‘What Percent Of CDC Employees Are Vaccinated?’: Cassidy Grills Walensky At Senate Hearing

‘You’re Damn Right I Overruled Them’: DeSantis Signs Anti-Mandate Legislation In Town Called Brandon

Pissed off Senator (LOL) b/c CDC Dr. WILL Not ANSWER QuESTioNS ASKED! He actually threatened her funding. LOL

Comment: Senator Cassidy is a Doctor and he knows Natural Immunity is better than ANY vaccine. This COVID Fraud and the CDC’s involvement in this fraud has him kinda ticked off. Dr. Walensky is just a crooked, corrupt Greedy Piece of SHIT. She is the same as an Abortionist willing to kill and sell baby body parts so she can drive a Ferrarri!

Gain of Function Research is to Make Disease Viruses More Virulent. This is what the criminal “Dr. Fauci” does.

“The American People Are Incredibly Frustrated”: Senator Presses Walensky On Post-Vaccine Masking

143,908 viewsMay 11, 2021

JUST IN: DeSantis Signs Sweeping Legislation Restricting Vaccine Mandates, School Mask Rules

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