If These Asians Were Armed A Few of These Black Lives Matter? Muslims? Would Be DEAD


Comment: If I ever had to ride this train I would ride it with a taser or Bear Spray Cocked and ready to fire. Police can not be counted on and Citizens must protect themselves. Who protected these Asians? No one! These people Black Lives Matter? are deadly and dangerous. How would anyone know the girl on the ground being beaten wasn’t injured? Head injuries sometimes don’t show for HOURS. She could have a cerebral concussion and not know it. These teens should be criminally prosecuted and go to an adult prison. I don’t even care if they get raped there. They are 100% CRIMINALS already. If these teens come to this state they will get their heads blown off. At the least they would be arrested and go straight to jail.

All the video evidence showed that he was defending himself from a violent mob of lunatics who were trying to kill him. There was no reason for this case to have even gone to trial.

Comment: 100% Agree.

The media totally lied about what happened, implying that Rittenhouse crossed state lines to kill black people and falsely claimed that he was a Neo-Nazi or something. They did this even though all the people Rittenhouse shot in self-defense were not black.

Comment: Media is trying their darndest to create a race war between blacks and whites. The real race war seems to be Blacks against Asians! Asians are constantly being beaten by black thugs! Where’s the Media? This is definitely the type of thing you can expect to see more of in this godless satanic hellhole known as America.

Just moments after the verdict was read, all sorts of Marxists on came out calling for mass riots and violence on Twitter.

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