Americans Go Full Retard!

People Want Anti-Vaxxers Thrown in Prison

By infostormer -August 7, 20211

Mark Dice did a recent video where he got a bunch of mindless sheep to sign a petition calling for anti-vaxxers to be put in prison.

If you don’t think the government would try to put anti-vaxxers or the unvaxxed in prison camps, just watch this video. There are numerous people who would blindly support this because they are functionally retarded.

There is definitely a non-zero chance of the government announcing the forced imprisonment of the unvaxxed under the guise of public safety. While this is certainly an extreme scenario, it is one that could certainly happen considering how insane the people running the virus regime are.

More likely what they plan on doing is to get people to voluntarily report to FEMA facilities after they no longer have the means to feed themselves due to inflation and the collapsed economy. People will be given food on the condition that they take the vaxx.

The main reason why this is the most likely scenario is because a forced roundup would require resources that they do not have. They’d only be able to get a small percentage of the unvaxxed and they would lose a great deal of support by unleashing the military on the American people.

But honestly, nobody knows what these lunatics will ultimately do. Everything they’ve done since March 2020 would have been unthinkable to the average person just a few years back. So anything and everything is possible now.

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