Elite Pedophilia & Satanism is Rooted in Satanic Paganism

The elite, high ranking officials and royalty believe they can do whatever the want.  Are you familiar with the phrase prima nocta, based on the Latin “first night,” is a shortened and corrupted from jus primae noctis, “right of the first night.” It generally names an ancient tradition in which all noble lords, whether kings or dukes, had the right to have sex with any of their female subjects—regardless of their will and even with a virgin bride—on her wedding night. It was portrayed in the movie “Braveheart”.   I thought that was insanity.  As evil as that idea was, and it was meant to control the bloodlines.  This one is unbelievable.


June 25, 2020 by Cynthia

Photo Credit: Danny Krivit / September 17, 2019  – “Ninth Circle” of HELL reserved for the worst sinners of all. 

The HIGHEST LEVEL ELITES, THE RULING CLASS, have since the time of the Ancient Sumerians, belonged to a Satanic CULT known as the 9th Circle, or the CORONA NOVEM or CORONA/CROWN.  Are you kidding?  THE CORONA NOVEL?  THE CORONA NOVEM???   CORONA VIRUS/CORONA CULT?? The ROYAL HUNT was established by the demonic KING of the WORLD NIMROD.  A hunt that is a spiritually driven demonic frenzy of blood lust.  It is about to be unleashed on a GLOBAL SCALE. 

The elite, high ranking officials and royalty believe they can do whatever the want.  Are you familiar with the phrase prima nocta, based on the Latin “first night,” is a shortened and corrupted from jus primae noctis, “right of the first night.” It generally names an ancient tradition in which all noble lords, whether kings or dukes, had the right to have sex with any of their female subjects—regardless of their will and even with a virgin bride—on her wedding night. It was portrayed in the movie “Braveheart”.   I thought that was insanity.  As evil as that idea was, and it was meant to control the bloodlines.  This one is unbelievable.

These wackadoodles, have a demonic rite known as the “The Magisterial Privilege”  which involves the ceremonial murder of newborn children and consumption of their blood.  So, they believe that they have the right to do whatever they want with children.  Disposing of “their assets” as they please.  They get multiple benefits from torturing, abusing and murdering our children.  They get their youth restored by drinking the blood, they get high off the adrenalin brought out by the fear and torture, they get their sexual lusts fulfilled and they win points with their god.  What a rush!  They can’t get enough!  PLUS they get the excitement of the HUNT!  

UPDATE  9/27/20

The Red Shoes & The Illuminati Ninth Circle | Satanic Hollywood Sacrifices, NWO Agenda, Martial Law. Fantastic video!

Saturday, August 15, 2020 12:51

The Red Shoes & The Illuminati Ninth Circle | Satanic Hollywood Sacrifices NWO Agenda Martial Law

The Ninth Circle is an elitist satanic order who ritualistically sacrifices children. The one who sacrifices the most children will wear red shoes made from their sacrifice.

“For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace; and all the arrogant and every evildoer will be chaff; and the day that is coming will set them ablaze,” says the Lord of hosts, “so that it will leave them neither root nor branch.” Malachi 4:1 Please Repent and turn away from your sins before its too late. Accept Messiah Jesus  as your King and Savior and get baptized, full immersion at the age of accountability, as soon as possible.

All credit goes to Tamara Magdalene the Lioness of Yeshua channel


Ninth Circle Satanists Rule Europe

The story you’re about to read is nothing short of bat guano crazy – but if it is true, the world needs to know about the atrocities the European elite have been up to for quite a long while.

In late 2014, several reports revealed the existence of a child death cult called the Ninth Circle composed of European elite who, allegedly, engaged in child trafficking to put on “human hunts” where kidnapped and drugged children were stripped naked, raped, tortured, hunted down by horseback in the woodsand killed ritually by European nobility and their guests (who were known to drink their victim’s blood). Some accounts claim these powerful few also turned to cannabalism and ate parts of their “offerings” to the demonic deity they revere.

It seems probable that this secret society takes its name from Dante’s literary classic The Inferno, in which the 9th circle of hell is the circle of treachery, defined as fraudulent acts between individuals bonded by love and trust.

What is more treacherous than brutalizing innocent young children? The very idea is abhorrent to sane people.

Several eyewitnesses who survived their ordeals came before the Brussels International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in the fall of 2014. Five judges and 27 jury members weighed the horrific evidence presented to them.

The Mandate of the ICLCJ is two-fold: “(1) To lawfully prosecute those people and institutions responsible for the exploitation, trafficking, torture and murder of children, past and present, and (2) To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state, including by disestablishing those same institutions.”

Sworn to tell the truthwitnesses claimed that child sacrifices occurred regularly in the Vatican, the catacombs of Catholic cathedrals, on private estates and groves and government military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and the United States. The children came from detention centers in Belgium and Holland, according to a former member of Octopus, a Netherlands criminal drug cartel.

One woman gave this testimony before the ICLCJ:

In 2004 I was an involuntary witness to torture, rape and murder sessions of drugged children performed for a group of high ranked people of the Netherlands. I was taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where I saw two boys and a girl ages 14 to 16, hunted and killed by global elites. The human hunting party was heavily guarded by the Netherlands Royal Guard. I was told that King Albert of Belgium was present.

Adding insult to injury, deceased boys’ penises were allegedly cut off and displayed like trophies on the wall of a palace in the Dutch countryside. Queen Beatrix’s Palace was identified as one of the hunting grounds.

At age four, Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis recounted being forced to witness child murders where she identified as present former Pope Joseph Ratzinger (aka Benedict XVI), a Dutch Catholic cardinal, and Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Berhnard, Bilderberger founder and father of the Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix.

Confirming the above statement, another witness saw Pope Ratzinger murder a little girl. “It was at a French chateau in the fall of 1987. It was ugly, horrible and didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger and Berhnhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.”

World Truth TV disclosed the fact that 34 child mass graves were found in Ireland, Spain and Canada.

The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult was tied to the disappearance of a staggering 50,000 Canadian native Indian children. 32 unmarked child mass grave sites have been found among the 80 residential schools run by the Canadian government, British Crown, and Catholic, United and Anglican Church officials.

The largest of the 34 discovered mass child graves is located at the Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. “Those In Charge” stopped a professional archaeological dig after children’s remains were unearthed there in 2008.

For reasons unknown – can you say “coverup?” – numerous requests for excavation of the child mass grave sites by the ICLCJ Court have been denied by Those In Charge since then.

The Christian Observer identified cult members “Popes Ratzinger and Francis, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and at least 35 other prominent global leaders.

What happened to these evil-doers, and why wasn’t this mentioned in American mainstream media? According to  Before It’s News:

Documents from Vatican secret archives presented to court clearly indicate that for centuries the Jesuits had a premeditated plan to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood. The plan was born of a twisted notion to derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.”

These are astonishing revelations!

In 2013, the ICLCJ Court found Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip of England guilty for the disappearance on October 10, 1964, of 10 native children from the Catholic residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia.

The same 2013 case found Pope Ratzinger guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. He resigned in November 2013, the first pope in 600 years to step down from the holiest job in Catholic Christianity. According to The New Yorker, this pope was neck-deep in a sizzling international sex-abuse scandal and authorized spending millions of dollars to defend pedophile priests in the US and abroad.

In August 2014, Pope Francis was found guilty of child trafficking, and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were issued arrest warrants for their guilty verdicts in the 1964 disappearance of ten children from the British Columbia Kamloops Native Residential School in Canada.

Incredibly, the missing Canadian kids are also linked to McGill University in Montreal where the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ran a mind control program called MK-Ultra. Again, from the Christian Observer:

Funded by the Rockefeller Foundationthe president of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations D. Ewen Cameron, began torturing children in a MKULTRA program at McGill University in the early 1950s. By 1964 US Congressional inquiries supposedly ended MKULTRA after a successful lawsuit against Cameron and McGill University by mind control survivor Linda MacDonald.”

The ICLCJ Court has offered amnesty to any citizen or employee of the Vatican, Crown of England, churches, and governments who provide sworn testimony or other evidence to prosecute other practicing Satanist global elites. Possible rewards of up to $13,600 dollars (10,000 euros) were also used to encourage more exposure of this ghastly group.

All other questions aside, what kind of monstrous fiends would take part in bloodsport activities that are both religious and recreational? Are these “blue bloods” and their pals really members of the Illuminati – or the Bilderberg New World Order group, as some have suggested?

Bear in mind that these European royals influence the global political landscape. It is a sad testament to the current state of affairs when world leaders regard trampling on civil rights for their own sick, twisted pleasure as acceptable and “the way it’s always been.”


Jesus Our Messiah is at the door and if you have not yet been baptized, full immersion at an age of accountability, then time is running out and I encourage you to do so today.

David Pawson On Baptism: Christians Are Required To Be Baptised, Full Immersion At An Age Of Accountability, In Order To Be Saved. Great Videos That Explains How Baptism Should Be Performed Filtered Through The Lens Of The Holy Scriptures.


What is the significance of number 9?

9 is the number of Enlightenment, Transformation, Endings, and Completion. It is the G-d number because the sum of any number x + 9 , when reduced to a single digit = number x when reduced to a single digit (4+9 = 13 …1+3=4) . Any product of 9, when reduced to a single digit, equals 9 (9*3 = 27…2+7=9). Thus the 9 is in everything and everything is in the 9 – The G-d or The Force concept.

The 9 is elegant in it’s written form and mirrors the 6 which is the number of The Teacher . Thus the 6 looks into the infinite reflecting pool of the 9 and experiences realization and goes on to enlighten others.

The 9 is the Warrior because it knows itself and it’s opposition.

9*2=18 is Chai or Life in Judaism

18*2=36 is Double Chai or Transcendent Life = Enlightenment

Occult Numerology and the Number Nine (9)

Satanists and the Number Nine

Satanists take delight in the number nine for a couple of reasons. First, Satanists enjoy reversing, mirroring and inverting symbols, letters and numbers. When you turn the number “9” upside down you get “6” which makes up the number of the Beast (666) as revealed in Revelation 13:18 in the Bible. Second, Satanists take perverse pleasure in commemorating the death of Christ and the death of Christ is associated with the number nine. Mark 15: 34-37 reveals that Christ spoke his last words on the Cross of Calvary at the ninth hour and “gave up the ghost (died).

Masonic Orders and the Number Nine

According to the book “Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues” by W. W. Wescott nine holds great significance among many Masonic orders and secret societies. He said, “There is a Masonic order of Nine Elected Knights in which nine roses, nine lights, and nine knocks are used.” In fact the number nine is the number of “the earth under evil influences.

In summary, the number 9 is an important numeric symbol to many occult groups and sole practitioners. Unlike the number 13 that almost all people know has some superstitious implications, the number 9 would be considered “just another number” by the average person.

Hebrew Israelites, so called Negroes , Mexicans, North American Indians1 de noviembre de 2014 · 

Popes, Vatican satanic cult Ninth Circle exposed, going to court

Popes, Vatican satanic cult Ninth Circle exposed, going to court Comments 0- Judy Byington on March 23, 2014 in Child Exploitation Child Holocausts Children Human Trafficking Investigations ITCCS Press Releases Ritual Abuse
Popes Ratzinger and BergoglioA witness claimed they saw former Popes Joseph Ratzinger and John Paul II participate in Vatican satanic cult rituals known as the Ninth Circle, that torture and murder children” George Dufort of a Brussels international court announced yesterday. “According to a deposition filed in court last week by a former member of the Ninth Circle, the cult practices at Catholic cathedrals and a forest grove in France.”

“That makes three eyewitnesses who say former Pope Joseph Ratzinger was present during ritual torture and murder of children as part of a cult known as the Ninth Circle” Kevin Annett of the ITCCS confirmed today in our phone interview. “Murder rituals evidently took place in 1987 and 2002 at locations in France and Holland.”

Last week the Brussels Court received Vatican documents dated Dec. 25 1967 that say before each new pope assumes office it’s mandatory that they participate in Ninth Circle rites.The documents referred to ceremonial murder of newborn children and consumption of their blood in rites referred to as “The Magisterial Privilege.”

Three days ago Francesco Zanardi of the ITCCS affiliate Rete L’Abuso in Savona, Italy said, “Ratzinger retains power at the Vatican. We know from several Cardinals that Pope Francis is a caretaker figurehead who is not actually the Pope. It’s all been a huge deception. Francis doesn’t wear the papal ring and lives in a convent in Rome, not in the Vatican. He is given no official security and wanders about like a private individual. He makes policy statements which the Curia of Cardinals then disavow, saying Francis doesn’t reflect church doctrine. The top appointments have been Germans or those connected to Ratzinger who continues to speak to reporters like he’s still the Pope.”

According to witnesses testifying at the international court trial, the former Pope Ratzinger has been a member of Ninth Circle, also known as the Corona Novem or Crown, since at least 1962.

“I saw Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl″stated another witness on Oct. 28 2013. “It was at a French chateau in the fall of 1987. It was ugly, horrible and didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink and Prince Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.”

The allegations confirmed what Dutch therapist and witness Toos Nijenhuis told Annett a few months prior. Toos claimed that as a child she also was forced to witness child murders that involved Ratzinger, Alfrink and Bernhard.

Two child abuse survivors reported attending child murder rites in the catacombs beneath the Vatican. At the tender age of 12 “Svali” of San Diego County said she was taken into the catacombs beneath the Vatican to witness the sacrifice of a 3-4 year-old drugged boy. In this video her interviewer responded that 24 years prior, a “Maria” also claimed to have witnessed a satanic murder rite in the Vatican Catacombs.8 years ago|501 views

Ex-Illuminati Svali TestimonyHowNiKan Svali’s Testimony 8 years ago: To Listen on Dailymotion: Click HERE

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”If the international court finds the popes and Vatican guilty of child exploitation, it might explain why the Vatican has made such an effort to cover up Catholic priest and nun child abuse. As of Nov 12 2013 and with an estimated 10 per cent of victims reporting, there were a documented 10,077,574 survivors of Catholic abuse across the globe. With Catholic authorities refusing to cooperate with investigations and settling a few cases out of court, only a handful of Catholic Church perpetrators have seen the inside of a jail cell.

“It’s tragic that children are abused by those who should have their trust. Abuse is such a betrayal” said Tim Lennon of the US Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP). “The high and mighty re-abuse by their denials, delaying tactics, ignorance and culpable criminal cover-ups.We can raise our voice and write letters to the editors, write comments on news stories and support survivors who speak out.”

The new evidence for the Brussels court has been translated from Latin and entered into case records of the Citizen Prosecutors Office.

The international court convenes March 31 to consider Vatican international child trafficking charges against the present Catholic Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior General Aldolfo Pachon, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and former Pope Joseph Ratzinger.

Pope Francis and Others Summoned to International Criminal …

salem-news.com/articles/february282014/pope-court.phpThe Court will convene its pre-trial Examination Hearing on Monday, March312014 at 9:00 GMT in the city of Brussels. The Court is therefore issuing today a Public Summons to the named Defendants to be present at this Hearing, either in person or through their legal representatives.

Pope Francis to face Trial March 312014: ITCCS

www.ascensionwithearth.com/2014/02/pope-francis-to-face-trial-march-31.htmlLast Tuesday, on the basis of these facts, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State petitioned the Common Law Courtof Justice in Brussels to formally charge Jorge Bergoglio, PopeFrancis, with abetting human trafficking, inciting treason and crime, and subverting the Law of Nations through the policies and actions of his church.

Pope Francis charged in ‘trafficking orphans’ trial …

https://www.socialmediamorning.com/pope-francis-charged-in-trafficking-orphans-trial/This case of orphaned children from missing political prisoners was set for trialonMarch312014 in a Brussels internationalcourt. A witness has agreed to come out of hiding in Spain to testify against PopeFrancis.The Argentine civil servant took extensive notes of meetings between the now-PopeFrancisand Junta military officials.

Pope Francis to face Trial March 312014: ITCCS

https://www.oom2.com/t18188-pope-francis-to-face-trial-march-31-2014-itccsPopeFrancis to face TrialMarch312014: ITCCS Posted: 08 Feb 2014 08:30 PM PST … Bergoglio will be named as the chief defendant in the case that will be initiated in the International Common Law Courtof Justice (ICLCJ) … In other words, I may be charged with treason by the British monarchy under the same repressive laws that imprisoned …

Pope Francis, the Jesuits and Others to Face Prosecution …

https://helioda1.blogspot.com/2014/02/pope-francis-jesuits-and-others-to-face.html“Toothless” United Nations’ statement on catholic child rape condemned by ITCCS at New York rally – PopeFrancis, the Jesuits and others to face prosecution by internationalcourt commencing March31 – “Holyrood Agreement” between Queen Elizabeth and former Pope Benedict cited as proof of criminal conspiracy – Possible arrest order issued against Kevin Annett by the British Crown

Update from The International Common Law Court of Justice …

https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/update-from-the-international-common-law-court-of-justice-trial-of-pope-francis/82308The Court has delayed the opening of the trial by one week, from its original commencement on March31, after it received confirmation that a covert operations team has been dispatched by the Vatican to disrupt and destroy the work of the Court.

Was Pope Francis ‘Found Guilty’ of Child Trafficking and …

https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/was-pope-guilty-trafficking-murder/PopeFrancis was part of a group condemned in an internationalcourtof killing and trafficking children.

Pope Francis Found ‘Guilty’ of Child Trafficking, Rape and …

https://mainerepublicemailreport.com/2018/06/10/pope-francis-found-guilty-of-child-trafficking-rape-and-murder/The dramatic story of PopeFrancis child trafficking never made the Main Stream Media, even though over 48 witnesses testified before six international judges that the Vatican was paid big bucks to regularly funnel children through their Pedophile Ring to Satan worshipping church leaders, businessmen, politicians and other elites, including members of European royal families.

Sunday, August 17, 2014 – Prophecy News Watch

https://ishallnotbesilentpropheticnews.blogspot.com/2014/08/pope-francis-found-guilty-of-child.htmlBreaking News Synopsis, May 14, 2014: Child Killers Identified, Targeted for Arrest The International Common Law Court’s case against PopeFrancisandothers revealed today the identity of members of the Ninth Circle child sacrificial cult, as well as the location and dates of their murderous rituals. In response, a call for Special Deputies …

Trial of Pope Francis [ITCCS] | Covert Geopolitics

https://geopolitics.co/2014/06/12/trial-of-pope-francis-itccs/Meanwhile, as the Common Law trialofPopeFrancisandothers for child trafficking and murder proceeds in Brussels, a new Dutch witness has shed more light on the Ninth Circle Satanic network and its links to child killings in England, Belgium and Ireland.More Resultsspacer

Belgium Court found Queen Elizabeth guilty in the Disappearance of 10 children in 2017

British soldier Vivian Cunningham remained drugged and institutionalized against his will. Apparently his “crime” on May 6 was daring to ask superiors about Queen Elizabeth’s outstanding arrest warrant.

The order was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Grieving parents haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on Oct. 10 1964.

After nearly a year of litigation Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia.

In 2017, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was asking concerned citizens to demand Cunningham’s immediate release. The ITCCS successfully prosecuted Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping, along with 50,000 cases of other missing children.

Regiment soldier Cunningham had innocently questioned a senior officer about Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant, only to be committed to a mental care unit in Stafford England.

He was injected with an atypical anti-psychotic drug olanzapine under orders of Captain Murrell and Doctors Khan and Sema. The soldier was committed for six months to the St. George Hospital Psychiatric Unit with a “diagnosis” of suffering from an acute psychotic episode.

Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children” it was reported on the ITCCS website. “Royal Family members also appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford Ontario Canada.”

A court document had been filed indicating that in Jan. 2012 UK Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby acted under the direction of Queen Elizabeth to destroy forensic remains of a Ninth Circle Satanic Cult child homicide.

The Ninth Circle Ritual Cult Ceremony Observation



The Royal Family Take the Kids Hunting (Literally)


Two eyewitnesses have testified that as children they were present during this same murder of a native child.

The satanic rite evidently occurred in a sub basement catacomb under the west wing of the Canadian Branton Ontario Mohawk Indian residential school.

The two eyewitnesses alleged that they saw a young girl being bound to an altar. The five or six year-old child was gagged, repeatedly raped, killed, disemboweled and dismembered.

Her blood was consumed by nine red-robed figures that included a member of the British Royal Family.

Unfortunately Cunningham was not alone in his victimization after exposing these Ninth Circle Satanic Cult activities. Several incarcerations and even a death appeared to surround exposures of Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping case.

Former Kamloops School resident William Combes died after a 2010 radio interview where he discussed witnessing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip leave the school with his ten friends and fellow Kamloops residents.

Directly after the interview the healthy Combes was ordered to report for tests at the Vancouver St. Paul’s Catholic hospital. There he was given an injection that put him into a coma. Within hours and without consent of his family members, Combes was permanently pulled off life support.

The ITCCS began a second prosecution on global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. Five international judges and 27 jury members were scheduled to hear the testimony of at least 16 adult survivors who have come forward to expose their witness to child kidnapping and murder.

The first prosecution in the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels concerned 50,000 missing native Canadian children and included Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping case.

The court’s Feb 2013 guilty verdict by six international judges on 40 global elites appeared to influence the resignation that same week, of Pope Joseph Ratizinger.

Blog Factory UK / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

Natascha Kampusch: 3096 days in captivity

DadoTheGoodVillainNov 28, 2013


The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Pope, Jesuits and Anglicans refuse to deny criminal charges made against them – Trial to proceed as shocking new evidence suggests Joseph Ratzinger still wields power at the Vatican – Ratzinger and others are named as members of a child abuse cult.



Brussels and Rome:

After being publicly charged with child trafficking and criminal conspiracy on March 4 and served a Public Summons, the head officers of the Vatican, the Jesuits, and the Church of England have refused to deny or contest the charges and will therefore face criminal prosecution commencing March 31.

The announcement came today as the deadline to respond to a Common Law Court Summons lapsed on Tuesday without any communication from the primary defendants: Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon, and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Their silence is very telling and extremely important legally” said Court Secretary George Dufort from Brussels.

“Our Prosecutor’s Office has the power now to proceed with its case and waive the normal examination procedure, since the defendants are not disputing the charges and are thereby tacitly admitting their guilt. The Court Magistrates will enter a plea of nolo contendere by the defendants into the court record and have every right to rule against them in their absence.”

This startling development occurred as even more shocking news surfaced today in Rome that the allegedly former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, actually retains power at the Vatican, and that since at least 1962 has been a member of a child abuse cult known as the Corona Novem, or The Ninth Circle (or Crown).

Francesco Zanardi of the ITCCS affiliate Rete L’Abuso in Savona, Italy said in an interview last week,

“We know from several Cardinals that Pope Francis is a caretaker figurehead who is not actually the Pope. It’s all been a huge deception. Francis doesn’t wear the papal ring and lives in a convent in Rome, not in the Vatican. He is given no official security and wanders about like a private individual. And he makes policy statements which the Curia of Cardinals then disavow, saying Francis doesn’t reflect church doctrine. And all the top appointments have been Germans or those connected to Ratzinger, who continues to speak to reporters like he’s still the Pope.”

Meanwhile, a former member of a child abuse cult known as The Ninth Circle has stated in a deposition that Joseph Ratzinger has been a member of the Circle since at least 1962, and as such has routinely participated in the ritual rape, torture and killing of children.

“The witness claim to have seen both former Pope John Paul the Second, Karol Wotyja, and Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, participate at Ninth Circle rituals held at Catholic cathedrals and a forest grove in France” said George Dufort of the Common Law court.

This recent statement confirms the account of such a ritual involving Ratzinger made by Dutch eyewitness Toss Niejenhuis last year (see http://www.itccs.org, May 8).

The Court has also received evidence that the Ninth Circle cult is referred to in Vatican documents which describe how the participation of every new Pope in the Ninth Circle cult is mandatory for their assumption of office. The alleged documents refer to the cultic rituals as “The Magisterial Privilege” that involves the ceremonial killing of newborn children and the consumption of their blood at Circle rituals.

The alleged document is translated from Latin and is dated December 25, 1967. This new evidence has been entered into the case records of the Citizen Prosecutors Office of the Court.




AllatRa TV North AmericaOct 17, 2019The ancient secret cult the NINTH CIRCLE OF SATAN controls both religious organizations and occult orders, branches of the Freemasons. This is the visible part of the modern power pyramid. It includes representatives of the world elite, pop culture, and the global show business.
Representatives of the NINTH CIRCLE OF SATAN have performed bloody child sacrifices to strengthen their power over people since the time of Sumer. Historical evidence, modern eyewitness testimonies, documents and investigations, which were repeatedly covered and published in the media, on the Internet, including those collected thanks to the Canadian priest and writer Kevin Annett (“The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels (ICLCJ)”), on how, in different countries, representatives of the world elite subjected other people’s children to severe abuses and rapes. How, while hunting for fun, they used children as live targets and trophies, and killed them by sacrificing them to Satan. The highest representatives of the Catholic Church, military, representatives of the highest authorities from different countries and the world elite took part in the rituals of children’s sacrifices.
What is going on in the world today, how the cult of Satan is being openly imposed en masse on young people in different countries (fears, desire for unlimited profit, drugs, and alcohol, and worship of Satan are being imposed) through the film industry, through representatives of the world show business controlled by the Ninth Circle. WHO statistics on missing children.
The harsh reality of the invisible world. For whom does humanity serve as food and what is going on beyond what we don’t see? Who is to blame and what to do? What is the way out of the current situation? https://allatra.tv info@allatra.tv

Hollywood Feasting on the Blood of Children – Mel Gibson -Playing Card Divination

This video is posted here only to verify that Mel Gibson made the statements.  DIVINATION is an Abomination.  Card reading is Divination, therefore know that I do not condone it.  Please stop the video when you get to that part for your own protection.

Joseph MagiOct 6, 2018

Mel Gibson: Hollywood ls 'Den Of Parasites' Who 'Feast 0n Blood Of Kids' Hollywood elites are an “enemy of mankind continually acting Contrary to our bes! Interests” and “breaking every God given taboo known ro man, including the sanctity of mumu," Mel Gibson said in Lundun, where he is promoting his role in Daddy; Home 2, his most prominent on-scrcen role in years. “It’s an open gene: in Hollywood. These people have their own religmus and spir[rual reaching: and their own Social and moral frameworks. They have their sacred texts ,


MARK RUTTE ‘president’ of the ‘netherlands’: STOP Child hunting, Child trafficking and satanic ritual Child abuse!

464 hebben getekend. Op naar de  500Israel I.

heeft deze petitie aangemaakt voorMARK RUTTE ‘president’ of the ‘netherlands’

Read the testimony below. We Know This Is True. We Work with ex-mind controlled victims of this satanic conspiracy. Everything is interrelated, one huge occult satanic network, the whole world is entrapped in this. One of our confidents Hopes to publish her book ‘This Is Me’ at the end of this year.

David Joshua Israel Immanuel
Court of Zion
High Priest Council Jerusalem

Taken from eyewitness testimony before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Five International judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network.Regular Ninth Circle child sacrifices were said to take place in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals, the Vatican,on private estates and groves and government military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and the US. At least 34 child mass grave sites were identified in Ireland, Spain and Canada – and refused excavation by the respective governments, Crown of England and Catholic Church. Named as present in Ninth Circle activities werePope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger;Anglican, United Church of Canada and Catholic Church officials including Cardinals; members of European royalty including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip; officials of the Canadian, Australian, UK and US military and governments including the USA’s CIA, plus prominent government ministers, judges, politicians and businessmen from the US, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland and the UK.

Teens were drugged, stripped naked, raped, hunted down in the woods and killed by European royalsaccording to this week’s latest eyewitness to testify before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. The woman was the fourth eyewitness to give accounts about these human hunting parties of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. A former member of the Netherlands criminal drug syndicate known as Octopustestified that victims were obtained for thesehuman hunting partiesfrom juvenile detention centers in Belgium and Holland.

“In 2004 I was an involuntary witness to torture, rape and murder sessions of drugged children performed for a group of high ranked people of the Netherlands” stated a woman. “I was taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where I saw two boys and a girlages 14 to 16, hunted and killed by global elites. The human hunting partywas heavily guarded by the Netherlands Royal Guards. I was told that King Albert of Belgium was present.”

Four eyewitnesses confirmedthat as children and youths they were forced to attend human hunting partieswhere they and other children were raped, with some killed, and deceased boy’s penises were cut off.Allegedly there was a Dutch countryside palace where boys’ penises were displayed like trophies on a wall. Some hunting parties were hosted on the grounds of Belgium and Queen Beatrix’s Palace.

Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis claimed that as a four year-old she was forced to witness murders of children that involved former Pope Ratzinger, a Dutch Catholic Cardinal, plus the father of Netherlands Belgium and Queen Beatrix and Bilderberger Founder, Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard. “I saw the former Pope Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl″ another witness confirmed. “It was at a French chateau in the fall of 1987. It was ugly, horrible and didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger and Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.”

In Ireland, Spain and Canada34 child mass grave sites were discovered and appeared linked to Ninth Circle activities.The largest was the Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford Ontario where child remains were identified in 2008 before the Catholic Church, Canadian government and English Crown shut down the dig by professional archeologists. The 2013 ICLCJ Court had found Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip guilty for the Oct. 10 1964 disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic residential school in Kamloops British Columbia. In the first two weeks of the 2014 court witnesses identified Dutch and Belgian royal participants in the rape and killing of Mohawk children and newborns. Named were Bernhard and King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

Alleged to be present during the human hunting parties were the late Prince Johan Friso and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit, former ministers, the top man of the Dutch army, the under secretary of the Raad Van State in the  Netherlands, the Vice-Roy next to Queen Beatrix and other global business and political leaders including some from the US. “Surely the present King Willem Alexander and King Filip and their wives know about this abuse and murder of children” said one eyewitness.”They do nothing about it and likely are the ones to stop investigations and prosecutions.

In January 2014 the brother of the king of Holland Prince Johan Friso passed away in a coma after these three Dutch-language websites shown here reached the internet. The websites revealed that Friso was at the human hunting and killing parties.”The story came on the internet after years of trying to move the policy and justice department in the Netherlands to act against the criminals,” an eyewitness said. “Nobody did anything to stop these criminals, probably because Queen Beatrix and King Albert likely interfered with the investigations.”

Human hunting parties were said to take place on the grounds of Belgium and Queen Beatrix’s Palace in the Netherlands. Two witnesses have named former Pope Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Beatrix’s father the deceased Prince Alfrink Bernhard, as being present at child sacrifices. Both were said to be Nazi sympathizers.

The ICLCJ Court received a collection of Jesuit archival records about a child sacrificial cult known as the Knights of Darkness. In 1933 the Knights were established by the Catholic Jesuits and Nazi Waffen S.S. Division. The records showed Ratzinger was identified as a member of the Knights while working as an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in Germany. The records also stated that Ratzinger participated in child sacrificial rites using kidnapped children from the camps or political prisoners.

Another court document called the Magisterial Privilege indicated child sacrifice was a regular occurrence at the Vatican. At the tender age of 12 “Svali” of San Diego County California claimed she was brought to catacombs beneath the Vatican to witness the sacrifice of a three year-old drugged boy. In this video her interviewer said that 24 years prior a “Maria” told him she witnessed another satanic child sacrifice rite in the same Vatican Catacombs.

Last week an Irish police investigator reported to the ICLCJ Court that the close to 800 babies buried in a Catholic Nun’s septic tank were dismembered, decapitated and in bits and pieces– signs that they could have been murdered in Satanic child sacrifice rites. In the last two months the ICLCJ Court has heard these heart-wrenching testimonies about the rape, torture and murder of children as recently as 2010 by Catholic leaders, European royal family members and other global elites.Murder sites of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult were said to be in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals including the Vatican and on private estates, military establishments and groves in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, France, England and the US.

The ICLCJ Court has been overwhelmed with newly discovered evidence and a number of new witnesses coming forward to testify about Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult activities. They have uncovered Ninth Circle Satanic Cult member possible involvement in international child sacrifice, kidnapping, exploitation and drug rings. The five international judges and 27 jury memberswere expected to remain in session for at least a year due to the complexity of the cases.

Amnesty has been offered to citizens or employees of the Vatican, Crown of England, churches or governments willing to give sworn testimony or evidence that leads to the prosecution of these global elites suspected of committing crimes. Rewards up to 10,000 euros or around 13,660 dollars was available through the ICLCJ court.

The ICLCJ Court had over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Local organizing funds were available for common law groups that applied through the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. To contact officers of the court or ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett, email or call: itccscentral@gmail.com, info@iclcj.com, admin@iclcj.com, hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com.

About the Author

Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired, author of “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities” (www.22faces.com) is a retired therapist, Public Speaker, Activist and investigative journalist whose articles on international child exploitation rings have been cited on over 3,000 websites. The ex-Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health and Director Provo Family Counseling Center is the CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau (www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com). If you have news tips about child abuse issues please email Judy info@22faces.com. You are invited to sign our petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children by clicking here.

http://childabuserecovery.com/european-royals-killing-naked-children-for-fun-at-human-hunting-parties/….spacerThe Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Ritual Cult Ceremony Observation

Carminda B  @carmindabrendel·

Former Special Agent Ted Gunderson suspected he would be “taken out” eventually. As a whistleblower disclosing crimes of the highest order, Gunderson would attest to suffering endless harassment and attempts on his lifehttps://youtu.be/1JbD5BOvhkg

Carminda B@carmindabrendelNicole Kidman’s Father Silenced by Ninth Circle Satanic Cult Privately owned forest groves were believed used in the US, Canada, France and Holland. It appeared children and teens were obtained by the criminal drug syndicate Octopus, https://steemit.com/news/@nikkicolombo/nicole-kidman-s-father-silenced-by-ninth-circle-satanic-cult

Carminda B@carmindabrendel·

Replying to@carmindabrendelABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING Even SATAN SOROS ! At least 34 child mass grave sites were identified in Ireland, Spain and Canada – and refused excavation 800 Irish babies slaughtered, Witnesses to Dutch Prince PM, Soros hunting children https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2019/04/european-royals-allegedly-killing-children-in-human-hunting-parties-4-eyewitnesses-testify/

Carminda B@carmindabrendel·

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 Carminda B@carmindabrendel·

Children’s Bones Identified at Canada’s Oldest Indian Residential School forensic evidence that the Crown of England, the Vatican and the Canadian government and churches are responsible for the death of more than 50,000 children across Canada. https://google.com/amp/s/geopolitics.co/2013/04/28/mass-graves-of-children-in-canada/amp/

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Replying to@carmindabrendelPrince Bernhard of Holland, who was the grandfather of the newly-crowned Dutch King Alexander, and a founder of the Bilderberger Group; Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, and members of the British Royal Family. http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/child-sacrifice-and-trafficking-in-holland-and-abroad-an-eyewitness-comes-forward-and-names-her-torturers-an-exclusive-breaking-news-report-from-itccs-central-office-and-its-dutch-affiliates/

Another court document called the Magisterial Privilege indicated child sacrifice was a regular occurrence at the Vatican. 24 years prior a “Maria” told him she witnessed another satanic child sacrifice rite in the same Vatican Catacombs. https://google.com/amp/s/www.soulask.com/european-royals-killing-naked-children-for-fun-at-human-hunting-parties/amp/

VERY DETAILED ARTICLE Insights into the Beliefs behind the Sacrificing of Childrenhttp://deathreference.com/Py-Se/Sacrifice.html


Michele Beach says WAKE UP to UN AGENDA 2030 NOW

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The Royal Family Take The Kids Hunting (Literally)

Eyewokeness NewsNov 10, 2019David Zublick’s report on how the European Royals are still conducting human hunting parties where teens are raped and killed, and their sex organs are hung like trophies on walls. It’s all part of ritualistic sacrifice that a mysterious cult known as the Ninth Circle is still performing today with the help of the Catholic and Anglican churches. With a few of my own touches added. I would like to sincerely thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and check out my channel. I try and bring things that I think are important, wild and crazy, or off the damn wall.😄 I try and add my own little flare to make them unique. However sometimes I just give it straight to you. Okay, everyone take care, God bless, and may every day be the best day of your life.spacer

HUNTER BIDEN GUILTY OF SILENT CRY? Victims And Experts Explain Explosive Growth Of Sex Trafficking

Posted September 24, 2020

In episode two of the SPECIAL FOUR WEEK INVESTIGATION into child sex-trafficking, Christian worship artist Ilonka Deaton details the years she was caught in sexual slavery starting at age 12.

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Update 4/18/20 -Jeffrey Epstein – Part 4 -PROCURER, KIDNAPPER, CHILD MOLESTER (and allegedly so much worse) –


THE WORLD WILL NEVER HAVE THE SATISFACTION OF COMPLETELY EXPOSING THE FULL DEPTH OF PERVERSION, DEPRAVITY AND CRIMINALITY OF THIS PERSON.  HIS VICTIMS WILL NEVER HAVE THE VALIDATION THAT A CONVICTION WOULD PROVIDE.  HE IS BEYOND OUR REACH BY WHATEVER MEANS, WHETHER HE IS TRULY DEAD OR ALIVE AND HIDDEN.  IF HE IS STILL ALIVE, … Click Here to Read MoreCategoriesAbove the LawBeneficiaryBeneficiary of the Estatechild traffickingcivil asset forfeitureCivil Suitcomprehensive feature Convicted Sex OffenderEpsteinFBIFraudhypocrisyInequalityInheritanceLast Will and Testamentnoblesse obligePedophilesPervertPlea DealPolice DepartmentsProcurer of Minors for Adult PedophilesProstitutionProstitution of a MinorRapeRapistSeized PropertySex TraffickingSolicitation of ProstitutionUnequal JusticeWealth and PrivilegeWitness ProtectionTagsCivil asset forfeitureCONVICTED SEX OFFENDERfederal government’s roleInheritor of $577 millionlegal proceedings against the property itself for “participating” in criminal activityor people whose property is suedProcurer of Minors for Adult Pedophilesprotections don’t apply to people who are suedRegistered SEX OFFENDER


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WATCH “THE DEVIL OF LITTLE ST. JAMES: THE TRUE JEFFREY EPSTEIN STORY (FULL DOCUMENTARY 2017)” ON YOUTUBE All I can say is there is no justice in this world!  The insane are running the asylum.   Corruption is EVERYWHERE.  You cannot trust the police department, the justice system, ANY POLITICIANS, the IRS, the coroner, and certainly … Click Here to Read MoreCategories“break” from jailAlleged DeathAlleged SuicideCorruptionCriminalityDeceptionEVILGeneral StuffImmunity from ProsecutionIntimidationLast Will and TestamentLolita ExpressMuralObstruction of JusticePedophile AgendaPedophiliaPersonal PropertyPerversionPreferential TreatmentPrison GuardsPrivileged RichProof of IncomeRapeSecrecysex trafficking of minorsSexual AbuseSexualizationStatutory RapesubterfugesuicideSuppressed EvidencetrickeryvictimsTagsConvicted and Registered Sex OffenderEpstein Intelligence TiesEpstein’s Sweetheart DealEscaped JusticeHundreds of Victims per witnessesLawyers Request Independent InvestigationNetwork of Sex and PowerThe Truth About Power


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North = Belial (Earth) South = Satan (Fire) East = Lucifer (Wind) West = Leviathan (Water)  What is happening is not new.   It basic paganism.  You pretty much have to be hiding under a rock to not see the rapid expansion of paganism in today’s world.  This is just another sign that we are living in the last days.  Because history has been preverted and hidden for so long, people … Click Here to Read MoreCategoriesBloodButt LoveCannabalismCarnalityChild AbuseChild Kidnappingchild traffickingchildrenChristian EthicsComet PizzaDominanceGeneral StuffInner CircleMainstream MediaMasculinityModern ArtPedogatePedovorePizzagateQ ANONTasteless HumorWhistleblowerTagsCelebration of DeathChristian EthicsHidden SymbolismMasculinityOrgan ProcurementPhallisRoman SexualitySerpent WorshipSunThe CircleThinktank


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Photo Credit: Inside Edition No copyright infringement intended. Does everyone see the snake in this picture?   The road looks like a snake, slithering through the trees with its head near the house.. If you can’t see the snake in the photo, or you think it is just in my imagination, or you believe it just … Click Here to Read MoreCategoriesAbramovicadrogenyAncient EgyptAncient GreeksandrogynyAngelic BeingsAstronomyBAALCardinal DirectionsChild Kidnappingchild traffickingchildrenCloneDark MatterDEATHdemonsEarth WorshipElite BloodlinesFBIGeneral StuffIDOLSISISlarnaxLolita ExpressOfferingsPaganPaganismPedophiliaPhoeniciansPoseidonReligionrodakasRoyal Palace of HellSacred RocksSacrificeSatanic RitualsSatanismSecrecySirius The Dog StarSpiritsSpiritual PowerSyriaTotality-SingularityWinter SolstaceTags4 cardinal directionsEPSTEIN’S TORTURE ISLANDMacedonian StarPedo GatePedo


THE HUNT – NODENS – The First will be Last.


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