Dark Suits With Dark Souls Paid to Enforce a Satanic Political Agenda

Beautiful amazing human being,

There are certain numbers the Australian government does not want you to see.

In the video above, I cover how Victorian government officials have announced they refuse to release the data on whether or not the people who died of the sickness have taken the shot.

This as there was a previous Australian government report that came out showing 7 people had died of the sickness, and out of the 7, 6 had taken the shot.

Which is now leading to people questioning the motive for the lack of transparency from the Victorian government. And even the Herald Sun is saying the lack of transparency is fueling a lot of mistrust.

Elsewhere in Australia, there’s a gym where 15 people just got the sickness, yet the gym only allowed in people who took the shot.

Also in today’s video, I get into a staggering conflict of interest in the approval of the shot for small children.

And a study showing the shot is not effective against a new variant.

Plus, I break down Bill Gates’ hypocrisy on veganism. 

Then on Luke Uncensored, I explain how they want you to be alone, poor, sad and unhealthy and what can be done about that.

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