Evil Warmongers of America Ruined This Little Girl’s Future-War is CRIMINAL! ALL For A Rothschild’s Greater Israel. Nobody Likes America/Israel…Anyone Wonder Why?

Rick Fallon · FollowUpdated 2yWhat is wrong with our society today?

You see this little kid ?

Her name is ‘Even Hag’. She is 7 years old. Do you know why she looks like this ? She burnt her face as somebody threw a bomb on her house in SYRIA 4 years ago! She had to undergo 93 surgeries in Turkey.

Her father says “We don’t have any mirrors in our house, ’cause she feels sad every time she looks at herself in a mirror and starts crying”.

She just wants to go to school like every kid and to get her hair back. What did she do in her life to live with this ?! Is she a terrorist ?!!

Unfortunately, nobody cares about her. Everyday, such accident happens in Syria and in some other countries but the media never shows us that and they never help those kids either!

My question is “Who fights for those kids?”. Our society is fucked up, dude.

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