Adrenochrome Explained By Former MKUltra Assassin Used by CIA, DIA, FBI & U.S. Gov’t

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The drug used in the MKUltra program was not LSD it is Chemicals extracted from the human brains Endocrine system glands. Street name for them is (Adrenochrome) These chemicals are what control the emotions and physical desires. They can combine these drugs with hypnosis to create a mind control assassin, sex slave and anything you want them for. MKUltra stands for – Manufactured Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecrat Requiring Assassinations. They would end up using some of these drugs from the Pituitary gland for sex slaves the Elites use. One of the effects the drug has is blocking memories from forming and if memories were recalled the victim would think it was some weird dream in most cases. The biggest cover up in the history of America is the use these by deep state compromising those who are placed into positions of power then controlling them with videos of them either having sex with minors or killing somebody on video. They have complete control over the person they compromise using these drugs. With MKUltra’s they add suicide programming so if they begin to recall they will end up killing themselves in most cases. The US Government wants to cover up what they did to us and they have help from the mainstream media who employ CIA assets and also control most of your Hollywood celebrities. If they can not control you then you do not make it in Hollywood or in Government office. Anybody who has influence is controlled by them. CIA cover up in my court trial they claimed these came from Penguin Pineal glands. They didn’t – They came from human Pituitary glands, Pineal glands and other glands in the human brain that control emotions and desires.

Comment: Dirty CIA doctors use hormones to induce rage, fear, sexual drive, orgasm, fearlessness and other emotions. They have perfected use of hormones to an art. Sadly Cia director Tenet ordered all files of CIA destroyed. Only snippets remain. This is from a claim of a escapee of the MKUltra sadistic program. ADRENOCHROME is heavily used being harvested from tortured people. CIA Doctors & “Programmers” are Sadistic Criminals.

One document supplied by the CIA in Randal Turner’s court trial was leaked by Wikileaks. In Randal’s trial they claimed the Endocrine chemicals had come from penguins. This document was forged by the CIA to cover up it coming from human beings as the way they are obtained is via torture and in violation of every national & international law. CIA are just a bunch of sadistic perverted Doctors with massive egos and No Morals or Scruples. Link follows to Wikileaks Document. Substitute Human Adrenochrome for Penguin Adrenochrome and you have an accurate picture.

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