Russia Is Correct That Zionist Mob Created Israel is THE Problem! in the Middle East

Russia Says That Israel is the Biggest Problem in the Middle East

By infostormer -December 9, 20200

Russia’s ambassador to Israel just said that Israel is the biggest problem in the Middle East. The Jews were not happy about his comments.

But where’s the lie?

Israel has been the main problem in the region since it was established in the late 1940s. This is the reality of things. They’re constantly agitating and provoking other countries into wars and conflicts. Them dragging the United States into fighting wars on their behalf certainly hasn’t helped matters either.

Even though the Jews are not happy about this development, they haven’t made a big deal about it. They probably want to avoid making a bigger deal out of it even though it is a pretty big deal for a country as large as Russia to just come out and say this.

Overall, I think people around the world have grown tired of Israel’s antics a long time ago. It is only now just starting to manifest itself into mainstream global politics with some level of significance.

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