Alex Houston, CIA ASSET, Demonically Grinning While “Having Anal Sex With a Small, Very Young, Frightened Black Boy”

Cathy O’Brien says that she and her daughter, Kelly, escaped from Project Monarch when Mark Phillips came on the scene. He says he worked with Alex Houston on a big business deal involving Hong Kong and China. However, he was subsequently told by a representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defence about Houston’s background and his involvement with the CIA, drugs, money laundering, child prostitution, and slavery. Phillip’s informant, who, he says, produced documentary proof, said that Houston was a “very bad man” and that his crimes were “of the White House”.

Mark Phillips writes in Trance Formation Of America: “My first response to this ‘officer’ was that Houston was too stupid and crooked to be connected with US ‘Intelligence’. This comment was quickly countered with a gutwrenching photograph of Houston. He was smiling a demonic grin while apparently having anal sex with a small, very young, frightened black boy. Later he was identified to me as Haitian.” Phillips says he made contact with an old friend, now dead, who had been an Air Force general in the Intelligence Division and maintained close connections with the upper levels of US and foreign intelligence. He says the general told him about the CIA slave trade world-wide and that Cathy and Kelly had been subjected to trauma-based mind control.

Mark Phillips recalls: “I was growing numb. The first words out of my dry mouth were: ‘How would you spring these people out of it?’ “He smiled and said: ‘I wouldn’t! What are you going to do with them if you get them out?’ Before I could answer, he interrupted and said: ‘Look. You’re still the same, but nothing else is with Uncle (the USA). Now most of the CIA, FBI, and the Mob (Mafia) are the same and they’re making moves on the military.’” Phillips says he was insistent that he wanted to attempt a rescue and he writes that his friend gave him the mind control codes (based on Christianity and God) that would activate Cathy to go with him. The full and detailed story is told in their book.

The De-programming and Court Case cover-up

Phillips says he took them to Alaska while leaving messages for the authorities that he had no intention of exposing the truth. He said he told them he would “… take them to Alaska and play like a voiceless chameleon”. This he hoped would spare their lives at this stage, he says. Phillips told me that they have also been helped by many good people in Intelligence who want to root out this sickness. There is an internal ‘war’ unfolding within the Intelligence community, it would appear. In Alaska, Mark Phillips says he used his knowledge of mind control, with covert support from his contacts, to deprogram Cathy’s compartmentalised mind.

This immense task absorbed almost every spare waking moment month after month after month, he says. Cathy began to remember what had happened, she says, and what a story she now had to tell. Kelly’s deprogramming proved even more difficult and she suffered from severe asthma caused by the constant trauma she has suffered. Attempts were made by the CIA mind controller, Dr Louis Jolyon West, and his associates, to take Kelly from Cathy and Mark. Eventually the authorities used the ‘law’ to ensure they had control of her once again.

Kelly became a political prisoner under the custody of the State of Tennessee. This is a story constantly repeated. Brice Taylor and Arizona Wilder lost their children when they broke away. Brice’s daughter is also called Kelly, a common illuminati name for such children. Her daughter was also sexually abused by Bush.

The media and public were banned from court cases involving Kelly O’Brien and she was denied the right to an independent attorney, Cathy says. The court also banned the words ‘president’, ‘politics’, ‘New World Order’, ‘mind control’ and ‘George Bush’. All this was ‘justified’ by the interests of ‘national security’. These restrictions were significantly eased after the publication of their book. The authorities refuse to deprogram Kelly from her Project Monarch-MKUltra mind control by invoking the National Security Act (amended by Reagan in 1984) which allows them the excuse of ‘national security’ whenever they want to put the lid on something.

Whenever you see governments using the guise of ‘national security’ to deny justice and information, what they really mean is the security of their own criminal behaviour. Cathy and Mark say they have had their life threatened many times, but they have sent their information, with documented and sometimes audio tape support, to a catalogue of US politicians, government agencies, and pressure groups, including presidential candidate and Brotherhood yes man, Bob Dole. The silence has been deafening.

The New World Order

Cathy says she witnessed many conversations about the New World Order which support the themes that scores of researchers have written about, including the plans for a military coup of the United States. As Cathy’s experiences confirm, the attempt to complete the takeover of the world is not a theory, it is real. It’s happening now. Cathy says that she heard both Reagan and Bush insist that the only way to “world peace” is the “mind control of the masses”. She reports that she was able to observe the planning of the New World Order project, Education 2000, while under the control of another of her and Kelly’s programmers and sexual abusers, the reptilian Bill Bennett, a Jesuit-trained mind controller, who became US Education Secretary under Reagan-Bush.

She was then placed under the control of Bill Bennett’s associate Lama Alexander, the former governor of Tennessee, with whom Cathy says she had been forced to take part in a Satanic ritual in an affluent area of Nashville. Bill Bennett’s brother, Bob, who is also alleged to have raped Kelly at the Bohemian Grove in 1986, later became legal counsel to Bill Clinton. Another of Bill Bennett’s roles was to head a ‘war on drugs’ for George Bush! Well at least Bennett could not be accused of a lack of experience in the subject.

The Bennetts’ were the ones who took her through one of her reptilian experiences described earlier. Cathy says she was used to compromise and provide ‘favours’ for key politicians to ensure support for Education 2000. She learned that this project, also known as America 2000 and Global 2000, is designed to increase children’s ‘learning’ capacity while destroying their ability to critically think for themselves.

Our children are being mind controlled every day at school and most of the teachers don’t even know they are doing it, because they have been conditioned by the same system. An individual who works in education research in the United Kingdom has had access to suppressed surveys which show that children are asking fewer and fewer questions about the ‘facts’ they are told in school – particularly after they move to the senior schools.

Cathy says she witnessed how the United Nations is just a vehicle for the manipulators. George Bush referred to the New World Order as his ‘neighbourhood’ and talked of how he simply told many other world leaders, like King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, what to do and say. No doubt the same applied to Saddam Hussein with whom Bush shared oil ‘kick backs’ totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. The US Secretary of State, formerly UN ambassador,  Madeleine Albright, is a Brotherhood initiate – the High Priestess of US politics. George Bush once described her in Cathy’s presence as… “the reverend mother of all sisters (slaves)”. Albright knows about the US government mind controlled slaves and supports that policy. Yet there she was in front of the television cameras at the United Nations and as Secretary of State, lecturing other countries on human rights.

Cathy recalls that Brian Mulroney, the Canadian Prime Minister and child rapist, talked about the plan for the New World Order while with Cathy and Reagan at the same White House cocktail party at which she met Albright. Cathy says she was subsequently taken to a White House bedroom with other slaves, including one controlled by the US Senator, Arlen Spector. Mulroney then arrived to rape them after activating their sex slave programming. Cathy says she noticed that one of the slaves had a red rose tattooed on her left wrist and other people she met over the years, including Mulroney, wore the symbol of the red rose which indicates membership of the Order of the Rose, an Elite offshoot of the Rosicrucians.

Other people connected to the Order of the Rose include Clinton, Bush, Byrd, Bennett and Trudeau. How fascinating, then, that the United Kingdom Labour Party should change its party symbol in the 1980s to a… red rose. The handlers of slaves like Cathy carry with them a black or grey three-ring notebook – often these days a laptop – which lists the access keys and triggers. Others memorise them. The data contains details of the methods of torture, the dates it happened, and the most important parts of the code are said to be written in ‘Enochian’ Hebrew (the ‘magical’ language of the Egyptian mystery schools), and Druidic symbols. The scale of what is going on simply defies the imagination.

China Lake Naval Weapons Center

It is also rumoured that thousands of caged children are kept at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center in the California desert at Ridgecrest. This is in the same region as the mass grave for ritually murdered children at Lancaster, California. Vast areas of land in this region between Los Angeles, the infamous San Bernandino Valley and Las Vegas, Nevada, are occupied by the United States Forces. It is also one of the greatest areas of Satanism on the planet. It includes the Edward’s Airforce base, China Lake, and the town of Bakersfield. Springmeier and Wheeler write that other programming sites close to China Lake are Papa Ludo’s Store and Tavern which has a secret underground programming centre, and Scotty’s Castle in the appropriately named Death Valley. The ‘local’ for the CIA personnel operating at China Lake was the former Hideaway Tavern. 

Northwest of the airfield at China Lake the authorities have built a hexagram (Star of David – Seal of Solomon) on the ground, each section of which is a quarter of a mile long. These lands run into the deserts of Nevada which are full of Brotherhood operations in and around their wholly-owned city of Las Vegas. Interestingly, the Springmeier-Wheeler research also documents the involvement of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. Researchers say that ‘batches’ of babies numbering one, two and three thousand, were kept at China Lake in cages piled to the ceiling of large hangers. The cages, known as ‘Woodpecker Grids’ were electrified and the babies were tortured with powerful electric shocks. A male survivor of Project Monarch tells of seeing the rows and rows of cages at China Lake and one of the programmers, he said, was dressed like a catholic priest. He described how the electric current running through the cages made a humming sound and he said that children were sacrificed by people in black hooded robes in front of the children in the cages. This took place on a marble slab which served as an altar.

My Comment: The Six Pointed Star at China Lake makes it obvious the Jewish control this Mind Control Project and are behind it totally.

Charles Manson was a slave programmed at China Lake and his cult was based only 45 minutes drive away at the Myers and Barker ranches. Josef Mengele (Dr Green or Greenbaum) and Ewen Cameron (Dr White) both worked at China Lake after the war. It was then called the Naval Ordinance Test Station or NOTS. Survivors of China Lake recall flashing lights. The flashing creates disassociation, particularly with those who are programmed, and this is why the phenomenon of flashing lights was introduced into our culture. Discos and pop concerts are an obvious example. The operation at China Lake is closely connected with the California Institute of Technology at Pasedena. Children are transported to China Lake by train, car and air. One of the main delivery routes into China Lake is by plane from the Santa Rosa airstrip near Bohemian Grove. The airstrip was built during World War Two as a training base.


FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has a radio station there. FEMA is officially the government agency which responds to disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. But in truth it is a major arm of the Brotherhood and it is building concentration camps in the United States capable of holding thousands of people. This is no theory, video footage exists of some of these places. They have railway lines running into them in classic Nazi fashion. The tops of the barbed wire fences, which were formerly designed to keep people out, have now been changed to keep people in. The Santa Rosa strip is supposed to be closed, yet planes are leaving there every night and they do not put their lights on until they are hundreds of feet in the air. They land at China Lake early in the morning. If you think the numbers of children claimed to be involved are an exaggeration, the truth is that this is only a fraction of the children in mind control projects and Satanic abuse rings in every country in the world.

Excerpt From Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien & Mark Philips

Mind Control is a Satanic CIA Program.

My Comment: I believe that Mark Philips kinda emphasized his innocence of this program but I Believe In reality he was a handler. CIA people never release everything on this program cuz they would all end up in prison. Mind Control involves brutal rape & tortures [to death] of children. It is totally criminal. When we have a transparent gov’t these criminals will be incarcerated 4ever in the top floor of Bellevue Hospital reserved for the Criminally Insane-under Armed Guard.

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