The Crime Syndicate Running America Does Not Care About Children: What Satanic Foreign Policy Means to Iraqi Children, Children From Yemen, Libyan Children, etc.? It goes on and on and on.

Criminals Who Can Do These Heinous Acts to Children Will Not Care About Mama Bear Above

Injured Syrian Child Thanks to U.S. Gov’t Officials War on Syria:

Syrian baby killed - YouTube
This baby is dying b/c Uncle Satan supplied weapons for Saudi’s to bomb Yemen a peaceful nation.

Trump sold these weapons to Saudi’s and bragged about it!

Another starving infant thanks to Our Leaders “Geopolitics”!

Libya S.O.S. - war diary 2011/12: There is no Sirte any more

Bombed Libyan Child Thanks to Hillary and O’bama two war criminals.

Iraq war orphan lost both arms and family thanks to Uncle Satan.

Comment: All of this killing of children goes on for the Satanic “Greater Israel” to wipe out the Middle East ALL for Israel so Rothschild ZIONIST Israel Can Rule the World.

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