Yukon Jack’s Dreadful Christmas Message

Yukon Jack’s Dreadful Christmas Message


 I wrote two comments on Darkmoon  and Truthseeker, reposted here as a response to the article What If the Christ Child Had Been Born in the American Police State?  I also corrected some spelling errors. Yukon Jack on December 25, 2020 at 6:01 amYour comment is awaiting moderation.

I posted I decent comment about this same article over at Darkmoon. It is posted as a post script below. I meditated after I wrote the comment, which is just a statement of our dreadful reality as I understand it. I could of gone further, explaining how in all probability we are in a hell simulation or earth was set up by an advanced race as a loosh farm.

“The ‘Loosh Rote’. The ‘Loosh Rote’ is the term coined by the great pioneer of astral travel and out of body experiences, Robert Monroe. His OBE’s led him to the understanding that the Earth world is a farm, set up for the sole purpose of harvesting the energy of fear and suffering from living creatures.”

So what I realized and need to say is that while you are trapped in hell on a planet being managed by the most evil Jews, a message of hope sells because humans are in most desperate need of it but also because without hope the earth loosh farm would fail. In other words, God must give us hope so we endure our suffering. Hope is being injected into our (simulated or not) reality no different than a farmer cares for his livestock he intends to butcher.

What if you could communicate with a fox being raised in a cage just so when it gets a nice winter coat of fur it will be killed, skinned out, and marketed? What would you tell the fox that it only exists for it’s fur and that it is trapped without hope of ever having a better life? It might die of depression and hopelessness. But what happens if you have some kids play with the fox and give it joy so it thrives on love until you kill it?

So in our realm, not only do messages of hope sell but they are necessary for the loosh farm to function and thus every year we celebrate the birth of Christ, the savior of the world, who will deliver us from evil. But unfortunately there is no Christ or any divine soul doing that, that is only the hope dope being injected into the loosh farm. If you read my comment you will see what I am driving at, things are much worse than 2,000 years ago, and they are going to get much worse as we plunge into a high tech dark age.

Yukon Jack
December 25, 2020 at 3:54 am
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What is the purpose of this essay but to bemoan that things are much worse than they were 2,000 years ago? What will no one conclude reading this essay? That Jesus failed in saving the world. After all that time, the grand wish of the Christians to live in a peaceful world was not achieved. All those prayers went unanswered, all those hymns in vain, all those cathedrals and centuries of worship a hopeless waste of time, energy, and resources.

What does a logical rational mind say about this Jesus belief? It is a fantasy, god is our delusion. What does no man say about our situation? Humans are hopelessly enslaved on some kind of hell planet. What does no man realize? Earth must be hell if we spend so much time trying to get out of here. No other animal is trying to escape earth like us, we want to be with the Lord in Heaven, or we want to get out of our minds with drugs, or we want to go to another planet. We just don’t want to be here, why is that?

No person has ever thought that something is terribly wrong with our specie, and only our specie, if we are spending so much of our lives focused on god and the afterlife. What other animal behaves this way? None! So why do we do it if we are just another evolved creature on this planet? Ah hah! you should say. We must be not a natural creature, we must be some kind of alien experiment, which is why we are so out of whack with the natural.

What no man has concluded that all these afterlife beliefs stem from feelings of great discontent of living in this life. We can not see that we are a domesticated specie that went feral, we suffer from cosmic abandonment syndrome, and that the Abrahamic religions are really outer space cargo cults, and why we love our abusive gods like a cosmic Stockholm Syndrome.

What no one but a very few now understand that worship originated from alien contact, that god is really a more advanced specie that so bedazzled our senses we built monuments to commemorate their visit. Only during and after WW2 when cargo cults formed after the Army Air Corp landed in Melansian Islands do we now see that the same thing happened thousands of years ago that formed the Abrahamic religion.

The author hasn’t even scratched the surface how horribly evil the modern world is now compared to Jesus’s time. No one had to get building permits or business licenses back then. No one got blown up by landmines or blown to bits by Hellfire Missiles shot from Predator Drones back then. Rome did not monitor every phone call, nor did the State arrest you for being naked or smoking weed.

Yes, things are far worse now than back then, and no god “saved” us, we are now more enslaved then ever, and by the looks of it, things will be getting far worse than we can imagine, and when they do, beliefs in a savior (like Jesus or Trump) will continue to flourish BECAUSE HOPE IS THE COPE DOPE WHILE YOU DO TIME IN HELL.

I have to say for myself, I would of never chose in coming to earth or having my experience. Really, I want none of what has been served up thus far, so I too, feel as you do, but I don’t waste my time praying to the evil gods that put me here or give money to the evil institutions that enslave us, that means I pay the least tax to the evil state and do not tithe to any church. But most of you do, and I ask why? Why do you vote and legitimize evil?

My only goal in life is to get as far away from most people as I can, and seeing so many proudly wearing a face diaper confirms my suspicions that most people are not worth a shit. But I can see why Jesus has so much appeal, because he said the opposite, he wanted to be with you all.

I’ve also stated on this forum that the last place I would ever wish to be is in heaven is with my relatives, when I can’t stand them now! LOL. And I have also come to the firm conclusion that if I was created as a soul and stuck in a body on a hell planet, then why would I love God if he did it? That is sick to love the being that tortures you in hell. So I have also concluded the only real heaven is nonexistence, that way I don’t spend any time with my relatives or god or do any time on hell planets.

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