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NY Times (Op-Ed: America Is the Gun


As “youse guys” (New Jerseyese for the plural of you) surely all know by now, the evil Left’s obsession with “gun control”  has been given a booster-shot by the recent shooting hoax in Parkland, Florida. Already the commie kiddies have succeeded in cowing a bunch of gutless executives into terminating business discount relationships with the big bad NRA (National Rifle Association)The Hall of Shame so far includes Hertz, Avis, MetLife, Wyndham Hotel Group, Paramount Drugs, Best Western, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, SimpliSafe, United Airlines, Symantec and Allied Van Lines.

Thank the good Lord and thank “youse guys” for buying enough of my books and making enough donations that your freed-up reporter here was able to escape from that fake world of back-stabbers and ass-kissers back in 2013 in order to research and publish full-time instead. Of course, the money is not as good (hint hint) but providing our beloved readers with critical knowledge and information is both a privilege and a calling.


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1 & 2: The girly men and manly girls of today’s corporate America are being bullied by stupid high school kids. 3. I know, Mr. Washington. I know.


In this propaganda poop-pie, Sulzberger’s token House-Negro, Charles Blow  — who, by the way, actually does “blow” if you know what I’m sayin’ (here— makes no attempt to hide what the agenda of his kosher bosses masters truly is. From the article:

“The current push for stricter gun control is aiming too low. Sure, passage of new regulations would be a welcome change from our political intransigence and lack of response to our ongoing epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings in this country.

But we often talk about The Fix, as if any half-measure that has any chance at all of making it through this group of cowards in Congress would be a magical, one-step remedy. It won’t.

There are things that we could do right now that could lessen the lethality of the guns currently available and we could ban some guns — neither of which is likely to happen. I’m convinced that we must think big and systemically. We must treat gun violence in this country as a public health crisis, because it is…..

The N.R.A. estimates that between 8.5 million and 15 million assault rifles are in circulation, based on manufacturer data.” (bold emphasis added)

You see, boys and girls, the New World Order gang fears that millions of “good ol’ boys” (many of them ex-military) packing that amount of rifle heat could be problematic for its CIA scheme to one day unleash (a la Syria) Black militants, Antifa terrorists, MS 13 gang thugs and Homeland Security jackboots upon conservative White America. Hence, the never-ending drive to neuter Billy Bob and Bubba.

Related image Image result for militia men

1. Sulzberger’s house-negro Charles Blow   2. American Militiamen — the real target of the NWO Mafia.


Let us pretend, “in arguendo,” (a $10 Latin term which simply means “for the sake of argument”) that the “assault rifle” ™ massacres at Sandy Hook School and the Marjorie Douglas Stoneman School actually did take place (rolling eyes). And let us also pretend that the elite gun grabbers of the PRC (Predatory Rulling Class) are just well-meaning but out-of-touch idiots who truly do have the safety interests of “the children” ™ at heart(rolling eyes) The facts would still show that this hysteria over “assault rifles” ™ is totally unwarranted, and hence, any policies based on said hysteria would therefore be ill-advised. Here, put these little factoids in your debating guns, and blast away at that special libtard in your life — though we doubt that any amount of truth, unless accompanied by sleep deprivation and physical beating, can cure them of their mental disorder.
1.  The semi-automatic “assault rifles”  that have got “progressives” ™ and suburban “soccer moms” peeing in their pink panties only fires one bullet at a time, at about the same rate of speed as a handgun. No, libtards. An AR-15 is not what “Rambo” was firing when he took out the entire Vietnamese army.
2. In tight quarters (like a classroom with scampering kids)“assault rifles” ™ would be harder to aim than a hand gun would be, and the extended barrel could more easily be grabbed by a “bum-rushing” intended victim fighting for his life.
3. The bullet calibre of .223 is smaller than that of most handguns. In fact, some states prohibit the hunting of deer with “assault rifles” ™ because the small bullet often fails to drop the deer, thus enabling the creature to run away and later die in suffering. 
4. The handgun is also more dangerous because its user can conceal it until the moment comes. But a killer carrying an “assault rifle” , on the other hand, is far more likely to telegraph his intentions by carrying such a large weapon to the scene. Advance warning gives more time for escape or defend.
5. More children die in baseball accidents and choking incidents than in “school shootings.” Yes, even one death is tragic, but are we going to ban Little League baseball and the consumption of hot dogs (number one choking killer — about 77 children per year — (here)
Perhaps the de-balled men and silly skirts of the new corporate America ought to sever business relations with Little League Baseball, Sabrett Hot Dogs and Oscar Meyer Weiners?
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Thrown and batted baseballs kill more children than “assault rifles” . — And hot dogs, by comparison, are downright genocidal! Yet the Piranha Press remains fixated on scaring the sheeple over “assault rifles” .

Boobus Americanus 1: I read an op-ed in the New York Times today in which Charles Blow opines that half-measures won’t cut it when addressing this tragedy of school shootings.

Boobus Americanus 2: It’s that damn NRA! Politicians are afraid of them.



Sugar Boobuss, you frickin’ credulouss ass-clown!!! Every one of thesse masss sshootingss is frickin’ hoax! 

 Editor: The crisis-actor revelations may be too much shock-therapy for normies like Boobuss to handle, but we must keep planting the seeds of truth.

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NY Times: Ivanka Trump, in South Korea, Calls for Pressure on the North


Baby girl Ivanka Trump arrived in Seoul, South Korea to officially represent the United States at the closing ceremony of the Winter Games. President Trump, noting her arrival, lovingly tweeted out about his dipsy baby girl, “We cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country.”

That tweet reminds your raving reporter here of days gone by when my own boys, just barely out of diapers, would draw up some incomprehensible crayon image and then present it with great pride for refrigerator-magnet immortalizing. “Oh what a talented little boy you are!” — mommy and daddy would gush while giving each other a knowing look and a smirk.

Thankfully, if the “inside baseball” coming out of the White House is to be believed, this bratty little New York libtard and her goofy Jew husband, Jared Kushner, seem to have had their roles diminished to symbolism only. Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times are “OK” with allowing Baby Girl have dinner with the South Korean president and smiling for the cameras at the closing ceremonies. Just keep this “Ivy League educated” ™ Manhattan dingbat out of any policy-making roles — particularly when it comes to her pet commie crap issues of “Global Warming” ™ aka “Climate Change” fka “Greenhouse Effect,” “paid family leave” for working women (while stay-at-home mom’s get nothing!) and funding for Planned Abortionhood.



 1. According to Climate Con Man Al Gore, Ivanka is very concerned about “Climate Change” ™. 2. Baby Girl has been pestering daddy with her stupid commie ideas about “child care.” 3. Ivanka is a big fan of Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider which libtards seem to think is a government agency forever entitled to funding.


Someone really needs to sit down with this child and explain to her that her “accomplishments” in business aren’t as impressive as she thinks. When your last name is Trump, and you’re plugged into Big Jewry through your husband, it ain’t all that difficult to make a few phone calls and get your fashion line into the big retailers. A million other cute “fashionista” babes could — if given access to the same unlimited capital and the same high-powered connections as Ivanka — also “succeed” in this business. So much for Baby Girl’s vaunted “business acumen.”

We believe that former White House adviser Steve Bannon was correct (if a leak, which he did not deny, is accurate) when he described Ivanka as being “dumb as a brick.” She is a libtard, which automatically entails a high degree of stupidity. The scuttlebutt is that Baby Girl is trying to work her way out of the quasi-exile engineered by Chief-of-Staff John Kelly. Spoiled Jewish princesses (even converted ones) never quit until they get their way.



1. Bannon couldn’t stand this libtarded little brat. 2. And it appears that Kelly can’t either. 3. Deprived of the fatherly attention she needed as a little girl, Ivanka, a child of divorce, is always seeking approval. She apparently had her own jewish children write false-flag “fan mail” to her and posted it to her Twitter! Notice how all the “fan mail” says “Thank You” and is written by the same type of markers in the same style. What are these phantom child-fans thanking her for anyway?


On a positive note, this article does at least appear to confirm something that we have been saying for the past year, namely, that Trump’s sabre-rattling antics with regard to North Korea were all just for show — intended to conceal the behind-the-scenes peace negotiations that representatives of Trump, Xi and Lil’ Kim have all been engaged in.

From the article:

“Mr. Moon then stressed the importance of easing tensions on the peninsula, thanking “President Trump’s strong support for inter-Korean dialogue.”

“North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympic Games has served as an opportunity for us to engage in active discussions between the two Koreas, and this has led to lowering of tensions on the peninsula,” he said.”

That’s good to hear.

Mr. President — Allowing Ivanka to have dinner with the South Korean President and chat fashion with his wife is one thing, just keep this annoying eternal child of yours away from any matters of national significance. But by all means, do allow the adorable little whippersnapper to feel important. 



1. Baby Girl’s parents split-up when she was just 10 years old. Childhood insecurities evidently drive her idiotic, busy-body, attention-seeking libtardedness.  2. Ivanka’s business achievements are grossly exaggerated.  3. Let her have dinner and look pretty in front of foreign leaders. But no more than that!

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