I Had Taken My Test for the CIA and the Pentagon….and It Involved Murdering a Little Girl.

Comment: Top Positions in the Gov’t and Military are run by Secret Society Freemason Homosexuals/Pedophiles and Sexual Sadists. They work for the British Satanic Empire and push for a Satanic New World Order. Satanism is Steeped in Child Rape & Abuse and MIND CONTROL. MKUltra’s are Assassins who are the most HEAVILY MIND CONTROLLED OF ALL.

With Rule 41 the FBI Is Now Officially the Enemy of All Computer Users

Jan 03, 2017 10:29 am
By James Corbett Rick Falkvinge, founder of the original pirate party and head of privacy at PrivateInternetAccess.com, joins us to discuss his recent article, “Today,…

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Comment: All Alphabet (3 Letter Gov’t Agencies) work for Satanic Empire cuz they have all been infiltrated at the top by Secret Society Members-Freemasons and Others.


Comment: Satanists run Big Pharma which is now Sacrificing Children For Profit.

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