Latest intel: CIA, FBI de-cloaking to destroy key evidence of election fraudMike AdamsWe have a compelling Situation Update for you today, based on new intel that reveals the CIA and FBI are conspiring to destroy smoking gun evidence of election fraud that will secure Trump’s victory.This is huge. There were other major developments that happened today which feed into this, including Sen. Hawley confirming he will object to the electoral votes on January 6th, and VP Pence now cancelling his planned flight to Israel on that same day.Things are about to get interesting, for sure.See the full article highlights and podcast here.
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Situation Update, Dec. 30th – CIA, FBI de-cloaking to destroy key evidence of vote fraudWatch this video
Dominion CEO Got Caught Lying At Michigan HearingWatch this video
Trump ends Obama’s reign as ‘most admired man in America’Watch this video
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More of Today’s ArticlesHere’s a breakdown of the Impoundment Control Act of 1974 invoked by Trump
In signing the 900B pork-laden “stimulus” bill that was presented to him by the political establishment, President Donald Trump invoked a little-known law called the Impoundment …Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac gets 500M, boosting its coronavirus vaccine production
Chinese drugmaker Sinovac Biotech has obtained a cash investment to help boost production of its COVID-19 vaccine. Generic drugs firm Sino Biopharmaceuticals announced on Dec. 7 that it acquired …Former Director of National Intelligence prevented by election officials from investigating claims of voter fraud in Nevada
Richard Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence, said that the 2020 presidential election was filled with irregularities, and that the Trump campaign’s investigations into …Health officials rebut Biden’s claim that Trump administration has no coronavirus vaccine plan
On Sunday, Dec. 6, several top Trump administration health officials rebutted a claim by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that the administration had no “detailed plan” for the …Just like other coronaviruses: Study suggests seasonal changes affect Covid-19 transmission
Increasing ultraviolet (UV) levels in the environment can decrease the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), reports a new a study published in the journal PNAS. According to its authors, …Beijing using US newspapers to push “insidious” narratives, says China affairs expert
Lawyer and China affairs expert Gordon Chang warned that the Chinese government is using U.S. newspapers to manipulate public opinion. He made the warning during a Dec. 3 interview in The Epoch …Bank of America flags “outrageous” unemployment fraud worth 2B 
Bank of America (BofA) pointed out potential unemployment benefits fraud in California, spread out across 640,000 accounts with suspicious activity. A BofA official said red flags they found …

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