Angelina Jolie: Fake Humanitarian, Real Globalist

Listed As Member of Council on Foreign Relations #4 of Secret Societies Group Below:


Top 10 secret societies, think tanks, exclusive clubs, policy-planning groups and fraternities that every conspiracy theorist should be familiar with and some facts behind them.

№ 1 Bilderberg Group
№ 2 Illuminati
№ 3 Skull and Bones
№ 4 Council on Foreign Relations
№ 5 Trilateral Commission
№ 6 Priory of Sion
№ 7 Bohemian Grove
№ 8 Freemasonry
№ 9 Committee of 300
№ 10 Knights Templar

Angelina Jolie (actress, UN Goodwill Ambassador)[6]

Comment: See Below. Again No Relationship Between Angelina Jolie’s Public Persona and Her Private Actions. She resembles Malificent more and more. I have a feeling when she quits being the useful tool to steer the adoring masses towards the Cabal’s Agendas her Cabal Masters will throw her under the bus. i.e. bad publicity, scandals, etc. coming out and she will be history. Either that or a weird, flukey death. Either way when she is no longer a useful tool she will be out of public view for the Cabal own/control our media. This article below is typical of her REAL inhumane actions:

Angelina Funds Legal Battle Against Toxic Mold Victims of Brad Pitt’s Homes Charity:

Comment: If she were a real humanitarian she would use her wealth to help these people who PAID for these toxic mold homes. Think all she and Pitt wanted was good PR. One Child was left permanently brain damaged. No care or concern from either Jolie nor Brad Pitt.

—— Angelina Jolie
Right now Great Spirit shows me Angelina as a black widow spider that wants to bite the head off of Brad Pitt. I feel bad for him because she is using the children as weapons. She’s full of revenge and viciousness. Each time her spies report that Brad is dating her venom comes out. The Pitt-Jolie kids: one or more will be fluid in their sexuality just like their mother. I see that Angelina is encouraging fluid sexuality even pushing it upon all of her children.

Charity –Angie is a global philanthropist recognized for her extensive humanitarian  acts which are many.  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s world famous charity, Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation (MJP) to help with global emergencies and fund ongoing humanitarian projects. She was the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  Jolie also opened a primary school for girls in Tangi and she provided $75,000 to build the school.

Comment: Again No Relationship Between Angelina Jolie’s Public Persona and Her Private Actions. Fluid sexuality is another of Cabal’s Agendas as is Transgender Agenda.

At around 6 Minutes Angelina promotes Shiloh as Transgender.


Smooching Brother, Having Lesbian Partner, Divorced Thrice, Controversial Life of Angelina Jolie

Comment: Cabal is pushing lesbianism and homosexuality. They also promote incest as Cabal is Satanic. They make a fortune off of drugs and many cabal members are active drug addicts as I believe Jolie is. These are the values Jolie is being used to promote as she is a part of the Satanic Cabal.

AkankshaJuly 10, 2017

The ace Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has a very controversial life. She was a drug addict. She was in a lesbian relationship with ex-lover Jenny Shimizu with whom she fell in love at first sight. Not only this her controversies include smooching her brother James Haven at the backstage of an Award Show. 

Angelina lost virginity at age 14

She lived with her husband Brad Pitt in a live-in relationship for long 7 years. After that, the couple married each other in France. They have 6 children together out of them, three are adopted. Now the couple has filed for divorce. In 2003, Angelina told a leading magazine that she lost her virginity at the very young age of 14. Angelina told that:

“When she was 14 years old she used to roam around the roads with her boyfriend and they even got intimate in the bedroom. After 2 years of being in a relationship, they broke up. After break up at the age of 16, she started her acting career. At the age of 20, she became a drug addict. According to her, her first husband Jonny Lee Miller helped her to get over from her addiction.”

When Angelina Smooched her brother publicly

It was in 2000, when after winning her first Oscars for the film “Girl” she said in an interview, “I love my brother James Haven.” After just 3 months of this incident, she was found kissing her brother on lips at the backstage during the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. 

First Marriage with Jonny Miller

In 1995 Angelina met Jonny on the sets of “Hackers”. They married suddenly in March 1996. She wore black rubber pants with white T-shirt on her wedding day. On her T-shirt, she wrote the name of her husband Jonny with blood. In 1999 they got divorced. On the sets of the film, “Firefox” she met actress Jenny Shimizu and fell in love with her at first sight. 

After two months of dating, Angelina married 20 years older actor Bob

In 1999, during the sets of film Pushing Tin she met actor Billy Bob Thornton. They dated for two months before marrying each other on may 5, 2000. Billy was 20 years elder than Angelina. Angelina was head over heels in love with Billy that she tattooed his name on her arm. But they also got divorced in 2002.

When Angelina came in between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

After divorcing Billy, Angelina said in an interview that she won’t think about going in another relationship for next 7-8 years. However, it didn’t happen.In 2005 she was accused of breaking married life of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. At first, she denied but then in an interview she said that fell in love with Brad while doing the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In 2006 the couple has announced their relationship and also told that Jolie is pregnant. They married in 2014 and now the couple has filed for divorce. 

Comment: IMAO there is no relationship between what Angelina Says and What She Does. Being THE Cabal Princess she gets almost no negative PR. If you notice the Press is ALWAYS fawning over her except for the Tabloids.

History of Drug Addiction:

She also struggled with insomnia and an eating disorder,[20] and began experimenting with drugs; by age 20, she had used “just about every drug possible,” particularly heroin.

Angelina Jolie video in grip of heroin addiction emerges … drug dealer Franklin Meyer claims he shot the 16-minute footage with Jolie’s consent in 1999 after she called him round to her Manhattan home to re-supply her with heroin and cocaine.

Comment: Anyone with two brain cells still working knows our media lies, lies, lies, and lies some more. To me she is obviously still a severe drug addict and this is why she is so emaciated. Heroin addicts become extremely emaciated.

Angelina Jolie at the Oscars

Comment: Once again the media puts a positive spin on Jolie’s abnormally emaciated frame by saying she fasts for humanitarian reasons! LMAO!!!

Jolie’s diminishing appearance first became a concern in December 2011, though a source close to the actress assured Us Weekly her pin-thin frame had little to do with vanity. “She puts herself on fasts to make statements for the children she visits,” the source said of the U.N. goodwill ambassador. “She says, ‘If they can’t eat, I can’t eat.'”

Comment: Another Psy-Op to make the Cabal Front Woman look like a great humanitarian. Just more spin. LOL

Comment: Every bone in her back is visible.
Why are Heroin Addicts Skinny? – Heroin Malnourishment Causes
Together, these heroin symptoms tend to make heroin addicts appear emaciated. Their faces are often drawn and anyone tracking their weight would notice alarming weight loss. Combined with puffiness around the eyes and drawn faces, heroin users can look like entirely different people in a very short time.

Loss of appetite is one of the most common side effects of heroin use. Nausea and vomiting also discourage eating. Together, these heroin symptoms tend to make heroin addicts appear emaciated. Their faces are often drawn and anyone tracking their weight would notice alarming weight loss. Combined with puffiness around the eyes and drawn faces, heroin users can look like entirely different people in a very short time.

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