Marcheline Bertrand Debunked as a Great Humanitarian-Just Another CIA Criminal (Cabal Front Woman Daughter Angelina Jolie Portrayed Mother as Humanitarian)

Marcheline Bertrand Was a Handler of Tortured Mind Controlled MKUltra Randy Turner

Part of Randy Turner MKUltra’s CV: 1980s worked as a Hollywood Agent, was kept on Endocrine drugs also known as Adrenochrome which is a mind control drug used in the CIA MKULTRA program during this time by handlers Jon Voight, Bill Day and Marcheline Bertrand. Herbert Walker Bush ran the neophyte CIA and the Mind Control program of drugging, torturing and murdering young children. No different than what CIA affiliated Pol Pot did. CIA runs child porn rings including snuff porn all over the world. Sadly it is a very lucrative business.

School of hard knocks university of life

CIA – MkUltra program – 1976-2014.

Monarch mind control victim – MKUltra assassin.

1978 – 2014

Activities and Societies: I was drugged, tortured to the point of mind disassociation/splitting the mind creating new alternate personalities, they would use these personalities for different tasks after programming. Assassin, Sex slave, drug trafficking etc.

MkUltra CIA project monarch victim 1976-2014
1978-2013 Used by the US Government as a mind control assassin, Programmed by Vice President George Bush Sr. and two of his men.
1979 was present when VP Rockefeller died in his office.
1981 used during the Reagan assassination attempt- carried the nuclear briefcase when Reagan was shot.
Drugged and tortured by the US Government 1978, used as a scapegoat for crimes they committed 79-2013.

CIA Mk-Ultra Monarch program victim.

1976 – 2014

Victim of mind control programming carried out by the CIA placing me through extreme torture, sexual abuse, horrifying mental trauma, used for assassinations and framed for crimes committed by the US Government; We are the real victims of the American people who support what was done to me.

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Randy Turner

Randy Turner: BitCoin, Microsoft, CIA MKUltra mind control survivor, Negotiator for world peace.

Greater Seattle Area

190 connections

1980s worked as a Hollywood Agent, was kept on a during this time by handlers Jon Voight, Bill Day and Marcheline Bertrand.

Comment: Handlers know full well mind controlled victims are tortured to death at times, raped, drugged and extremely abused. They approve of this. They work with the Abusers of Mind Control Victims hand in glove. Not humanitarian but sadistic criminals who should be in prison For Extreme Crimes Against Humanity. Mind Control Programmers and Handlers are the Pol Pots of the West. Pol Pot had a long association with the CIA as well as Jon Voight, Marcheline Bertrand, Bill Day, Herbert the Pervert Bush, Sr. and Angelina Jolie, Stanfield Turner, Mark Philips, Bill Colby & Others.

Bill Day pictured with Marcheline Bertrand:

Who is Bill Day dating? Bill Day girlfriend, wife

______________________________________________The Evil Bill Day (and he looks evil to me. ) _________________


marcheline bertrand - Google zoeken

_________________Marcheline Bertrand Above Pictured With Jon Voight-Both Handlers of MKUltra Randy Turner.

CIA AGENT POL POT – TORTURE AND MURDER OF KIDS | Aangirfan the beginning, PolPot and the Khmer Rouge worked for the CIA and its friends. We should not be too surprised, because al Qaeda and ISIS work for the CIA and its friends. PolPot and the Khmer Rouge killed a fifth of Cambodia’s population. The bombing of Cambodia by Nixon and Kissinger killed an estimated half a million people.

What we are talking about is child sex slaves, produced by the CIA.
In 1953 the US government sanctioned Project MKUltra, the CIA’s programme to produce mind-controlled people, including child sex slaves.


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Microsoft investor and adviser 1980, CIA Mk-Ultra Victim 1976-2013. negotiated end of cold war 1987. Singer/Song writer 1980-present. Lionsgate 1997. 2007, Satoshi Nakamoto BC 2009. Negotiator for world peace.


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Inventor, entrepreneur, International negotiator.

Randy Turner

Sep 1981 – Present-39 years 2 months

Granite falls, Washington, USA.

1978 invested owned 22.5%- new contract created in 1982 33.3% of Microsoft as a silent partner.
1981 – MKUltra victim. Carried the Nuclear codes when Reagan was shot.
1987 – Negotiated an end to the cold war between the US and the USSR.
Used by the CIA in Saudi Game of thrones via MkUltra alternates.
1977- 2014 CIA MkUltra monarch mind control victim.

Named the graphical user interface (Windows) while Bill, Paul, and Steve were working on the operating system, I made a comment that the program looked like a bunch of little windows and I believe it was Steve who said they should use the name, this is how Windows really got its name.
Invested in Microsoft in 1978 then a new contract in 1982 – used influence to make it possible for us to manufacture in China.
made a request to Bush Sr. to get the China-US trade agreement changed allowing Microsoft to manufacture in China. George Bush Sr. rejected my request but changed his mind because Weinberger said they could sell them arms if it were changed. Reagan rejected it so Bush Sr. planned his assassination.
Negotiated the end of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union.

MkUltra mind control is a fact not a conspiracy theory.


1980s worked as a Hollywood Agent, was kept on a during this time by handlers Jon Voight, Bill Day and Marcheline Bertrand.


1997 started LionsGate as a silent partner with Frank Giustra.

Inventor: 2004-2010

2007 Creator, Investor –
1979 – 2017 Singer, song writer, producer.

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