“Where Am I????” Installed President Joe Screams “My Butts Been Wiped!” & Claims 350 Million Americans Were Vaccinated Out of Existing 328 Million!

Biden Says 350 Million Americans Have Been Vaxxed

By infostormer -August 6, 20210

Joe Biden just said that 350 million Americans have been vaxxed which is more than the actual population of the United States.

And they still want you to believe that this man is the legitimate President of the country.

I get that people can misspeak every now and then, but we’ve seen Biden misspeak for the past several years. He has no idea where he’s at half the time. He’s constantly mumbling and saying ridiculous things.

Just the other day he yelled at a reporter proclaiming that his butt’s been wiped.

Demented Joe is told what to do by the Khazarian Mafia who runs this gov’t. They created Nazi’s, Communism & Concentration Camps. Any wonder why the policies we have exist? They call themselves “Jews” but ARE the Synagogue of Satan.


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