Examples of Amerika’s Crazed Warmongers

Comment: Biden is a member of the ZIONIST Mafia-a Crime Syndicate running Amerika.

Examples of Amerika’s Crazed Warmongers

— recently news broke that the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was so concerned that Trump could launch an attack during his last days in office that he twice called his Chinese counterpart to reassure them. 

It’s a shocking revelation that clarifies a deeper terrifying reality: in a matter of seconds, one person without any constraints can launch nuclear weapons that’d wipe out half the planet. And incredibly, President Biden could accelerate that nightmare scenario.

The Pentagon is pitching hard to spend over $260 BILLION to build a new generation of nuclear missiles that would run the length of a bowling lane, carrying a warhead over 20 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

It’s just one of the core decisions being weighed in a new Biden administration Nuclear Posture Review, and there’s deeply troubling signs: President Biden’s team just fired the person leading it because they have a long history supporting nuclear restraint. What happens next is pivotal.

The Win Without War team is scrambling to stop this from becoming a rubber stamp review greenlighting one of the biggest expansions of nuclear weapons in YEARS. As we step up, Patty Brey, I need to ask if you can too — by making an urgent $4 donation to fuel our work? Not everyone reading will donate, and if you are, we need you with us.

The $264 billion estimated for the new Ground Based Strategic Deterrent is enough to pay 3.27 million elementary school teacher salaries for a year, provide 7.41 million Head Start slots for four years, or provide 74.16 million low-income adults with healthcare for one year. It’s enough to get to Mars.

And that’s just one of a slate of proposed new nuclear weapons that, if approved, would cost $1.7 TRILLION and set off an unstoppable new nuclear arms race. 

Because for years, the theory has been that stockpiling a gobsmacking number of nuclear weapons would send a “deterrent” message to other countries: attack us and you’ll be obliterated. 

But the reality is that it accelerates an arms race that could have devastating impacts on all of us. 

President Biden said all the right things during the campaign, promising to reduce “our reliance and excessive expenditure on nuclear weapons.” But now that he’s in the White House, there are troubling signs that he’s backing away from the work of turning those principles into action — and that’s why we have to act fast. 

Our team is pulling together a huge new behind-the-scenes advocacy effort, a dramatically increased media campaign, and a critical grassroots advocacy campaign, and I need to ask for your support.

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