Australians in Revolt Against Tyranny!


Australians in Full Revolt Against Terrorist Government

By infostormer -August 21, 20211

Shit is going down in Australia. There are major protests against the lunatic lockdown orders imposed by the criminal Australian government. People are getting very angry over the continued situation.

Here are some tweets describing and showing what’s happening.

The criminal terrorist government of Australia has used the virus hoax to turn their entire population into criminals for simply wanting to live a normal life. They literally announced the most insane lockdowns over the death of a single man in his 80s.

The idea that this is about a virus is nonsensical at this point. They’ve literally built concentration camps to imprison normal people.

It is good to see the Australians revolting against this insane tyranny. It is obvious that the government is going to have a more and more difficult time controlling the population like this. It is not a sustainable situation.

Just remember, there is a very good chance that the criminals in Washington DC will try to do something similar here in America over the next few months. There could very well be all sorts of bad things happen as this ZOG system continues to implode in on itself.

Comment: Australia is a Police State.

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