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Cal Findlay

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 YOU WILL NEVER LEARN THIS IN SCHOOL° Africa area = 30,37 million km2° China area = 9,6 million km2° US area = 9,8 million km2° Europa area = 10,18 million km2● Africa is bigger than all of Europe, China and the United States of America together.● But on most world maps, Africa is represented in downsize.This is deliberately done to create the visual effect of a small Africa to manipulate, brainwash, and deceive Africans wherever they are.- Africa has 60% arable land.- Africa owns 90% of raw material reserve.- Africa owns 40% of the global gold reserve.- Africa, 33% of diamond reserve.- Africa has 80% of Coltan’s global reserve (mineral for telephone and electronics production), mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo.- Africa has 60% of global cobalt reserve (mineral for car battery manufacture).- Africa is rich in oil and natural gas.- Africa (Namibia) has the world’s richest fish coastline.- Africa is rich in manganese, iron and wood.- Africa is three times the area of China, three times the area of Europe, three times the United States of America.- Africa has thirty-half million km2 (30 875 415 km2).- Africa has 1,3 billion inhabitants (China has 1,4 billion inhabitants in 9,6 million km2).Which means Africa is SUBPOPULATED.- The arable lands of the Democratic Republic of Congo are capable of feeding all of Africa.And all of Africa’s arable land is a cord to feed the whole world.- The Democratic Republic of Congo has important rivers that can illuminate Africa.The problem is that the CIA, western companies and some African puppets have destabilized DRC for decades.- Africa is a culturally diverse continent in terms of dance, music, architecture, sculpture, etc.- Africa accommodates 30.000 medicinal recipes and herbs that the West modifies in its laboratories.- Africa has a young global population that should reach 2,5 billion by the year 2050.● AFRICA REPRESENTS THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY 💖

Comment: The Jews control all publishing and media which is why we don’t know this. They also controlled 90% of the SLAVE trade and illuminati Jewish families use slaves even today. All mind controlled Monarch slaves and MKUltra Assassins are slaves to the American Jews. Fact.

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