By Our Silence We Are All Complicit in These Crimes

I was used as an assassin to kill a large number of high profile targets the OSS/CIA/Deep State wanted taken out

How I videotaped the skinny bob alien film footage at base El Toro in 1991 and what took place before, during and after the film footage had been copied onto video. Prior to getting the video footage from base El Toro I had exposed the planes being used to transport drugs into the US connected to the Mena Airport “Berry Seal” and the CIA had come from Base El Toro with base commander Col. James E. Sabow being involved in the use and cooperation with the CIA in transporting

these drug shipments as well as under age boys and girls for sex parties they setup to compromise politicians and others public figures. I was a CIA MKUltra they used throughout the late 70s to infiltrate the mob then use the mob to take over the drug trade in the United States. At the time I had agreed with them that if they can’t stop it from getting into the US and can’t stop people from using them then we should control it and take the profits from it to be used to better the lives of the American people and research a cure for addiction to these drugs. I was used as an assassin to kill a large number of high profile targets the OSS/CIA/Deep State wanted taken out. MKULTRA Stands for – Manufactured Killer Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring assassinations.Head of the CIA at the time was William Colby who tested a drug on me in 1976 and was working with my step father at the time to infiltrate the mob.My Step father was involved with the mob and got into trouble. The CIA used him in a plea deal and had him use me in this MKULTRA program to help infiltrate the mob.The Mob found out my step father was working for someone in the Gov.The Mafia Bosses ordered him to kill Hoffa or they would kill his new family – (Me and my family) they told me I had to kill him after he killed Hoffa or they would kill my family. After he shot Hoffa I had to shoot him.Hoffa’s Body was placed in the foundation of a building that was being built at the time.Colby was removed from the CIA when what took place was discovered.Bush Sr. took over where Colby left off and would end up using me to go after those who ordered me to kill my stepfather and at the same time take over the mob and have them sell drugs for the CIA. The money would be used to fund black projects.Bush Sr. started using me in the field in 1978.Note: The scene in The Irishman where we picked up Hoffa is accurate only the fish smell wasn’t from a fish, the driver had sex with a women and you could smell sex in the car, he made that story up in case Jimmy said something about the smell. The scene in the house is accurate only after he killed Hoffa he sat at the table which is when I had to shoot him. The guy who claimed to be the man who shot Hoffa is not accurate it was my step father who went by the name Mike Armstrong which could have been an alias considering who he worked for. The drug operation became a problem with people getting killed and they did not stick to the agreement to find a cure for addiction.I exposed the white house sex ring and the drug money being used to fund deep state wars.In the late 80s we began to dismantle the operation which was part of the Panama invasion and the capture Noriega who worked with the CIA trafficking drugs. I had dealt with all these people during my time as a CIA MKUltra 1976-1988 and was one of the men who captured Noriega in 1989 along with my squad seen in the photo on my facebook page. All of the members of my squad were killed during the invasion. Bush had a bone to pick with me for exposing his operation and wanted to make sure I did not get credit for capturing Noriega or negotiating the release of the two US Hostages being held. William Colby who was my first handler behind the scenes wanted me dead to cover up his involvement in the deaths of teenagers on Plum island NY which is where all your Montauk monster stories really came from.William Colby who had contacted me while I was stationed in South Africa with my squad as part of punishment for embarrassing Norman Schwarzkopf by taking out 300 man army with only 12 men. In the process Norman had been injured. Norman who was supposed to be dead in the mock battle didn’t seem to understand the rules and threatened his radio operator to not do what I ordered him to do.Norman needed a little scare to make him follow the rules which ended up with him accidentally getting injured.After I took out his army with a squad of 12 men like I told Bush I could in a bet I was given the rank of Captain but he wanted me to be punished for accidentally causing an injury to Norman. He ended up sending me to South Arica with a group of men who were all in trouble for doing one thing or another from smoking dope to hitting a drill sergeant I ended up with them and had to spend months in a scorching heat with no AC at a little base in South Africa with a Helicopter Pilot using a Soviet MH 17 the CIA purchased as part of a deal in 1987 to end the cold war which Jack Matlock then Ambassador to the U.S.S.R. writes about in his book. It was me and a Soviet translator who set the entire thing up to end the cold war.Bush who was running things at the time had thought it was a joke and they laughed it off until the day I made it happen. I recall everybody in the white house was walking around like they were in a daze, it was kind of funny. Bush asked me why I wasn’t more excited about what I had done and I told him it wasn’t as hard as you think which was your problem, none of you in this place spend time thinking about how to unite the world but instead think of ways to destroy those in other countries and start wars for profit and control.Bush told me I knew nothing about war and wouldn’t last a day in battle; this is how our bet started. It must have been 1988 when Bush had setup this mock battle between me and Norman.…/337-we-treated-russia…

While at the base in South Africa Colby contacted me and said there was going to be an invasion of Panama to capture Noriega and he wanted me and my men to be the ones to capture him.Without Colby we never would have located Noriega, Colby had gotten Intel from Columbian drug lords who Noriega had contacted to be taken out of Panama and avoid capture.The entire thing ended up being a setup and Colby was hoping to get me killed but I ended up being the only one to survive and Capture Noriega. Noriega was not in the church but at his a house in the hills with his family, as part of a deal we would allow him to be with his family for a week or two and then he would surrender and give what drugs he had to the DEA.Bush who wasn’t too happy that I was the one who captured Noriega; he told me they had to give credit to the DEA and did.How I met with the first Alien and then two of its elders.In the 1980s I was taken to what is now known as area 51.We entered a building and took a long elevator ride which must have been 2000+ft below the base due to the length of time it tookI was then taken down a hall to a large window on the other side of which was one of the Aliens you see in the videos.I was then taken into the room and sat at a table with the Alien. I attempted to communicate with it telepathically as it was looking at another officer with no response and tried again as it looked at me and it responded. Note: You must be looking at each other to use telepathy with them.I explained to it that the men it was dealing with do not represent the human race but are military soldiers trained to defend the country from enemies of the United States.I asked if they had done anything to help it return to its home.The Alien said they had not and have held it captive asking questions about technology and other subjects.I told it I was going to help it get to its craft and get back to its home planet but would need its help in devising a plan that would work to get it to its craft. The Alien told me to have them take me to view its craft at which time when I placed my hand on the craft it would energize the craft.It was at this point I was to explain the craft was going to explode and they needed to get the Alien to it before this occurred.The base commander reused and I explained it would wipe out everything for miles around and had him contact Bush at the white house.He was ordered to bring the Alien to the craft which he eventually did but was not too happy about it.When the Alien arrived it requested I come with it and I explained I belonged here, it told me the trip would be quick and I would be returned this same day.I entered the craft and followed it to three small seats molded to fit a much smaller being.It asked me to sit as it took the middle seat, I attempted to sit in the seat to the right but found it too small to fit comfortably.I explained to the ET I was concerned I would be tossed around as the craft moved. It told me I would not feel any motion and was fine without a harness to hold me in the seat.A large screen came on which seemed like it was part of the craft wall, I could see a constellation of stars that moved as it held its hand on a device on the arm of the chair. Note: This was not the same screen I witnessed the black hole footage on and must only have been for navigation of the craft.Shortly after he had place his hand on the device on the chairs arm the screen had movement and I fell to the floor in pain. Something had rushed through my mind like watching my life pass before my eyes in a flash but could not make out what I had seen just a blur and pain in my head.The Alien stood up from the seat with a concerned emotion as I peered into its eyes it turned and looked down to the left arm of the chair.Smoke was coming from what looked like a molded joint mid-way down the arm of the chair.This is when my memories inside the craft end.The next thing I recall is walking up a ramp on what could have been another planet or an underground base as it was dark with these light all over the walking paths, they reminded me of chemical light the way they glowed looked like glow stick lights. We reached the second floor of this complex and entered a room to the right where two of its elders stood.A discussion went on between them then one of the Elder Aliens walked up to me and began to communicate. Our discussion was about the human race and those leading the country and the things I had been used for along with information about them using sex to compromise people and control them which they found very strange how they could use a natural function and control people with it.From what I recall this younger Alien had taken its family on what we would consider a vacation to see the planet they were going to be collecting life forms from.The US military had shot down the craft thinking it could be an advanced spy craft from another country.This Aliens entire family was killed in the crash with it being the only survivor. They returned with me and an agreement was made with the United States, The two elders and younger Alien can be seen walking to that meeting in one of the videos I posted which was taken with a CIA pocket spy cam. These were small enough to fit into a pocket with the end of the camera having a lens I popped out of my pocket trying to get footage without them knowing but they noticed as soon as they walked by looking at me.After viewing the videos in 1987 with George H. W. Bush I was sent to base El Toro to place them in the archives and is how I knew where they were in 1991.In 1991 I went to the base to copy the footage into video, I thought I had made it in without Sabow seeing me but he must have been told then viewed base video as I entered because he shows up with two MPs as I was copying the footage.I told Sabow I was sent to preserve some footage onto video and I couldn’t allow the MPs in because they didn’t have security clearance to see the footage. He said he would take responsibility for them and barged in the door.As soon as he saw what was on the wall he pulled his sig and tried to shoot and I placed my hand between the hammer and firing pin. I was able to get control of the gun then spin and shoot hitting him in the head. The stain on the wall in the full body footage is blood from Col. Sabow.After he was shot I turned my attention to the two PMs who were both in shock looking at the footage and at what took place between me and Sabow. They witnessed him try to kill me and me shoot him in self-defense. I ended up explaining everything to them about Sabow and his involvement in the illegal operations which they had known he was under investigation for something but did not know the details until I informed them.I also informed them of Treason that was taking place in the US military and Government.They agreed the footage had to be exposed as well as the treason but it wouldn’t be easy.I ended up transferring the final film footage onto video then placed the tape in a bag and tossed it over the fence to the person waiting on the other side that pulled over to get it then drove off.It was later transferred onto a computer and then onto disc.After exposing the videos in late 2010 they were pulled from youtube by the US Gov. I was sent to court where I explained everything and they made excuses claiming the videos were fake and part of a hoax being pulled on me.They had to let them be posted being they claimed they were a hoax but before posting them they placed a KGB logo and text with a story, If the video is a hoax why add a story and a KGB logo?I will let all of you decide if it is a hoax or real but how often does the US Gov force a company to pull a video off line and take the poster of the video to court then seal the trial based on National Security for a fake video?-I’m sure you would think due to these lengthy memories and being I met with these Aliens that I would have no doubt they are real but I have reason to believe it could have been a psyop.In the late 70s when Bush used me to infiltrate the mob I used to walk up a ramp to an office and meet with him and then FBI director William H Webster who bush promised A CIA directors positon if he worked with him and kept how they were using me a secret. When I ended the cold war I met with George Shultz, Jack Matlock and Eduard Shevardnadze = the meeting with Aliens CIA mind control programming to cover up my involvement in ending the cold war?So many things they used me for they want covered up and may have created the Aliens just for that but it doesn’t explain why they would show me the video of the black hole and how could they have made it in the late 1980s? We didn’t have technology that advanced.

As you can tell I have reason to believe and reason to think it could have been a psyop to cover up the torture programming and how they created my MKULTRA and what all they used me for.

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