What American Democracy Means to Its Victims-Media a Big Role in This Satanic Deception

Comment: Pictured starving infant is typical of American Democracy.

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The Other Side of Freedom with Alexandr Buzgalin

EshaJan 11

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US propaganda is always quick to explain that America is a bringer of Democracy to the world. Of course, most of the world wants no part of this alleged Democracy. Yet, we have lived this same script over and over with no more awareness from our public, media or our politicians.

Today, we have economist Alexandr Buzgalin joining us to talk about the Breakup of the USSR, the history of Belarus since the breakup of the USSR and the latest attempt at a NATO coup attempt.

He also brings us a unique perspective on what Freedom looks like to the newly freed person. It involves rising water prices, homelessness, holocaust denial and corporate extraction. Wages go down, health of the country decrease, suicides increase and the population starts to dwindle away.

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