Criminality of Those in Authority

Oceti Sakowin Camp

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Indigenous Life Movement

Marcch 17gg70s0,t 72r021d02  · INDIVIDUALS WHO WERE IN STANDING ROCK OCTOBER THROUGH NOVEMBER 2016If you were in Standing Rock the months of Oct to Nov 2016, you were intentionally poisoned by the Governor of North Dakota Jack Dalrymple, Kyle Kirchmeier of Morton County Sheriffs Department and the pilot who knowingly sprayed poisonous chemicals over the Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone Camps.During this time, the Morton County Sheriffs Department directed a secret operation where they sprayed an aerosol called Chlorophacinone, also known as ROZOL (a poison used to kill prairie dogs). The poisoning of human life took place during the overnight hours nearly 7 weeks by an agricultural aircraft. Individuals who were at the camps were poisoned by the State of North Dakota and may have developed severe memory loss (short and long term), behavioral changes (anxiety, paranoia, delusions), depression and various forms of cancers (brain, breast and lungs) following their time at the Standing Rock camps. Photos to be released show the agricultural aircraft spraying chemicals over the “Oceti Sakowin” camps.All individuals who were at the camps during these months contact us if you noticed a change in your health following the Standing Rock Protest. Please help us make the connections between changes in your health following November 2016 and the ROZOL spraying. Please message ILM through the message section on our page. Thank youMany of you are familiar with the severe cough that followed the protest in Standing Rock and many who were attending have developed rare brain tumors, various forms of cancers and other severe health issues.

Comment: Those in power who ALWAYS want ALL the Land and ALL the Resources are Rothschilds, British, Dutch and 13 Satanic illuminati Families. They call themselves ZIONISTS and Are the Synagogue of Satan. They Hate ALL Humanity not just Natives.

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