Arab Journalists & Civilians Beheaded by Western Backed Terrorists in Syria

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Media Black-Out on Arab Journalists and Civilians Beheaded in Syria by Western-Backed Terrorists

by Eva Bartlett

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Yara Abbas: Sharmine Narwani’s moving article on the young Syrian journalist.

Oct 26, 2014, Eva Bartlett, Zero Anthropology

Who outside of Syria knows the names Yara Abbas, Maya Naser, Mohamed al-Saeed…? The corporate media has inundated us with news of the two American journalists allegedly beheaded, the first of whose execution video has been deemed faked. But what of the non-Western journalists and civilians…

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Resharing my article of 2014 with this sad news that another Syrian journalist has been murdered.

Damascus Now reports []:

“A martyr of media.
Karam Kbeishou a cameraman who used to work for Sama TV died today due to an attack by the US backed Jihadists on the TV team workers while reporting the truth.”

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