Meta’s stock crash has resulted in the Jew CEO Mark Zuckerberg losing $100 billion in net worth.


Zuckerberg was never a particularly competent person. He literally stole the idea for Facebook from Harvard classmates.

Facebook became a popular social media site through Jewish nepotism and all sorts of promotion by the Jewish media during the early days of web 2.0.

From there he just bought out his social media competition. Instagram being one example. There never was any major in house innovation despite the armies of engineers and developers they hired.

His big mistake was agreeing to go along with all the censorship. It resulted in Facebook becoming a dysfunctional website and a useless communication tool. Now nobody wants to use it. It is quickly becoming the next iteration of MySpace. Young people just don’t use Facebook.

Investing billions of dollars in the dystopic virtual reality Metaverse project was peak stupidity. They have legless avatars and the whole thing is just a massive absurdity.

It’s no surprise to see Meta’s stock and his net worth collapsing. Ironically, he probably wouldn’t be having all these problems if he didn’t help get Joe Biden installed as the puppet President by cooperating with the FBI.

The collapse of Meta is another sign showing that the Jewish empire which has its tentacles throughout the West is falling apart. As Meta is collapsing, Twitter is on the rise thanks to the African-American billionaire Elon Musk.