source to document these events.

Jewish scholar Gershom Scholem attempts to answer this question of why Sabbatianism has been swept under the rug in his book “Holiness of Sin,” as follows:

Secularist historians, on the other hand, have been at pains to de-emphasize the role of Sabbatianism for a different reason. Not only did most of the families once associated with the Sabbatian movement in Western and Central Europe continue to remain afterward within the Jewish fold, but many of their descendants, particularly in Austria, rose to positions of importance during the 19th century as prominent intellectuals, great financiers, and men of high political connections.

“Sabbatian cults are well documented in the ‘Encyclopedia Judaica’ and in the writings of Israeli academics, including the late professor Y. Tishbi, Yehuda Liebes and Yaacov Katz. In a nutshell, these groups sexually practiced incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality and were otherwise depraved. The Talmud states that the Messiah will come only in an age that is completely guilty or completely innocent (Sanhedrin 98a). From this epigram, the Frankists would declare, ‘Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners.’”

One has to wonder what insanity was inside the minds of Jews that would cause so many to buy into this nihilist cult. In addition Sabbatians and Frankists practiced inbreeding, which surely didn’t help with any tendency toward psychoses and neuroses. In his day, over a million Jews from every walk of life proclaimed and hailed Tzvi as their deliverer. The movement rejected the Talmud, and completely rejected the ethics and morals of Torah Judiasm.

They conspired with the Illuminati with goals of destroying all religions and fusing all nations into one. Gershon Scholem has traced the incestuous practices of the Sabbatians to that of Earth Mother worship.

After a forced conversion to Islam by the Sultan, the cult simmered down. Then, Jacob Frank, one of history’s nastiest men, encountered the Sabbatian Dönmeh while he was a traveling salesman in Turkey in 1750. He refined the concept of the Messiah, declared himself so, and urged members of the movement to sin as the means to salvation. It was called the “cult of the all-seeing eye.”

The Frankist “believer” had an inverted, deceptive belief system. One must not appear to be as they really are. The last belief justified its followers’ pursuit of the double lives they led. One could appear to be a religious Jew on the outside and, in reality, be a Frankist. The Dönmeh officially converted to Islam but remained (hidden) crypto-Jews. Similarly so with many Frankists who officially converted to Catholicism.

The great majority of Frankists who outwardly appeared to embrace Judaism integrated themselves into the Jewish community. Despite the fact that they were all outwardly religious, they still cherished as their goal “the annihilation of every religion and positive system of belief,” and they dreamed “of a general revolution that would sweep away the past in a single stroke so that the world might be rebuilt.”

For the Frankist, anarchic destruction represented all the Luciferian radiance, and “great is a sin committed for its own sake.” The Frankists taught that their Four Godheads represented the major religions that needed to be destroyed: Elijah represents the ultimate Messiah, which is reached by starting with Judaism, represented by Jonathan Eibeschutz; going on to Islam represented by Shabbetai Tzvi; a the last portal represented by Frank in Christianity. After the revolution, comes Big Brother, who rules the earth.

The Frankists enticed women to leave their husbands and to join their orgies. Families were broken up by the hundreds. This is even more amazing considering the strong family life that characterized the Jews in the communities of Podolia, Moravia, Poland, Hungary and Romania at that time.

Frank wrote: “Never the less the way to life is not easy, for it is the way of nihilism  – destruction and it means to free oneself from all laws, conventions, and religions to adopt every conceivable attitude and to follow one leader step by step into the abyss.”

The Encyclopedia Judaica states that Frank’s considerable wealth and income “was a constant source of wonder and speculation, and the matter was never resolved.”

In 1752, Frank married a Bulgarian Jewish woman named Channa. She was very beautiful, and he utilized her, as was the custom among members of his sect, to ensnare hundreds of men who had licentious affairs with her to build up the strength of his sect.

In 1755, Frank returned to Poland, where he associated with the Sabbatian leaders of Podolia and visited and expanded Jewish communities that had been known for their heretical leanings since the beginning of the 18th century.

Rabbis Crack Down

After Frankists burned copies of the Talmud and accused Jews of ritual murders, the rabbis had seen enough. In 1756 in the city of Satinow, rabbis formally excommunicated Frank and all of his followers. They prohibited intermarriage with any members of the sect. Rabbi Jacob Emden (1697- 1776) wrote in a letter that it was forbidden for anyone to have mercy on them.

Divorced from traditional Judaism, a group of Frankists in Europe converted to Catholicism in 1759. But a year later, Frank was accused of heresy and was thrown into the Citadel of Czenstokova. Frank lived comfortably at the monastery for 13 years.

Frankism was coined in early 19th century and was initially a slur directed at the descendants of Frank’s followers who converted to Roman Catholicism and attempted to conceal their background.

According to contemporary accounts, the Warsaw Frankists were at 6,000. It was put at 24,000 in the whole of Poland. The cultists were said to monopolize certain trades and professions, including lending, brothels and alcohol. This factor led to many conflicts between Polish burghers and the Frankists. In Polish brochures and pamphlets published in Warsaw in the 1790s, the Frankists were portrayed as neither Jewish nor Christian (religious chameleons) and were characterized as managing to escape the control of both Jewish and Polish authorities.

After the rabbis succeeded in reducing the sect some, Frankists turn up in Moravia and Vienna. There was already an influential clan in Prague that pre-dated Jacob Frank. For reasons not adequately explained by Rabbi Antelman in his book, many of the Frankist families at this time were wealthy elites. Our theory is that their low morals and evil intent allowed them to move aggressively into the lucrative vice trades that more traditionally religious peoples avoided.

Additionally, because many were now “officially” Catholic, they were able to join or form Masonic lodges where they liked to plot and conspire. In particular, the elite Frankist inbred families operated out of the Mason Order of Asiatic Brethren in Vienna. More lodges were opened in Hamburg and Berlin. Even gentile Masonic lodges were very amenable to Jewish converts to Christianity, especially among men of means (crypto-Jew Frankists) who could grease palms and provide sexual favors. This led to a path of infiltration and, of course, compromising control.

The Elite Frankists

After his release from the citadel, Frank moved to Brno, Moravia, to hang out with his brother, who was the head of the large Dobrushka family. Jacob Frank even adopted that name. They were Frankist loyalists. The family included eight sons. Two who changed their name to Frey were leading Jacobins in the French Revolution and were guillotined when the Jacobins were removed. Frank resided for 13 years in Brno. His brother Solomon (1715-1774) held both the lucrative potash and the tobacco monopolies in Moravia.

Though they had a tendency to inter-marry and inbreed within their own group, the elite Luciferian Frankists had no problem strategically assimilating with select wealthy Catholic families. Indeed, by all accounts, they were gold diggers and seducers who also had money in their own right. Frank’s own daughter Eva slept with Crown Prince and future Emperor Joseph II in Vienna, where for a time Frank was welcome within the court. Besides the sexual servicing of Joseph II, the Hapsburgs thought he could be useful in converting and assimilating Jews.

Frankists also freely held both Jewish, Catholic or Islamic names. Sabbeatians and Frankists epitomize the term “crypto-Jew.” As time went on, Frankism became more of a predatory psychopathic belief system and excuse to sin and indulge than anything else.

Eight Dobruskas “officially” converted to Christianity and six were ennobled. One of Solomon’s granddaughters, Francesca Dobrushka, married into the Hoenig family, later ennobled as the von Hoenigsbergs. The Hoenigsberg family acquired most of its wealth as descendants of Loebel Hoenig who, during the Austrian secession of 1740-1748 and the Seven Year War of 1756-1763, accumulated a fantastic fortune as a supplier of the Austrian army. Loebel’s eldest son, Israel Hoenig (1724-1808), achieved control of the Austrian tobacco monopoly.

Other prominent Sabbeatians were the Wehles family of Prague. One, Gottlieb Wehle, came to the United States with a large constituency of Frankists from Bohemia and Moravia after the Revolution of 1848. One member of this clan was Louis Brandeis (1856-1941), the Supreme Court Justice and ardent Zionist who was instrumental in promoting the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank’s portrait from his mother, a descendant of a Prague Frankist family.

Isaac Daniel Itzig of Berlin also had Frankist familial connections. He ran the Press of the Jewish Free School, which in 1796 changed its name to the Oriental Printing Office, considered to be a powerful instrument of “cultural reform” and intellectual precursor to the Frankfurt School. Rabbi Antelman labels Itzig as an earlier communist. In fact, Antelman documents a theory that holds that proto-Frankists were the vanguards of the Marxist-communist philosophy.

Itzig’s father Daniel (aka Daniel Yoffe) was financial adviser to King Frederick William II of Prussia who, when he was crown prince, was a member of the Berlin llluminati. Itzig (1750-1806) was a purveyor of silver to the Royal Prussian mint. Along with banker-merchant H. Ephraim during the Seven Year War, he issued debased coinage that not only contributed to inflation but helped the Prussian government fight the war. These two powerful Frankist families were later joined in marriage.

Frankist Mayer Arnstein married Theresa Wertheimer, granddaughter of banker and chief rabbi Samson Wertheimer of Austria. Rabbi Wertheimer (1658-1724) was considered to be the wealthiest Jew in Europe between 1694 and 1704. He was financial administrator for emperors Leopold I, Joseph I and Charles VI and supervised their diplomatic missions. This earned him the nickname Judenkaiser, or Jewish Emperor. Arnstein, in turn, financed the Tyrolese peasant revolt against France and Bavaria.

The same pattern continuously emerges. Brilliant, wealthy Luciferians addicted to power, anxious to superficially assimilate, to destroy religions, to indulge in radicalism, shady ethics and to live cryptic, two-faced lives, sometimes posing as religious Jews, Catholics, Protestants or Muslims but indulging their revolutionary radicalism in secret. Even as Frankism itself diminished, at least on the surface, as a large and organized sect, its belief system received a strong toehold even within the Catholic faith through Frankist “conversions.”

Rabbi Scholem adds more clues as to their practices:

The “believers” endeavored to marry only among themselves, and a wide network of inter-family relationships was created among the Frankists, even among those who had remained within the Jewish fold. Later Frankism was to a large extent the religion of families who had given their children the appropriate education. The Frankists of Germany, Bohemia, and Moravia usually held secret gatherings in Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary, Bohemia, today’s Czech Republic) in summer round about the ninth of Av.

In 1800, the Prussians conducted an investigation of the Frankists under the official Forney. At first, they thought it was a scam. But in the end, they determined it was a secret society engaged in political and economic esponiage under the guise of a religion.

Rothschild Connection

Near the end of his life, Frank lived in Offenbach, just outside Frankfurt. He settled there in 1786, lived in regal style and maintained a militia. He died in Offenbach on Aug. 10, 1791.

When the Frankists established themselves in 1786 in Offenbach, they were patronized by “unidentified philanthropists” of the Frankfurt community. But during the Frankfurt Masonic Lodge’s formative years, the three most active members of the Frankfurt Judenloge were Frankist-influenced: Sigmund Geisenheimer, Michael Hess (1782-1860) and Justus Hiller. They were also leaders in the liberal Jewish Reformist movement.

Michael Hess was hired by Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) as a tutor for his children. Geisenheimer was Mayer Rothschild’s head clerk. Thus, the spirit and mentality of Frankism received a large boost from the richest family in Europe. Incidentally, 29 out of 58 of Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s grandchildren married first or second cousins.

The union between the secret societies of Illuminism and Freemasonry was sealed in 1782 at the Congress of Wilhelmbad. The other movement that was brought forth at the Congress was pro-Semitism, or the emancipation of the Jews. This, of course, included opening up the Masonic Lodges to them. The Illuminism headquarters was relocated to Rothschild center of Frankfurt at the same time. Curiously, this new movement corresponded with the rise of the Sabbattean-Frankist influenced House of Rothschild, as well as the Jewish families Oppenheimer, Wertheimer, Schuster, Spreyer and Stern in Frankfurt.


  1. The more research is done the less legitimate judaism appears to be. While I’m sure the lowest level of believers, am ha’aretz, has no clue what’s been going on, even the moderately successful must have some idea of how completely diluted the bloodline remants must be. Between the Frankist assuming jewish names when they weren’t and the rabbis promoting their own talmudic and zohar fantasies, however can they take themselves seriously? How can we? they’re really just a mafia now and not even ethnic.

    • They have been a “Mafia” or more accurately a “Tribe” for much longer than 300 years. The “Jews” of Jesus’s time – those pesky Pharisees were all of EDOMITE extraction. King Herod having murdered and replaced all the Sanhedrine with his own Edomite lackeys. Then it goes without saying that the Khazrian conversion en mass under King Bulan around 740 doubled the then “Jewish” population. These were principally of Turkic Mongol extraction.
      Not a Race tracing themselves back to Abraham – that is for sure!

      Not a “Religion” either since the when the Romans genocided the Jews in AD 70 one pesky Rabbi escaped the carnage by being smuggled out of Jerusalem in a coffin ( many were dying of the plague ) made it back to Rome and convinced the Emperor to allow him to go back and create a school in the Holy Land. This school began writing down the Talmud which in the period 200 -600 AD became the “The Holy Scriptures” of the Jews – ( negating many times the Torah which is the Old Testament).
      This Talmud is more of a Political Ideology and Rabbinic idea exchange than Holy Scripture – going into excurciatig detail on many “personal” ablutions like toilet habits and crazy stuff on sex.
      Nevertheless this “Ideology” is what has become the de facto Rabbinic Scholarship passed on to young generations of Jewish Kids. – along with the included Suprecacist atttitudes, hatred and despoiling of Christianity and general chaos inducing values in Society.
      It leads inevitably to Frankism where “up becomes down” and “Bad becomes Good” and descends into Luciferianism and Satanism.
      Money rules the world – and this sect now controls The Money.
      Thus not a Religion but a SECT.

      Judaism – The Religion – should have come to an end when enlightened Jews became Christians and accepted him as the forecast Messiah.


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