In Service to British Empire-Traitors to Humanity

Comments: Note that Angelina Jolie is listed as are Communist leaders, fascists, dictators, & Euro-, Asian-, African Royalty who all consider theirselves as ABOVE the people who just deserve to be used and abused by these “leaders” or more accurately TRAITORS TO ALL OF HUMANITY.

List of honorary British knights and dames

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This is an incomplete list of people who have been created honorary Knights or Dames by the British crown, as well as those who have been raised to the two comparable Orders of Chivalry (Order of Merit and Order of the Companions of Honour) and the Royal Victorian Chain, which do not carry pre-nominal styles.

Use of pre-nominal styles and post-nominal initials. An honorary award is one made to a person who is not a citizen of a Commonwealth realm. He or she cannot use the pre-nominal style of ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’, but can use the post-nominal letters (after their names), subject to the prevailing conventions in his or her own country. If such a person later acquires citizenship of a Commonwealth realm, then any honorary awards usually become substantive, and in the case of knights and dames they can begin to use the pre-nominal styles. However this is not automatic. The person must be dubbed by the Queen or Her Majesty’s delegate in order to be entitled to use the pre-nominal style. If the knighthood is in an order which has a special class for honorary knighthoods, a change to a regular class of knighthoods is also required.

Loss of citizenship of a British realm. Citizens of a country which was a full part of the British Empire or Commonwealth when they received the honour (i.e. who were British subjects at the time), were substantive knights or dames, not honorary. The knighthood does not become honorary, and the person may choose to use his or her title(s), after their country becomes a republic. Citizens of British protectorates and mandated territories usually received honorary awards. Notable exceptions were rulers of the Indian princely states, who were de jure British protected persons and not British subjects, but who received substantive knighthoods.

Annulment and restoration. In certain circumstances, an honorary award may be annulled (i.e. revoked). The effect is that, officially, the person is considered never to have been given the award, their name is erased from the order’s register, and they are required to return all insignia. This happens when the Sovereign issues a signed and sealed ordinance cancelling and annulling the appointment. This is not common and in practice only occurs where the recipient has engaged in serious detrimental activities, e.g. following a conviction for serious crimes, or for hostile acts against the United Kingdom. In rare circumstances, an annulled award may later be restored by the Sovereign. Details of known annulments and restorations are annotated in the table below.For a more comprehensive list, see List of revocations of appointments to orders and awarded decorations and medals of the United Kingdom.

Order of the Garter terminology. The Order of the Garter uses terminology different from that of most other British orders. ‘Extra Knights Companion of the Garter’ and ‘Extra Ladies of the Order of the Garter’ are the equivalent of ‘Honorary Knights’ and ‘Honorary Dames’ in other orders. As with other orders, the pre-nominal styles ‘Sir’ and ‘Lady’ are not used by Extra Knights and Extra Ladies. Revoked appointments are said to be ‘degraded’ rather than ‘annulled’; the effect, however, is the same.


Arts and entertainment

Daniel BarenboimArgentina /
KBE2011Arts/EntertainmentPianist and conductor[1]
Jorge Luis BorgesArgentinaKBEtbdArts/EntertainmentPoet and writer
Alfred BrendelAustriaKBE1989Arts/EntertainmentPianist
Julien CainFranceKBE1952Arts/EntertainmentAdministrator-general of the Bibliothèque nationale de France for services to British cultural issues.[2] see also fr:Julien Cain
Ralf DahrendorfGermanyKBE1982Arts/EntertainmentBecame a British national in 1988
Christian Conrad Sophus, Count Danneskiold-SamsøeDenmarkKCVO1904Arts/Entertainment[3]
Anna Morpurgo DaviesItaly[N 1]DBE2000Arts/Entertainment
Plácido DomingoSpainKBE2002Arts/EntertainmentOpera singer; awarded for contributions to music and charity work[4]
Antal DorátiHungaryKBE1983Arts/Entertainment
Maurice DruonFranceKBE1999Arts/EntertainmentPreviously appointed Honorary CBE in 1988.
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.United StatesKBE1949Arts/EntertainmentIn recognition of his work on behalf of Anglo-American amity, particularly as chairman in the United States of the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe.[5]
Naum GaboSoviet UnionKBE1973Arts/Entertainment
Mark GettyUnited StatesKBE2015Arts/Entertainment
Bernard HaitinkNetherlandsCH2002Arts/EntertainmentMusical director of the Royal Opera House[6]
Bernard HaitinkNetherlandsKBE1977Arts/EntertainmentPrincipal Conductor, London Philharmonic Orchestra for his enormous contribution to the artistic life of this country[7]
Bob HopeUnited StatesKBE1998Arts/EntertainmentEntertainer, for contribution to Anglo-American friendship[8] He had lost British nationality in 1920.[N 2]
Magnus MagnussonIcelandKBE1989Arts/Entertainment
Ferdinand MeldahlDenmarkGCVO1904Arts/EntertainmentChamberlain to the King of Denmark and Vice President of the Royal Academy of Arts, Copenhagen.[3]
Yehudi MenuhinUnited States/
KBE1965Arts/EntertainmentBecame a British national in 1985. Appointed a substantive Member of the Order of Merit in 1987.
Spike MilliganIrelandKBE2001Arts/EntertainmentComedian, awarded for services to entertainment[9]
Ettore ModiglianiItalyKBE1930Arts/Entertainment
Arnaldo MomiglianoItalyKBE1974Arts/Entertainment
Ann MurrayIrelandDBE2002Arts/EntertainmentFor services to music.[N 3]
Riccardo MutiItalyKBE2000Arts/Entertainment
Eugene OrmandyUnited StatesKBE1976Arts/EntertainmentConductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, for contribution to Anglo-American friendship[8]
Ignacy Jan PaderewskiPolandGBE1925Politics/Government
Roberto ParibeniItalyKBE1930Arts/Entertainment
Murray PerahiaUnited StatesKBE2004Arts/EntertainmentPianist, awarded for his services to music[10]
Libor PešekCzech RepublicKBE1996Arts/Entertainment
Mario PrazItalyKBE1962Arts/Entertainment
André PrevinUnited StatesKBE1996Arts/Entertainment
Mstislav RostropovichUnited StatesKBE1987Arts/EntertainmentIn 1990 he regained Russian citizenship, and held dual US/Russian citizenship.
Arthur RubinsteinUnited StatesKBE1977Arts/Entertainment
Ravi ShankarIndiaKBE2001Arts/Entertainment
Georg SoltiGermanyKBE1971Arts/EntertainmentMusical Director, Covent Garden Opera Company[11] Became a British national in 1972 and knighthood became substantive.[12]
Kevin SpaceyUnited StatesKBE2015Arts/EntertainmentPreviously appointed Honorary CBE in 2010.
Steven SpielbergUnited StatesKBE2001Arts/EntertainmentAward-winning director credited with “doubling of cinema admission in the UK since the early 1980s”[13]
William TrevorIrelandKBE2002Arts/EntertainmentPreviously appointed Honorary CBE in 1977.
Terry WoganIrelandKBE2005Arts/EntertainmentTook British nationality in 2005 and knighthood became substantive. Held dual British/Irish citizenship.
James WolfensohnUnited States/AustraliaKBE1995Arts/EntertainmentBorn an Australian citizen, but relinquished this when he became an American citizen in 1980.[N 4] In 2010, he regained his Australian citizenship.[14]
Franco ZeffirelliItalyKBE2004Arts/EntertainmentStage and screen director; awarded for his “valuable services to British performing arts”[15]

Politics and government

Prince Bola AjibolaNigeriaKBE1989Politics/GovernmentAttorney-General and Minister of Justice of Nigeria, 1985–1991
Alhaji Abubakar AlhajiNigeriaKBE1989Politics/GovernmentMinister of Budget and Planning of Nigeria, 1988–1990
Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart y Falcó, 17th Duke of Alba de TormesSpainGCVO1902Politics/Government[16]
Emeka AnyaokuNigeriaGCVO2000Politics/Government
Count d’ArnosoPortugalKCVOtbdPolitics/GovernmentPrivate Secretary to the King of Portugal. Subsequently, promoted GCVO in 1903.[17][18] see pt:Bernardo Pinheiro Correia de Melo
Count d’ArnosoPortugalGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentPrivate Secretary to the King of Portugal.[17][18]
Franz Joseph von AuerspergAustriaGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentPrivy Councillor and Chamberlain to The Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary.[19]
Joseph AvenolFranceKBE1921Politics/Government
Antonio Jose d’AvilaPortugalKCVO1903Politics/GovernmentLord Mayor of Lisbon [17]
Ayub KhanPakistanRVCtbdPolitics/Government
Ayub KhanPakistanGCMG1960Politics/Government(Field Marshal) President of Pakistan
Miguel Barbosa HuertaMexicoKBE2015Politics/Government
August Graf BellegardeAustria-HungaryKCVO1903Politics/GovernmentMaster of the Household to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary.[20][21]
Alexis, Prince of Bentheim and SteinfurtGerman EmpireGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentOn the occasion of royal wedding of Prince Alexander of Teck and Princess Alice of Albany[22]
Hermann Baron von BilfingerWürttembergGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentGeneral Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty the King of Württemberg [23] On the occasion of royal wedding of Prince Alexander of Teck and Princess Alice of Albany[22]
Anatol, Count Biogot de Saint-QuentinAustria-HungaryGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentMajor General Anatol was Comptroller to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary.
Robert, Count de BourboulonBulgariaGCVO1905Politics/GovernmentLord Chamberlain to the Prince of Bulgaria[24]
Henri, Marquis de BreteuilFranceKCVO1904Politics/Government
George H. W. BushUnited StatesGCB1993Politics/GovernmentPresident of the United States
Felipe CalderónMexicoGCB2009Politics/GovernmentPresident of Mexico
Fernando Henrique CardosoBrazilGCB1997Politics/GovernmentPresident of Brazil
Nicolae CeauşescuRomaniaGCB1978Politics/GovernmentAnnulled 1989
Anson ChanChinaGCMG2002Politics/Government[N 5]
Chentung Liang-ChengChinaKCMG1897Politics/Government[25]
Chentung Liang-ChengChinaKCVO1909Politics/Government[26]
Cherif PashaEgyptGCSI1878Politics/Government
Claude CheyssonFranceGCMGPolitics/Government[27]
Eduard Graf Choloniewski MyszkaAustriaKCVO1903Politics/GovernmentMaster of the Ceremonies to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary[21][23]
Emilio ChuayffetMexicoKBE2015Politics/Government
Marie Louise Coleiro PrecaMaltaGCMG2015Politics/GovernmentPreisident of Malta
Prospero Colonna (politician)ItalyGCVO1903Politics/Government(Prince of Sonnino) Syndic of Rome[18]
Abel CombarieuFranceGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentSecretary General and Chief of the Household of the President of France[28]
Émile CombesFranceGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentPresident of the Council[18]
Artur da Costa e SilvaBrazilGCB1968Politics/GovernmentPresident of Brazil
Charles, Count CoudenhoveAustria-HungaryGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentGovernor of Bohemia[29]
Philippe CrozierFranceKCVO1898Politics/Government[30]
Christian Frederik, Count Danneskjold-SamsöeDenmarkGCVO1904Politics/Government[3]
Théophile DelcasséFranceGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentMinister of Foreign Affairs[18]
Johan DeuntzerDenmarkGCVO1904Politics/Government[3]
Alphonse DevilleFranceGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentPresident of the Municipal Council[18]
Porfirio DíazMexicoGCB1906Politics/GovernmentPresident of Mexico
Willem DreesNetherlandsGCMGPolitics/Government[31]
Luis EcheverríaMexicoGCB1973Politics/GovernmentPresident of Mexico
António Ramalho EanesPortugalRVC1985Politics/Government
Dwight D. EisenhowerUnited StatesGCB1957Politics/GovernmentPresident of the United States
Gustavus Ernest of Erbach-SchönbergWürttembergKCVO1898Politics/Government[32]
Gustavus Ernest of Erbach-SchönbergWürttembergGCVO1900Politics/Government[33]
Walter Asmus Charles Frederick Eberhard, Baron von EsebeckGerman EmpireKCVO1909Politics/GovernmentDeputy Master of the Horse to the German Emperor, King of Prussia.[34]
Luiz Coutinho Borges de Medeiros, Marquis of FayalPortugalGCVO1909Politics/GovernmentLord in Waiting[35]
Tassilo, Count Festétics de TolnatbdGCVO1904Politics/Government[29]
Antonio, Count of FigueirotbdGCVO1905Politics/Government
Tom FoleyUnited StatesKBE1995Politics/GovernmentSpeaker of the House of Representatives[36][37]
Vicente FoxMexicoGCMG2002Politics/GovernmentPresident of Mexico
Eduardo Frei MontalvaChileGCB1965Politics/GovernmentPresident of Chile
Arturo FrondiziArgentinaGCMG1960Politics/GovernmentPresident of Argentina
Eduardo GalhardoPortugalKCIE1901Politics/GovernmentGovernor-General of Portuguese India [38]
Count Romeo Gallenga-StuartItalyKBEtbdPolitics/GovernmentUnder-Secretary for Press and Propaganda, for fostering good relations between Italy and Great Britain.
Maumoon Abdul GayoomMaldivesGCMG2000Politics/Government[39]
Count Cesare GianottiItalyGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentMaster of the Household to the King of Italy[18]
Ernesto GeiselBrazilGCB1976Politics/GovernmentPresident of Brazil
Rudolph W. GiulianiUnited StatesKBE2002Politics/GovernmentFederal prosecutor; two-term Mayor of New York City.
Balbino GiulianoItalyGBE1930Politics/GovernmentMinister of Public Education
Diego Gómez PickeringMexicoKCVO2015Politics/Government
Agenor Graf Goluchowski von GoluchowoAustria-HungaryGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentMinister of the Imperial and Royal House and Minister for Foreign Affairs[21]
Alan GreenspanUnited StatesKBE2002Politics/GovernmentChairman of the Federal Reserve
Ildefonso Guajardo VillarrealMexicoKBE2015Politics/Government
Juan José Guerra AbudMexicoKBE2015Politics/Government
Leopold Baron von GudenusAustria-HungaryKCVO1903Politics/Government[23] Oberjagermeister to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary[21]
John Ritter von HabrdaAustria-HungaryKCVO1904Politics/GovernmentCommissioner of Police, Vienna[29]
Han Seung-sooSouth KoreaKBE2004Politics/Government
Václav HavelCzech RepublicGCB1996Politics/Government
Gustav HeinemannWest GermanyGCB1972Politics/GovernmentPresident of West Germany
Count Basil HendrikovtbdGCVO1909Politics/Government[citation needed]
Sassoon Effendi HeskailIraqKBEtbdPolitics/GovernmentMinister of Finance[40]
Harri HolkeriFinlandKBE1999Politics/Government
Mohammed IkramullahPakistanKCMG1961Politics/Government
Ito YukichiJapanKCVO1905Politics/Government
Dato Onn Bin Ja’AfarMalayaKBE1953Politics/GovernmentMember for Home Affairs, Federation of Malaya[41]
Muhammad Hasan JantbdGCVOtbdPolitics/Government
Martin Baron von JenischtbdGCVO1908Politics/Government
Pedro Joaquín ColdwellMexicoKBE2015Politics/Government
Bhim Shumsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepalKCVOtbdPolitics/Government
Bhim Shumsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepalKCSI1917Politics/GovernmentSubsequently, promoted GCSI in 1931.
Bhim Shumsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepalGCSI1931Politics/Government
Juddha Shumsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepalKCIE1917Politics/GovernmentSubsequently, promoted GCIE.
Juddha Shumsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepalGCIEtbdPolitics/Government
Juddha Shumsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepalGCSI1935Politics/Government
Kang Young-HoonSouth KoreaKBE1995Politics/Government
Kajetan von Kapos-MéreAustria-HungaryKCVO1903Politics/GovernmentSecond Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Vienna[21][23]
Hamid KarzaiAfghanistanGCMG2003Politics/Government
Abera Kassa (Dejazmatch)EthiopiaKBE1932Politics/GovernmentSon of Ras Kassa, handed over to the Italians (by Ras Hailu of Gojjam)who shot him & his brother dead immediately after capture.[42]
Edward KennedyUnited StatesKBE2009Politics/GovernmentU.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Erich Graf KielmanseggAustria-HungaryKCVO1903Politics/GovernmentGovernor of Lower Austria. Subsequently, promoted GCVO in 1904.[21]
Erich Graf KielmanseggAustria-HungaryGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentGovernor of Lower Austria[23]
Kim Dae-jungSouth KoreaGCB1999Politics/GovernmentPresident of South Korea on the occasion of a royal visit to South Korea.[43]
Kim Dae-jungSouth KoreaGCMGtbdPolitics/Government
Helmut KohlGermanyGCMGtbdPolitics/Government
Martin Charles Augustus KirschnerGerman EmpireKCVO1909Politics/GovernmentChief Burgomaster of Berlin[34]
Julius Benedictus, Count Krag Juel Vind FrijsDenmarkKCVO1904Politics/GovernmentPromoted from CVO.[3]
Magens Christian, Count Krag Juel Vind FrijsDenmarkKCVO1904Politics/Government[3]
Juscelino KubitschekBrazilGBE1956Politics/GovernmentPresident of Brazil
John KufuorGhanaGCB2007Politics/GovernmentPresident of Ghana
Husein Kuli KhantbdKCIE1902Politics/Government
Pier Francesco, Marchese di LajaticoItalyKCVO1903Politics/GovernmentCrown Equerry to the King of Italy[18]
Pierre-Olivier LapieFranceKBEtbdPolitics/Government
Alfred, Marquis de Lau d’AllemandtbdKCVO1904Politics/Government
Jose d’Almeida Correa de Sa, Marquis of LavradioPortugalGCVO1909Politics/GovernmentPrivate Secretary[35]
Lee Kuan YewSingaporeCH1970Politics/GovernmentPrime Minister of Singapore[44]
Lee Kuan YewSingaporeGCMG1972Politics/GovernmentPrime Minister of Singapore
Hans Ritter von LexWest GermanyKBE1961Politics/GovernmentFormer state secretary in the west German Interior Ministry, for services to Anglo-German relations.[45]
Wenceslau de LimaPortugalGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentMinister of Foreign Affairs[17][18]
Richard LugarUnited StatesKBE2013Politics/GovernmentFormer U.S. Senator from Indiana
Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaBrazilGCB2006Politics/GovernmentPresident of Brazil
Joseph LunsNetherlandsGCMGPolitics/Government[46]
Joseph LunsNetherlandsCH1971Politics/Government
Heinrich Graf Lützow zu Drey LützowAustriaKCVO1903Politics/GovernmentFirst Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Vienna.[21][23]
Ferenc MádlHungaryGCMG2002Politics/Government
Sayyed Abdelrahman el-MahditbdKBE1926Politics/Government
Mohammed Pasha MahmudtbdGCMG1929Politics/Government
Nelson MandelaSouth AfricaOM1995Politics/Government
Claudia Ruiz MassieuMexicoDBE2015Politics/Government
José Antonio Meade KuribreñaMexicoKCMG2015Politics/Government
Ferdinand MeldahlDenmarkGCVO1904Politics/Government
Carlos MenemArgentinaGCMG1998Politics/GovernmentPresident of Argentina
Paul MetternichGerman EmpireGCVO1901Politics/Government
Andreas MichalakopoulosGreeceKBEtbdPolitics/Government
Mirza Hussein KhanIranGCSI1873Politics/Government
George J. MitchellUnited StatesGBE1999Politics/GovernmentFormer U.S. Senator from Maine, Majority Leader, Deputy President pro tempore
François MitterrandFranceGCBtbdPolitics/Government[47]
François MitterrandFranceRVC1992Politics/Government
Joachim MoltkeDenmarkGCVO1896Politics/Government
Felipe, Duke of MontellanoSpainGCVO1905Politics/Government
Alfred, 2nd Prince of MontenuovoAustria-HungaryGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentSecond Lord Steward to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary.[21]
Kengo MoriJapanKBE1927Politics/GovernmentFinancial Commissioner to the Imperial Japanese Government in London, Paris and New York.
Robert MugabeZimbabweGCB1994Politics/GovernmentAnnulled 2008
Joseph MuscatMaltaKCMG2015Politics/Government
Benito MussoliniItalyGCB1923Politics/GovernmentAnnulled 1940
Muhammad Tawfiq Nasim PashaEgyptGCMG1920Politics/Government
Ibrahim NasirMaldivesKBE1972Politics/GovernmentPresident of the Republic of Maldives
Constantin Freiherr von NeurathGermanyGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentLord Chamberlain to His Majesty The King of Württemberg[19]
Aurelio Nuño MayerMexicoKBE2015Politics/Government
Sadako OgataJapanDCMG2011Politics/GovernmentServed as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as the Chairman of the UNICEF Executive Board and as the President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency.
Waldemar OldenburgDenmarkKCVO1904Politics/Government[3]
Hussein Fakhry PashaEgyptKCMG1902Politics/GovernmentMinister of Public Works for service in connection with the building of the Aswan Dam[48]
Nubar PashaEgyptGCSI1896Politics/Government
Saba PashaEgyptKCMG1907Politics/GovernmentUpon his retirement from the post of Postmaster-General in Egypt [49]
Safvet PashatbdGCSI1878Politics/Government
Enrique Peña NietoMexicoGCB2015Politics/GovernmentPresident of Mexico
Manuel Augusto Pereira da CunhaPortugalKCVO1903Politics/GovernmentCivil Governor of Lisbon[17]
Hassan PirniaIranGCMG1907Politics/Government
Byron PriceUnited StatesKBE1948Politics/GovernmentDirector of the Office of Censorship
Husain Khan QazvinitbdGCSI1873Politics/Government
Mahdi Quli Khan-e Qajar QuyunlutbdKCMG1889Politics/Government
Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanIndiaOM1963Politics/Government
Tunku Abdul RahmanMalaysiaCH1961Politics/Government
Fidel V. RamosPhilippinesGCMG1995Politics/Government
Anders Fogh RasmussenDenmarkKCMG2015Politics/GovernmentSecretary-General of NATO
Tun Abdul RazakMalaysiaGCMG1972Politics/Government
Ronald ReaganUnited StatesGCB1989Politics/GovernmentPresident of the United States
Carl Baron von der RecketbdKCVO1905Politics/Government
Eck Baron von ReischachWürttembergGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentLord Chamberlain to the Queen of Wurtemberg[19] On the occasion of royal wedding of Prince Alexander of Teck and Princess Alice of Albany[22]
Hugo Freiherr von ReischachtbdKCVO1897Politics/Government
Oswald Baron von RichthofenGerman EmpireGCVO1904Politics/GovernmentMinister of Foreign Affairs[50]
Charles de Rocca-SerratbdKCMG1917Politics/Government
Ernst von RödertbdKCVO1902Politics/Government
Roh Moo-hyunSouth KoreaGCB2004Politics/Government
Carlos Roma du BocagePortugalGCVO1909Politics/GovernmentMinister for Foreign Affairs[35]
F. W. F. RosenstandDenmarkKCVO1901Politics/GovernmentChamberlain and Secretary to the King of Denmark[51]
Friedrich von RuexlebentbdKCVO1905Politics/Government
Dean RuskUnited StatesKBE1976Politics/GovernmentFormer Secretary of State for contribution to Anglo-American friendship[8]
Juan Manuel SantosColombiaGCB2016Politics/GovernmentPresident of Colombia
Antonio Vasco de Mello Silva Cezar e Menezes, Count of SabugosaPortugalGCVO1909Politics/GovernmentLord Steward[35]
Abd al-Muhsin as-Sa’dunIraqKCMG1926Politics/Government
Mohammed Said PashatbdGCMG1912Politics/Government
Saito MomotarotbdGCVO1905Politics/Government
Mariano, Duke of Santo MauroSpainGCVO1905Politics/GovernmentLord in Waiting to the King of Spain[52]
Maurice SchumannFranceGCMG1972Politics/GovernmentMinister of Foreign Affairs[53]
Justin de SelvesFranceGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentPrefect of Seine[18]
Fernando Eduardo de Serpa PimentelPortugalKCVO1903Politics/Government[17] (Captain) Aide-de-Camp[35]
Eduard ShevardnadzeGeorgiaGCMG2000Politics/Government
Said Shoucair PashatbdKBE1924Politics/Government
Ismail Sirry PashatbdKCMG1913Politics/Government
Duke of SotomayorSpainGCVO1902Politics/GovernmentGreat Chamberlain to the King of Spain[16]
Georges de StaaltbdGCVO1902Politics/Government
Dirk StikkerNetherlandsGBE1951Politics/Government
Dirk StikkerNetherlandsGCVO1958Politics/Government
Karl Friedrich von StrengetbdKCVO1899Politics/Government
Cevdet SunayTurkeyKCB1967Politics/Government
Count TaroucaPortugalGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentChamberlain to the King of Portugal. Attached to King Edward VII.[17][18]
Clément ThomastbdGCIE1893Politics/Government
Nicholas ThontbdKCVOtbdPolitics/GovernmentSubsequently, promoted GCVO in 1905.
Nicholas ThontbdGCVO1905Politics/Government
Gaston ThornLuxembourgGCVOPolitics/Government[54]
Gaston ThornLuxembourgGCMGPolitics/Government[54]
Josip Broz TitoYugoslaviaGCB1972Politics/Government
Tommaso TittoniItalyGCVO1903Politics/Government
Ali El TomtbdKBE1926Politics/Government
Karl Prince Trauttmansdorff-WeinsbergtbdGCVO1904Politics/Government
Alexander TrepoffRussian EmpireKCMG1916Politics/GovernmentMinister of Transport later Prime Minister of Russian Empire awarded in recognition of the construction of the Murman Coast Railway.[55]
Danilo TürkSloveniaGCB2008Politics/Government
Simone VeilFranceDBE1998Politics/GovernmentHolocaust survivor; lawyer and politician who served as France’s Minister of Health.[when?]
Luis Videgaray CasoMexicoKBE2015Politics/Government
Antonio VillaçatbdGCVO1904Politics/Government
Wenceslau Ramirez de Villa-UrrutiaSpainGCVO1905Politics/GovernmentMinister of Foreign Affairs[52]
Count Carl WachtmeistertbdKCVO1908Politics/Government
Kurt WaldheimAustriaGCMG1969Politics/GovernmentAustrian Foreign Minister[56]
John WarnerUnited StatesKBE2009Politics/GovernmentU.S. Senator from Virginia
Rudolf de WeedeNetherlandsKCVO1904Politics/GovernmentLord Chamberlian to Her Majesty the Queen Mother of the Netherlands, on the occasion of the royal wedding of Prince Alexander of Teck and Princess Alice of Albany[22]
Caspar WeinbergerUnited StatesGBE1988Politics/GovernmentU.S. Secretary of Defence
Richard von WeizsäckerGermanyRVC1992Politics/Government
John Gilbert WinantUnited StatesOM1947Politics/GovernmentU.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom
August von Wöllwarth-LauterburgWürttembergGCVO[33]1900Politics/Government
Robert WorcesterUnited StatesKBE2004Politics/GovernmentBecame a British national in 2005 and his knighthood became substantive.
Ketema YifruEthiopiaKCMG1965Politics/Government
Giuseppe ZanardelliItalyGCVO1903Politics/GovernmentPresident of the Council[18]
Jose Zarco de Camara, Count of Ribeira GrandetbdGCVO1904Politics/Government
Ernesto ZedilloMexicoGCMG1998Politics/GovernmentPresident of Mexico
Zulfikar PashaEgyptKBE1920Politics/Government
Mallam YahayaNigeriaKBE1953Politics/GovernmentEmir of Gwandu[41]
Raja Uda Raja MuhammadMalayaKBE1953Politics/GovernmentMenteri Besar of the State of Selangor[41]


Abderrahman bin AbdelsadokMoroccoKCVO1903Diplomatic[17] Governor of Fez, Special Envoy from the Sultan of Morocco.
Princess Lalla AichaMoroccoDCVO1980DiplomaticAmbassador of Morocco to the United Kingdom from 1965 to 1969, for her contributions to Anglo-Moroccan relations.[57]
Henry AngstSwitzerlandKCMG1906DiplomaticBritish Consul-General in Zurich.[58]
Walter AnnenbergUnited StatesKBE1976DiplomaticUnited States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, 1969–1974, for contribution to Anglo-American friendship.[8]
Jacques ArnavonFranceKBE1938Diplomatic
Frants Ernst BilleDenmarkGCVO1904DiplomaticDanish Minister in London[3]
Antonio Chiaramonte BordonaroItalyGBE1930Diplomatic
Hugh BullockUnited StatesKBE1957DiplomaticPresident, Pilgrims of the United States, 1955–1996; previously appointed Honorary OBE in 1946
Hugh BullockUnited StatesGBE1976Diplomatic
Paul CambonFranceGCVO1903DiplomaticFrench Ambassador in London.[18]
André ClasenLuxembourgGCVO1968DiplomaticLuxembourg Ambassador[59]
Timoor al-DaghistanitbdGCVO2001Diplomatic
John W. DavisUnited StatesGBE1953DiplomaticFormer Ambassador to the Court of Saint James and President of the Pilgrims of the United States.[60]
Lewis Williams DouglasUnited StatesGBE1957DiplomaticUnited States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, 1947–1950
Hermann von EckhardtsteinGerman EmpireKCVO1902DiplomaticFirst Secretary German Embassy in London
Aimé-Joseph de FleuriauFranceGCVO1921DiplomaticFrench Ambassador to the Court of Saint James.[61]
Léon GeoffrayFranceGCVO1908Diplomatic
Diego Gómez PickeringMexicoKCVO2015Diplomatic
Lloyd Carpenter GriscomUnited StatesKCMG1919Diplomatic
Slavko GrouitchSerbiaKBEtbdDiplomatic
Gunnar HägglöfSwedenGCVOtbdDiplomatic
Hayashi TadasuJapanGCVO1905Diplomatic
Pedro Felipe IñiguezChileKCVO1919DiplomaticChilean Special Mission[62]
Louis JoxeFranceKBE1952DiplomaticHead of the cultural relations department of the Foreign Ministry for services to British cultural issues.[2]
Count de LalaingBelgiumGCVO1915DiplomaticBelgium Minister in London.[63]
Ferdinand de LessepsFranceGCSI1870Diplomatic
Li Ching FongtbdKCVO1896DiplomaticSubsequently, promoted GCVO in 1909.
Li Ching FongtbdGCVO1909Diplomatic
Li Hung ChangChinaGCVO1896Diplomatic
Dimitry MetaxastbdGCVO1905DiplomaticEnvoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of His Majesty The King of the Hellenes at the Court of St. James’s.
Armand MollardFranceKCVO1903DiplomaticDirector of Protocole[18]
Nazir ul MulkPersiaGCMG1897Diplomatic
Willem J. OudendykNetherlandsKCMGtbdDiplomaticNetherlands Minister in Russia and China[64]
Alberto PansaItalyGCVO1903DiplomaticItalian Ambassador to London[18]
Wilfried PlatzerAustriaGCVOtbdDiplomatic
Luis Polo de BernabéSpainGCVO1905DiplomaticSpanish Ambassador to the Court of Saint James.[52]
Muhsin RaisIranGCVO1948DiplomaticIranian Ambassador
Rodrigo Saavedra y Vinent, 2nd Marques de VillalobarSpainKCVOtbdDiplomaticSpanish minister in Brussels 1913-1921
Sergey SazonovRussiaGCB1916Diplomatic
Comte de SerionnetbdKCMG1917DiplomaticAgent Superieur of the Suez Canal Company
Marquis de SoveralPortugalGCMG1897Diplomatic[65]
Marquis de SoveralPortugalGCVO1902Diplomatic[66]
Ismael TocornalChileGCVO1919DiplomaticHead of the Chilean Special Mission[62]
Dimitri TzokoffBulgariaKCVO1905Diplomatic


Jean-Marie Charles AbrialFranceKCB1940Military(Admiral) Commandant-en-Chef des Forces Maritimes du Nord, for his services in connexion with the withdrawal of the Allied forces from Dunkirk[67]
Alfredo ActonItalyKCBtbdMilitary(Admiral) [68]
Christian Henrik ArendrupDenmarkGCVO1904Military(Major General) [3]
Gustav Carl Heinrich Ferdinand Emil von ArnimGerman EmpireGCVO1900Military(General) [69]
Henry H. ArnoldUnited StatesGCB1945Military(General of the Army) Chief of Staff, United States Army Air Force[70]
Felice Avogadro dei Conti di QuintoItalyGCVO1904Military(Lieutenant-General) Inspector of Cavalry, Italian Army[71]
Viktor BalckSwedenKCMGtbdMilitary
Edouard BarreraFranceKCVO1897Military(Vice-Admiral) Commander-in-Chief and Maritime Prefect of Brest[72]
José de Bascaran y FedericoSpainGCVO1905Military(General) Chief of the Military Household[52]
Friedrich Count von BaudissinGerman EmpireKCVO1904Military(Rear-Admiral, Imperial German Navy) Aide-de-Camp to the German Emperor, attached to King Edward VII[50]
Anton Baron von BechtolsheimAustria-HungaryGCVO1903Military(General of Cavalry) Captain of the Tranbenten and Infantry Companies of the Life Guards, attached to King Edward VII[21]
Prince Konstantin Belosselsky-BelozerskyRussiaGCVO1909Military(Lieutenant General) Adjutant General to the Czar of Russia
John BiddleUnited StatesKCB1918Military(Major-General) Commanding United States troops in the United Kingdom[73]
Georges BlanchardFranceKCB1940Military(General) in recognition of distinguished service in operations in Belgium and Northern France[67]
Tasker H. BlissUnited StatesGCMG1918Military(General) Chief of Staff of the United States Army and United States representative at Versailles
Leopoldo Boado y MontesItalyKCVO1905Military(Rear Admiral)
Friedrich von Bock und PolackGerman EmpireGCVO1904Military(Lieutenant-General) Commander 9th Army Corps[50]
Petar BojovićSerbiaGCMG1918Military(Field Marshal) Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army
Augustin Boué de LapeyrèreFranceKCB1915Military(Admiral) Commander of French naval forces in the Mediterranean
Omar BradleyUnited StatesKCBtbdMilitary(General of the Army) Commander of the 12th Army GroupChief of Staff of the United States Army and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Guilherme Augusto de Brito CapelloPortugalKCVO1902Military
Hermenegildo de Brito CapelloPortugalKCVO1903Military(Rear-Admiral) Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty the King of Portugal. Attached to His Majesty King Edward VII. Subsequently, promoted GCVO in 1904.[17][18]
Hermenegildo de Brito CapelloPortugalGCVO1904Military(Rear-Admiral) Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty the King of Portugal.
Herrmann von BroizemGerman EmpireGCVO1904Military(General) Commander of XIIth Army Corps, German Army[71]
Karl Baron von BronnAustria-HungaryKCVO1909Military(Colonel) Aide-de-Camp to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary
Charles George, Baron von BronnAustria-HungaryKCVO1909Military(Lieutenant-Colonel) Equerry to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary[74]
Ugo BrusatiItalyGCVO1903Military(General) First Aide-de-Camp to the King of Italy[18]
Wilhelm BüchselGerman EmpireGCVO1904Military(Vice-Admiral) Chief of Staff Imperial German Navy[50]
Karl von BülowGerman EmpireGCVO1909Military(General) Commander 3rd Army Corps[34]
Luigi CadornaItalyGCB1915Military(Marshal of Italy) Chief of Staff of the Italian Army
François Certain CanrobertFranceGCBtbdMilitary(Marshal of France) Commander of French forces in the Crimean War
Luis Gomez CarreñoChileKCVO1919Military(Admiral) Chilean Special Mission[62]
Ivan ChaghinRussiaKCVO1909Military(Rear Admiral) Commander of the Imperial yacht Standart
Chiang Kai-shekChinaGCB1942Military(Generalissimo) Leader of Nationalist China
Mark W. ClarkUnited StatesKBE1944Military(General) Commander 5th Army and 15th Army Group[75]
Wesley ClarkUnited StatesKBE2000Military(General) NATO Supreme Allied Commander
Henri de la CroixFranceGCVO1903Military(General) Attached to King Edward VII[18]
Martin DempseyUnited StatesKBE2016Military(General) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Alphons, Count zu DohnaGerman EmpireKCVO1909Military(Major-General) Commander of the Cavalry Division of the Guards.[34]
William Joseph DonovanUnited StatesKBEtbdMilitary(Major General) Head of the OSS, precursor to the CIA
James DoolittleUnited StatesKCB1944Military(Lieutenant-General) Commander 8th US Army Air Force[76]
A. M. J. Dor de LastoursFranceKCMG1915Military
Antonio Duartt e SilvaPortugalKCVO1903Military[17] (Colonel) Commanding Portuguese Cavalry Regiment No. 3[18]
Émile DuboisFranceGCVO1903MilitaryChief of the Military Household of the President of France [28]
Charles John George von EisendecherGerman EmpireGCVO1904Military(Vice-Admiral) [50]
Dwight D. EisenhowerUnited StatesGCB1945Military(General of the Army) Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force and President of the United States
Dwight D. EisenhowerUnited StatesOM1945Military(General of the Army) Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force.[77]
Maximilian von EngelbrechtenGerman EmpireKCVO1904Military(Colonel) Commander 36th Infantry Brigade[50]
François Ernest FournierFranceGCVO1903Military(Admiral) Attached to King Edward VII[18]
Prince Louis EsterházySpainGCVO1902MilitaryLieutenant-General[16]
Marie-Pierre de Fauque de JonquièresFranceKCMG1915Military
Francisco Joaquim Ferreira do AmaralPortugalKCVO1903Military(Rear-Admiral) President of the Royal Geographical Society, Lisbon[17][18]
Max FischelGerman EmpireKCVO1904Military(Rear-Admiral, Imperial German Navy) Admiral Superintendent of the Dockyard, Kiel[50]
Ferdinand FochFranceGCB1914Military(Marshal of France) Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces
Ferdinand FochFranceOM1918Military(Marshal of France) Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces
Benoit de Formel de la LaurencieFranceKBE1940Military(General) in recognition of distinguished service in operations in Belgium and Northern France.[67]
Tommy FranksUnited StatesKBE2004Military(General) Commander of United States Central Command
Giovanni FrigerioItalyGCVO1903Military(Vice-Admiral) Commander-in-Chief of the Italian Mediterranean Squadron, Naples[18]
Fukushima YasumasaJapanKCBtbdMilitary(General)
William C. GorgasUnited StatesKCMG1920Military(Major General) Surgeon General of the United States Army
Emile GuépratteFranceKCB1916Military
Albert GuérisseBelgiumKBEtbdMilitary(Major General) Leader of the Belgian Resistance
Alexis HagrontbdKCVO1898Military
Henry Kent HewittUnited StatesKCB1945Military(Admiral) Commander of Allied Amphibious Forces at the Normandy Invasion
William F. Halsey, Jr.United StatesKBEtbdMilitary(Fleet Admiral) Commander of the 3rd Fleet [78]
Olaf M. HustvedtUnited StatesKBEtbdMilitary(Vice Admiral) Commander of US Navy forces in Operation Leander [79]
Leopold Ritter von JedinatbdKCVO1903Military(Rear-Admiral) attached to King Edward VII.[21]
Joseph JoffreFranceGCBtbdMilitary(Marshal of France) Chief of the French General Staff[80]
Joseph JoffreFranceGCVO1914Military(Marshal of France) Chief of the French General Staff[80]
Joseph JoffreFranceOM1919Military(Marshal of France) Chief of the French General Staff[80]
Kamio MitsuomiJapanGCMG1915Military(General) Commander of allied land forces at the Siege of Tsingtao
Kato SadakichiJapanGCMG1915Military(Admiral) Commander of Japanese naval forces at the Siege of Tsingtao
Gustav von KesselGerman EmpireGCVO1901Military
Alan Goodrich KirkUnited StatesKCB1943Military(Admiral) Commander of US Naval Amphibious Forces in the Mediterranean and at the Normandy Invasion
Hans von KoesterGerman EmpireGCVO1904Military(Admiral) Commander-in-Chief and Inspector General of the Imperial German Navy[50]
Wenzel Freiherr Kotz von DobrzAustria-HungaryGCVO1904Military[19] Privy Councillor and Chamberlain to His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary
Marian KukielPolandKCBtbdMilitary(Major General) Commander of the 1st Polish Corps
Johan LaidonerEstoniaKCMGtbdMilitary(General) Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Army
Jean de Lattre de TassignyFranceGCB1952Military(Général d’Armée) Commander of the First French Army and the French Far East Expeditionary Corps
J. M. E. G. LefevreFranceKCMG1915Military
André LemonnierFranceKCBtbdMilitary
Waldemar Edward LemvighDenmarkKCVO1904MilitaryColonel[3]
Milans del Bosch y Carrio Joaquin Mario LeonSpainKCVO1905Military(Colonel) Aide-de-Camp to the King of Spain[52]
Edward Mann LewisUnited StatesKCMG1919Military(Major General) Commanded 30th Infantry Division in WWI [81]
Rudolf Prince von und zu LiechtensteinAustria-HungaryGCVO1903MilitaryFirst Lord Steward and Acting Master of the Horse to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary.[21]
Alfred von LoewenfeldGerman EmpireKCVO1902MilitarySubsequently, promoted GCVO in 1905.
Alfred von LoewenfeldGerman EmpireGCVO1905Military
Douglas MacArthurUnited StatesGCB1943Military(General of the Army)
Comte de MaigretFranceKCVO1899Military
Pio Carlo di MajoItalyKCVO1903Military(Major-General) Aide-de-Camp to King of Italy, attached to King Edward VII.[18]
Mikhail MalininSoviet UnionKBE1945Military(Colonel-General)
Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimFinlandGBE1938Military(Marshal of Finland)
Peyton MarchUnited StatesGCMG1918Military(General) Chief of the General Staff, United States Army[82]
Nogi MaresukeJapanGCB1911Military
Peter MarkofftbdGCVO1905Military
Wolf, Baron MarschallGerman EmpireKCVO1909Military(Major-General) Attached to King George VII[34]
George MarshallUnited StatesGCB1945Military(General of the Army) Chief of Staff, United States Army[70]
Rodolphe MatonBelgiumKBE1955Military
Hugo Graf Mensdorff-PouillyGerman EmpireKCVO1904Military
Roberto Miranda MorenoMexicoKBE2015Military
Živojin MišićSerbiaKCB1915Military(Field Marshal) Chief of the Supreme Command of the Serbian Army
Živojin MišićSerbiaGCMG1916Military(Field Marshal) Chief of the Supreme Command of the Serbian Army
Helmuth von Moltke the YoungerGerman EmpireKCVO1901Military(Colonel General) Chief of the German General Staff
Anne de MontmorencyFranceKG1532Military(Marshal of France)
François, Duke of MontmorencyFranceKG1572Military(Marshal of France)
Enrico MorinItalyGCVO1903Military(Vice-Admiral) Minister for Foreign Affairs[18]
Edward von MüllerGerman EmpireGCVO1897Military
François de NégrierFranceGCVO1898Military
Chester W. NimitzUnited StatesGCB1945Military(Fleet Admiral) Commander of the Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Area
Hély d’OisselFranceKCB1915Military
Kuwashi OkazawaJapanGCVOtbdMilitary
Oyama IwaoJapanOM1906Military
Eduard Graf PaarAustria-HungaryGCVO1903Military(General of Cavalry) Senior Aide-de-Camp to the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary[21]
Adolf PalanderGerman EmpireGCVO1908Military
Alexander PapagosGreeceGBE1941Military(General) Commander-in-chief allied forces in Greece during the Albanian campaign[83]
Mason PatrickUnited StatesKBE1918Military(Major General) Chief of US Army Air Service [84]
George S. PattonUnited StatesKBEtbdMilitary(General) Commander of the United States 3rd Army
Ettore PedottiItalyGCVO1903Military(General) Commander Xth Army Corps, attached to King Edward VII[18]
John J. PershingUnited StatesGCB1918Military(General of the Armies of the United States) Commander-in-Chief United States Expeditionary Force in France[82]
Philippe PétainFranceGCMGtbdMilitary(Marshal of France)
Johan PitkaEstoniaKCMG1920Military(Rear Admiral) Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Navy
Nobile PorroItalyGCMG1915Military
Colin PowellUnited StatesKCB1993Military(General) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Advisor and Secretary of State
Karl Freiherr von RöderGerman EmpireKCVO1904Military
Hugh RodmanUnited StatesKCB1918Military(Admiral) Commander of Battleship Division Nine and the United States Pacific Fleet
Konstantin RokossovskySoviet UnionKCB1945Military(Marshal of the Soviet Union)
Tomás António Garcia RosadoPortugalKCMGtbdMilitary
Sa ZhenbingQing DynastyKCMG1909Military
Dedo Charles Henry von SchenckGerman EmpireGCVO1909Military(Lieutenant-General) Commander 2nd Division of the Guards[34]
Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.United StatesKCB1993Military(General) Commander of United States Central Command and coalition forces during Operation Desert Storm
Brent ScowcroftUnited StatesKBE1993Military(Lieutenant General) National Security Advisor
Baron von SeckendorffGerman EmpireGCVO1904Military(Vice-Admiral) Master of the Household to Prince Henry of Prussia[50]
Antonin de Selliers de MoranvilleBelgiumKCBtbdMilitaryCommander-in-Chief
Fernando de Serpa PimentelPortugalKCVO1909Military(Captain) [35]
William Hood SimpsonUnited StatesKBE1945Military(Lieutenant General) Commanding General, 9th United States Army[77]
William S. SimsUnited StatesGCMG1918Military(Admiral) Commander of United States Naval Forces in Europe
Rudolf Carl von SlatinAustria-HungaryKCMG1900MilitaryLieutenant-General (Egyptian Army)
Rudolf Carl von SlatinAustria-HungaryKCVO1909MilitaryInspector-General of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan[74]
Leighton W. Smith, Jr.United StatesKBE1997Military(Admiral) Commander of NATO Forces in Southern Europe
Levering SmithUnited StatesKBE1962Military(Vice Admiral) Led the Polaris Missile effort to win the Cold War
Walter Bedell SmithUnited StatesKCB1944Military(General) Chief of Staff of Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
Walter Bedell SmithUnited StatesGBE1945Military(General) Chief of Staff of Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force and Director of the CIA[77]
Carl SpaatzUnited StatesKBE1944Military(General) Commander of United States Strategic Air Forces in EuropeStrategic Air Command and Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force
Carl SpaatzUnited StatesGBE1945Military(General) Commander of the 8th Air ForceStrategic Air Command and Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force
George Owen SquierUnited StatesKCMG1919Military(Major General) Chief of the Signal Corps [85]
Stepa StepanovićSerbiaGCMG1918Military
Joseph StraussUnited StatesKCMG1918Military
Tamemoto KurokiJapanGCMGtbdMilitary
Tanaka GiichiJapanKCMGtbdMilitary
Tanaka GiichiJapanGBEtbdMilitary
William L. TimlintbdKBE1990Military
Alfred von TirpitzGerman EmpireGCVO1904Military(Admiral) Minister of Marine[50]
Togo HeihachiroJapanGCVOtbdMilitaryAdmiral
Togo HeihachiroJapanOM1906MilitaryAdmiral
Guido von UsedomGerman EmpireKCMG1906MilitaryImperial German Navy
Guido von UsedomGerman EmpireGCVO1909MilitaryVice-Admiral, Imperial German Navy[34]
Emilio VagliaItalyGCVO1903Military(General) Lord Steward to the King of Italy[18]
Frederick Otto WahleSaxonyKCVO1904Military(Major-General) Commanding Royal Saxon Field Engineers[71]
Yamagata AritomoJapanOM1906Military
Nikolai YermoloffRussiaKCVO1905Military(Major-General) Military Attache to the Imperial Russian Embassy, London[86]
George ZachariaeDenmarkKCVO1901Military(Rear-Admiral) Royal Danish Navy[51]
Georgy ZhukovSoviet UnionGCB1945Military(Marshal of the Soviet Union) Commander of the 1st Belorussian Front


Angela AhrendtsUnited StatesDBE2013BusinessChief executive of Burberry plc.
Auguste-Louis-Albéric, Prince d’ArenbergFranceGCSI1909BusinessMember of the Institute of France, President of the Suez Canal Company[87]
Ariyoshi YoshiyaJapanKBEtbdBusinessChairman of the Japanese Shipowners Association
André BénardFranceKBE1991BusinessChairman, Eurotunnel, 1986–1994
Antonin BesseFranceKBEtbdBusiness[88]
Ana Patricia BotínSpainDBE2015BusinessChairman of Santander Bank
Henri DeterdingNetherlandsKBE1920Business[89]
Sierd Sint EriksNetherlandsKBE1961BusinessManaging Director of Mullard Ltd for valuable services to British official interests.[90]
Niall FitzGeraldIrelandKBE2002Business
Bill GatesUnited StatesKBE2004BusinessChairman of Microsoft and Corbis and Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in recognition of his business skills and for his work on poverty reduction.[91]
Lou GerstnerUnited StatesKBEtbdBusiness
Paul GettyUnited StatesKBE1987BusinessBecame a British national in 1997 and knighthood became substantive.
Carlos GhosnBrazilFranceLebanonKBE2006Business
Cecil H. GreenUnited StatesKBE1991BusinessHe lost British nationality upon becoming a US citizen before 1949.[N 2]
Hermann HauserAustriaKBE2015Business
Yii Ann HiiPhilippinesKBEBusinessBecame a British national on 3 July 2012.[92]
Kazuo InamoriJapanKBE2019Business
Sam E. JonahGhanaKBE2003Business
Kim Sang ManSouth KoreaKBE1981BusinessPublisher [93]
Gerrit KlijnstraNetherlandsKBE1973Business[94]
Jonkheer LoudonNetherlandsKBE1960BusinessPresident of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and senior managing director of the Royal Dutch/Shell group in recognition of his important contributions to the national economy and to British interests abroad.[95]
Akio MoritaJapanKBE1993Business
Lewis MumfordUnited StatesKBE1975BusinessFor services to town planning in Great Britain.[96]
Hiroaki NakanishiJapanKBE2015BusinessChief executive of Hitachi Corporation
Martin NaughtonIrelandKBE2015Business
Masaru ShinchitbdKBE2002Business
Paul RykensNetherlandsKBE1959Business
Edgar SengierBelgiumKBE1956BusinessPresident of the permanent committee of the Union Minière du Haut Katanga for valuable services to Britain and to Anglo-Belgian relations.[97]
Antonio Joaquim Simoes de AlmeidaPortugalKCVO1903Business[17] President of the Commercial Association of Lisbon[18]
Ralf SpethGermanyKBE2015BusinessChief executive of Jaguar Land Rover
Chandrika Prasad SrivastavaIndiaKCMG1990Business
Peter SutherlandIrelandKCMG2004Business
Basil ZaharoffGreeceGBE1918Business
Basil ZaharoffGreeceGCB1919Business
Jamshed Jiji IraniIndiaKBE2007BusinessFormer President of British Steel and Iron Research AssociationTata Steel[98]


Zaki BadawiEgyptKBE2004Religion
Billy GrahamUnited StatesKBE2001Religion
Gilbert John HelmerBohemiaKCVO1909ReligionAbbot of Tepl on occasion of the King’s visit to Marienbad, Helmer did not receive the honour of Knighthood.[99]
Sheikh Ali bin SalimKenyaKBE1929ReligionLeader of the Arab community and member of the legislature
Yeghishe TourianPalestineKBE1930ReligionArmenian Patriarch of Jerusalem[100]

European royalty

Prince Wilhelm IAlbaniaGCVO1914Royalty
King Essad PashaAlbaniaKCMG1916Royalty
King Alfonso VAragonKG1450Royalty
King Ferdinand IIAragonKG1480Royalty
Emperor Francis IAustria-HungaryKG1814Royalty
Emperor Franz Joseph IAustria-HungaryKG1867RoyaltyDegraded 1915
Emperor Franz Joseph IAustria-HungaryRVC1904RoyaltyAnnulled 1915
Emperor Franz Joseph IAustria-HungaryGCVO1904RoyaltyAnnulled 1915
Archduke Franz FerdinandAustria-HungaryKG1902Royalty
Archduke Ludwig VictorAustria-HungaryGCVO1903Royalty[20][21]
Archduke Leopold SalvatorAustria-HungaryGCVO1903Royalty[20][21]
Archduke Franz SalvatorAustria-HungaryGCVO1903Royalty[20][21]
Archduke Rainer FerdinandAustria-HungaryGCVO1903Royalty[20][21]
King Leopold IBelgiumKG1816Royalty
King Leopold IIBelgiumKG1866Royalty
King Albert IBelgiumKG1914Royalty
King Albert IBelgiumGCBtbdRoyalty
King Leopold IIIBelgiumKG1935Royalty
King Leopold IIIBelgiumRVC1937Royalty
King Baudouin IBelgiumKG1963Royalty
King Albert IIBelgiumGCVO[101]Royalty
Emperor Pedro IIBrazilKG1871Royalty
Duke John VBrittanyKG1375Royalty
King Ferdinand IBulgariaGCVO1904Royalty
Duke Charles the BoldBurgundyKG1468Royalty
King Philip ICastileKG1503Royalty
King Eric VIIDenmarkKG1404Royalty
King JohnDenmarkKG1493Royalty
King Frederick IIDenmarkKG1578Royalty
King Christian IVDenmarkKG1603Royalty
King Christian VDenmarkKG1662Royalty
King Frederick VIDenmarkKG1822Royalty
King Christian IXDenmarkKG1865Royalty
King Frederick VIIIDenmarkKG1896Royalty
King Frederick VIIIDenmarkGCVO1901Royalty
King Frederick VIIIDenmarkRVC1902Royalty
King Frederick VIIIDenmarkGCBtbdRoyalty
King Christian XDenmarkKG1914Royalty
King Frederick IXDenmarkKG1951Royalty
Queen Margrethe IIDenmarkRVC1974Royalty
Queen Margrethe IIDenmarkLG1979Royalty
Queen Margrethe IIDenmarkGCVOtbdRoyalty
Giuliano di Lorenzo de’ MediciFlorenceKG1514Royalty
King Francis IFranceKG1527Royalty
King Henry IIFranceKG1551Royalty
King Charles IXFranceKG1564Royalty
King Henry IIIFranceKG1575Royalty
King Henry IVFranceKG1590Royalty
King Louis XVIIIFranceKG1814Royalty
King Charles XFranceKG1825Royalty
King Louis-PhilippeFranceKG1844Royalty
Emperor Napoleon IIIFranceKG1855Royalty
Empress EugénieFranceGBE1919Royalty
Prince AribertAnhalt[N 6]GCB1891Royalty
Grand Duke Friedrich IBaden[N 6]GCVO1905Royalty
Grand Duke Friedrich IBaden[N 6]KG1906Royalty
Prince Francis JosephBattenberg[N 6]GCVO1897Royalty[72]
Prince Francis JosephBattenberg[N 6]KCBtbdRoyalty
Elector Frederick WilliamBrandenburg[N 6]KG1654Royalty
Duke William the Victorious, Duke of Brunswick-LüneburgBrunswick or Hanover[N 6]KG1450Royalty
Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick-BevernBrunswick or Hanover[N 6]KG1759Royalty
Duke George William of Brunswick-LüneburgBrunswick or Hanover[N 6]KG1690Royalty
Elector George LouisBrunswick or Hanover[N 6]KG1701RoyaltyLater King George I of Great Britain
Prince George Augustus of Brunswick-LüneburgBrunswick or Hanover[N 6]KG1706RoyaltyLater King George II of Great Britain
Duke Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand of Brunswick-LüneburgBrunswick or Hanover[N 6]KG1765Royalty
Duke William of Brunswick-LüneburgBrunswick or Hanover[N 6]KG1831Royalty
Duke Christian of Brunswick-WolfenbüttelBrunswick or Hanover[N 6]KG1624Royalty
Emperor Friedrich IIIGerman Empire[N 7]KG1858RoyaltyUpon becoming a son-in-law of Queen Victoria whilst a Prince of Prussia.
Emperor Wilhelm IGerman Empire[N 7]KG1861RoyaltyUpon becoming King of Prussia.
Emperor Wilhelm IIGerman Empire[N 7]KG1879RoyaltyDegraded 1915
Emperor Wilhelm IIGerman Empire[N 7]GCVO1899RoyaltyAnnulled 1915
Emperor Wilhelm IIGerman Empire[N 7]RVC1902RoyaltyAnnulled 1915
Crown Prince WilhelmGerman Empire[N 7]KG1901RoyaltyDegraded 1915
Prince HeinrichGerman Empire[N 7]KG1889RoyaltyDegraded 1915
Prince HeinrichGerman Empire[N 7]RVC1902RoyaltyAnnulled 1915
Prince Friedrich LeopoldGerman Empire[N 7]GCVO1899Royalty
Prince Eitel FriederichGerman Empire[N 7]GCVO1904Royalty[50]
Prince August WilhelmGerman Empire[N 7]GCVO1904Royalty[50]
Prince OskarGerman Empire[N 7]GCVO1904Royalty[50]
Prince JoachimGerman Empire[N 7]GCVO1904Royalty[50]
Prince William Adolphus Maximilian Charles, Hereditary Prince of WeidGerman Empire[N 7]GCVO1904RoyaltyOn the occasion of royal wedding of Prince Alexander of Teck and Princess Alice of Albany[22]
Grand Duke Ludwig III of Hesse and by RhineHesse[N 6]KG1865Royalty
Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and by RhineHesse[N 6]KG1862Royalty
Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by RhineHesse[N 6]KG1892RoyaltyDegraded 1915
Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by RhineHesse[N 6]RVC1902RoyaltyAnnulled 1915
Landgrave Wilhelm IX of Hesse-Kassel or Hesse-CasselHesse[N 6]KG1786Royalty
Karl, Prince Kinsky von Wchynitz und TettauKinsky[N 6]GCVO1905Royalty
Prince CharlesLeiningen[N 6]KG1837Royalty
Elector Frederick VThe Palatinate[N 6]KG1612Royalty
Elector Karl IIThe Palatinate[N 6]KG1680Royalty
King Frederick IPrussia[N 8]KG1690Royalty
King Frederick William IIIPrussia[N 8]KG1814Royalty
King Frederick William IVPrussia[N 8]KG1842Royalty
Prince Adalbert of PrussiaPrussia[N 6]GCVO1909Royalty[34]
Henry XXX, Prince ReussReuss[N 6]GCVO1900Royalty
Duke Ernst ISaxe-Coburg and Gotha[N 6]KG1838Royalty
Duke Carl EduardSaxe-Coburg and Gotha[N 6]GCVO1901RoyaltyAnnulled 1915
Duke Carl EduardSaxe-Coburg and Gotha[N 6]KG1902RoyaltyDegraded 1915
Duke Friderich IIISaxe-Coburg and Gotha[N 6]KG1741Royalty
Duke Ernst LudwigSaxe-Coburg and Gotha[N 6]KG1790Royalty
Prince Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and GothaSaxe-Coburg and Gotha[N 6]KCVO1906Royalty[58]
Duke BernardSaxe-Meiningen[N 6]KG1830Royalty
Duke John AdolphusSaxe-Weissenfels[N 6]KG1745Royalty
Elector John George IISaxony[N 6]KG1668Royalty
Elector John George IVSaxony[N 6]KG1692Royalty
King Frederick Augustus IISaxony[N 6]KG1842Royalty
King AlbertSaxony[N 6]KG1882Royalty
Friedrich, DukeSchleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg[N 6]GCVO1905Royalty
Prince Albert Christian Adolphus EugeneSchleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg[N 6]GCVO1904Royalty[3]
Prince WilhelmWied also the Royal House of Albania[N 6]GCVO1904Royalty
Frederick I, DukeWürttemberg[N 6]KG1597Royalty
King William IWürttemberg[N 6]KG1830Royalty
King Karl IWürttemberg[N 6]KG1890Royalty
King William IIWürttemberg[N 6]KG1904RoyaltyDegraded 1915
King George IGreeceKG1876Royalty
King George IGreeceGCVO1901Royalty
King George IGreeceRVC1905Royalty
King George IIGreeceGCVO1909RoyaltyAppointed when Prince George of Greece visited[102]
King George IIGreeceKG1938Royalty
Prince AndrewGreeceGCVO1902Royalty
Prince ChristopherGreeceGCVO1909Royalty[103]
King PaulGreeceKG1963Royalty
Prince NicholasGreeceGCVO1901Royalty
Count William VIHollandKG1390Royalty
Emperor SigismundHoly Roman EmpireKG1415Royalty
Emperor Albert IIHoly Roman EmpireKG1438Royalty
Emperor Frederick IIIHoly Roman EmpireKG1457Royalty
Emperor Maximilian IHoly Roman EmpireKG1489Royalty
Emperor Charles VHoly Roman EmpireKG1508Royalty
Emperor Ferdinand IHoly Roman EmpireKG1522Royalty
Emperor Maximilian IIHoly Roman EmpireKG1567Royalty
Emperor Rudolf IIHoly Roman EmpireKG1578Royalty
King Victor Emmanuel IIItalyKG1855Royalty
King Umberto IItalyKG1878Royalty
King Victor Emmanuel IIIItalyKG1891Royalty[104]
King Victor Emmanuel IIIItalyRVC1903Royalty[104]
King Victor Emmanuel IIIItalyGCB1916Royalty[104]
Prince Eduard VictorLiechtensteinKCVO1909RoyaltyPrefect of Marienbad [74]
Grand Duke JeanLuxembourgKG1972Royalty
Grand Duke HenriLuxembourgGCVOtbdRoyalty
Duke Adolf Friedrich IVMecklenburg-StrelitzKG1764Royalty
Grand Duke Friedrich WilhelmMecklenburg-StrelitzKG1862Royalty
Duke Francesco IMilanKG1463Royalty
King Nicholas IMontenegroKCVO1897Royalty
King Nicholas IMontenegroGCVOtbdRoyalty
King Ferdinand INaplesKG1463Royalty
King Alphonso IINaplesKG1493Royalty
Stadtholder MauriceThe NetherlandsKG1612Royalty
Stadtholder Frederick HenryThe NetherlandsKG1627Royalty
Stadtholder William IIThe NetherlandsKG1645Royalty
Stadtholder William IIIThe NetherlandsKG1653RoyaltyLater King William III of England
Stadtholder William IVThe NetherlandsKG1733Royalty
Stadtholder William VThe NetherlandsKG1752Royalty
King William IThe NetherlandsKG1814Royalty
King William IIIThe NetherlandsKG1882Royalty
Queen WilhelminaThe NetherlandsLG1944Royalty
Queen JulianaThe NetherlandsRVC1950Royalty
Queen JulianaThe NetherlandsLG1958Royalty
Queen BeatrixThe NetherlandsRVC1982Royalty
Queen BeatrixThe NetherlandsLG1989Royalty
Queen BeatrixThe NetherlandsGCVOtbdRoyalty
King Haakon VIINorwayGCB1896Royalty
King Haakon VIINorwayGCVO1901Royalty
King Haakon VIINorwayRVC1902Royalty
King Haakon VIINorwayKG1906Royalty
King Olav VNorwayGCVO1923Royalty
King Olav VNorwayGCB1946Royalty
King Olav VNorwayKG1959Royalty
King Olav VNorwayKT1962Royalty
King Harald VNorwayGCVO1955Royalty
King Harald VNorwayRVC[105]Before 2001Royalty
King Harald VNorwayKG2001Royalty
King Casimir IVPolandKG1450Royalty
King John IPortugalKG1400Royalty
Prince PedroPortugalKG1427Royalty
King EdwardPortugalKG1435Royalty
Prince Henry the NavigatorPortugalKG1443Royalty
King Afonso VPortugalKG1447Royalty
King John IIPortugalKG1482Royalty
King Manuel IPortugalKG1510Royalty
King John VIPortugalKG1822Royalty
King Pedro VPortugalKG1858Royalty
King Luis IPortugalKG1865Royalty
King Carlos IPortugalKG1895Royalty
King Carlos IPortugalRVC1902Royalty
Infante, Alphonso, Duke of OportoPortugalGCVO1903Royalty[18]
Crown Prince Luis FilipePortugalKG1902Royalty
King Manuel IIPortugalGCVO1904Royalty
King Manuel IIPortugalKG1909Royalty[35]
King Charles IRomaniaKG1892Royalty
King Ferdinand IRomaniaKG1924Royalty
King Carol IIRomaniaKG1938Royalty
King Michael IRomaniaGCVO1941Royalty
Emperor Alexander IRussiaKG1813Royalty
Emperor Nicholas IRussiaKG1827Royalty
Emperor Alexander IIRussiaKG1867Royalty
Emperor Alexander IIIRussiaKG1881Royalty
Emperor Nicholas IIRussiaKG1893Royalty
Emperor Nicholas IIRussiaRVC1904Royalty
Emperor Nicholas IIRussiaGCB1916Royalty
Grand Duke MichaelRussiaGCVO1901Royalty
Grand Duke MichaelRussiaKG1902Royalty
Grand Duke VladimirRussiaGCVO1903Royalty[106]
Duke Emmanuel PhilibertSavoyKG1554Royalty
Prince Emanuele FilibertoSavoyKG1902Royalty
Prince Luigi AmedeoItaly (Savoy)GCVO1903Royalty[18]
Prince Victor EmmanuelItaly (Savoy)GCVO1903Royalty[18]
Prince FerdinandoItaly (Savoy)GCVO1903Royalty[18]
King James VScotlandKG1535Royalty
King James VIScotlandKG1590RoyaltyLater King James I of England
King Philip IISpainKG1554Royalty
King Ferdinand VIISpainKG1814Royalty
King Alfonso XIISpainKG1881Royalty
King Alfonso XIIISpainGCVO1897Royalty
King Alfonso XIIISpainKG1902Royalty
King Alfonso XIIISpainRVC1905Royalty
King Juan Carlos ISpainRVC1986Royalty
King Juan Carlos ISpainKG1988Royalty
King Felipe VISpainGCVO1988Royalty
King Felipe VISpainKG2017Royalty
King Gustavus AdolphusSwedenKG1627Royalty
King Charles XISwedenKG1668Royalty
King Frederick ISwedenKG1741Royalty
King Oscar IISweden and NorwayKG1881Royalty
King Gustav VSweden and NorwayKG1905Royalty
King Gustav VSweden and NorwayGCVO1905Royalty
Prince EugenSwedenGCVO1905Royalty
King Gustaf VI AdolfSwedenGCVO1905Royalty
King Gustaf VI AdolfSwedenKG1954Royalty
Prince CarlSweden and NorwayGCVO1904Royalty[3]
Prince VilhelmSwedenGCVO1905Royalty
King Carl XVI GustafSwedenRVC1975Royalty
King Carl XVI GustafSwedenKG1983Royalty
Prince HenryTarantoKG1653Royalty
King Alexander IYugoslaviaGCBtbdRoyalty
King Alexander IYugoslaviaRVCtbdRoyalty
Prince PaulYugoslaviaKG1939Royalty

Asian and African royalty

Amir Abdur Rahman KhanAfghanistanGCSI1885Royalty[107]
Amir Abdur Rahman KhanAfghanistanGCB1893Royalty[107]
Prince Nasrullah KhanAfghanistanGCMG1896Royalty[107]
King Habibullah KhanAfghanistanGCMG1896Royalty[108]
King Habibullah KhanAfghanistanGCB1907Royalty[108]
King Amanullah KhanAfghanistanRVC1928Royalty[109]
Queen Soraya TarziAfghanistanGBE1928Royalty[109]
Prince Muhammad HasanAfghanistanGCVO1928Royalty[107]
Princess Razia BegumAfghanistanDBE1928Royalty[107]
Princess Bibi KhurdAfghanistanDBE1928Royalty[108]
King Mohammed Zahir ShahAfghanistanRVC1971Royalty[110]
Prince Zalmai Mahmud Khan GhaziAfghanistanGCVO1971Royalty[citation needed]
Prince ‘Abdu’l Wali KhanAfghanistanGCVO1971Royalty[110]
Sheikh Isa I ibn Ali al-KhalifaBahrainKCIE1919Royalty
Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al KhalifahBahrainKCIE1935Royalty
Sheikh Salman ibn Hamad Al-KhalifaBahrainKCIE1943Royalty
Sheikh Salman ibn Hamad Al-KhalifaBahrainKCMG1952Royalty
Emir Isa ibn Salman al-KhalifaBahrainKCMG1964RoyaltyPromoted GCMG in 1979.
Emir Isa ibn Salman al-KhalifaBahrainGCMG1979Royalty
Emir Isa ibn Salman al-KhalifaBahrainGCB1984Royalty
King Hamad ibn Isa al-KhalifahBahrainKCMG1979Royalty
Sheikh Muhammad ibn Mubarak al-KhalifaBahrainGCMG1984Royalty
Sheikh Muhammad ibn Khalifa ibn Hamad al-KhalifaBahrainGBE1984Royalty
Maharaja Ugyen WangchukBhutanKCIE1905Royalty
Maharaja Ugyen WangchukBhutanKCSI1911Royalty
Maharaja Ugyen WangchukBhutanGCIE1921Royalty
Maharaja Jigme WangchukBhutanKCIE1930Royalty
Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam IIBruneiKCMG1920Royalty
Sultan Ahmad TajuddinBruneiKBE1949Royalty
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin IIIBruneiKCMG1953Royalty
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin IIIBruneiGCVO1972Royalty
Sultan Hassanal BolkiahBruneiGCMG1972Royalty
Sultan Hassanal BolkiahBruneiGCB1992Royalty
Prince IdrisBruneiKCVO1992Royalty
Prince Jefri BolkiahBruneiGCVO1992Royalty
Prince Muhammad BolkiahBruneiGCMG1998Royalty
Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee BillahBruneiGCVO1998Royalty
Prince Tsai HsunChinaGCB1909RoyaltyChief Administrator of the Chinese Admiralty on the visit of the Chinese Naval Commission to the United Kingdom[111]
Khedive Isma’ilEgyptGCB1866Royalty
Khedive Isma’ilEgyptGCSI1868Royalty
Khedive TawfiqEgyptGCSI1875Royalty
Khedive TawfiqEgyptGCB1887Royalty
Khedive Abbas IIEgyptGCMG1891Royalty
Khedive Abbas IIEgyptGCB1892Royalty
Khedive Abbas IIEgyptGCVO1900Royalty[112]
Khedive Abbas IIEgyptRVC1905Royalty
Prince Muhammad AliEgyptGCMG1900Royalty[112]
Prince Muhammad AliEgyptGCB1937Royalty
Sultan Hussein KamelEgyptGCB1914Royalty
King Fuad IEgyptGCB1917Royalty
King Fuad IEgyptRVC1927Royalty
Emperor Menelek IIEthiopiaGCMG1897Royalty
Emperor Menelek IIEthiopiaGCB1902Royalty
Prince Makonnen Wolde MikaelEthiopiaKCMG1902Royalty
Emperor Iyasu VEthiopiaGCVO1911Royalty
Prince Kassa Hailu ze-DargeEthiopiaGCVO1911Royalty
Prince Kassa Hailu ze-DargeEthiopiaGBE1930Royalty
Emperor Haile SelassieEthiopiaGCMG1917Royalty
Emperor Haile SelassieEthiopiaGCB1924Royalty
Emperor Haile SelassieEthiopiaGCVO1930Royalty
Emperor Haile SelassieEthiopiaRVC1930Royalty
Emperor Haile SelassieEthiopiaKG1954Royalty
Emperor Amha SelassieEthiopiaGCVO1930Royalty
Emperor Amha SelassieEthiopiaGBE1932Royalty
Emperor Amha SelassieEthiopiaGCMG1958Royalty
Emperor Amha SelassieEthiopiaRVC1965Royalty
Princess Tenagne WorqEthiopiaDBE1932Royalty
Prince Makonnen Haile SelassieEthiopiaGCVO1954Royalty
Princess Sebla-Wangel DestaEthiopiaDCVO1965Royalty
Prince Asserate KassaEthiopiaGCVO1965Royalty
Prince Hailu Takla-HaymaynotGojjamKBE1924Royalty
King HusseinHejazGCB1920Royalty
King AliHejazGBE1920Royalty
Shah Nasser-al-DinIran (Persia)KG1873Royalty
Prince Sultan MasudIran (Persia)GCSI1887Royalty
Prince VajihullahIran (Persia)GCMG1897Royalty
Shah Mozaffar-al-DinIran (Persia)KG1903Royalty
Prince Abul FathIran (Persia)GCMG1903Royalty
Prince Abul HusainIran (Persia)GCMG1916Royalty
Prince IsmailIran (Persia)KCSI1916Royalty
Prince FiruzIran (Persia)GCMG1919Royalty
Prince Husain QuliIran (Persia)GCVO1919Royalty
Prince AsadullahIran (Persia)KCVO1919Royalty
Prince Muhammad HusainIran (Persia)KCVO1919Royalty
Shah Mohammad Reza PahlaviIran (Persia)GCB1942Royalty
Shah Mohammad Reza PahlaviIran (Persia)RVC1948Royalty
Prince YadullahIran (Persia)GCMG1961Royalty
Prince FaisalHejazRVC1918Royalty[113] Later King Faisal of Iraq
King Faisal IIraqGCMG1927Royalty
King Faisal IIraqGCB1933Royalty
Prince ZeidIraqGBE1920Royalty
Prince ZeidIraqGCVO1956Royalty
Crown Prince Abdul IllahIraqGCMG1942Royalty
Crown Prince Abdul IllahIraqGCVO1943Royalty
Crown Prince Abdul IllahIraqGCB1956Royalty
King Faisal IIIraqGCVO1952Royalty
King Faisal IIIraqRVC1956Royalty
Prince Ra’adIraqKCVO1966Royalty
Prince Ra’adIraqGCVO1984Royalty
Emperor MutsuhitoJapanKG1905Royalty
Emperor YoshihitoJapanKG1912Royalty
Emperor HirohitoJapanKG1929RoyaltyDegraded 1941, but restored to the honour in 1971.
Emperor HirohitoJapanGCB1921RoyaltyAnnulled 1941
Emperor HirohitoJapanGCVO1921RoyaltyAnnulled 1941
Emperor AkihitoJapanKG1998Royalty
Prince Fushimi HiroyasuJapanGCVO1909Royalty[114]
King Abdullah IJordanGBE1920Royalty
King Abdullah IJordanKCMG1927Royalty
King Abdullah IJordanGCMG1935Royalty
King Hussein IJordanGCVO1953Royalty
King Hussein IJordanRVC1966Royalty
King Hussein IJordanGCB1984Royalty
Prince HusseinJordanGCVO1966Royalty
Prince MuhammadJordanGCVO1984Royalty
Prince HassanJordanGCVO1984Royalty
Princess BasmaJordanGCVO2001Royalty
King Abdullah IIJordanKCVO1984Royalty
King Abdullah IIJordanGCMG1999Royalty
King Abdullah IIJordanGCB2001Royalty
Prince AliJordanKCVO2001Royalty
Emperor GojongKoreaGCIE1900Royalty
Sheikh Mubarak bin Sabah Al-SabahKuwaitKCIE1911Royalty[115]
Sheikh Mubarak bin Sabah Al-SabahKuwaitKCSI1914Royalty[115]
Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-SabahKuwaitKCIE1930RoyaltyPromoted from CIE.[116]
Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-SabahKuwaitKCSI1944RoyaltyPromoted from CSI.[116]
Sheikh Abdullah III Al-Salim Al-SabahKuwaitKCMG1952RoyaltyPromoted GCMG in 1959. [117]
Sheikh Abdullah III Al-Salim Al-SabahKuwaitGCMG1959Royalty[117]
Emir Sabah III al-Salim al-SabahKuwaitKCMG1959Royalty[117]
Emir Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salim Al-SabahKuwaitKCMG1979Royalty[118]
Emir Jaber III bin-Ahmad I al-SabahKuwaitGCMG1979Royalty[118]
Emir Jaber al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-SabahKuwaitGCB1995Royalty[118]
Sultan Abdul Karim bin Fadhl bin AliLahejKCIE1918Royalty
Sultan Abdul Karim bin Fadhl bin AliLahejKCMG1935Royalty
Sultan IbrahimJohor (Malaysia)KCMG1897Royalty
Sultan IbrahimJohorGCMG1916Royalty
Sultan IbrahimJohorKBE1918Royalty
Sultan IbrahimJohorGBE1935Royalty
Sultan IsmailJohorKBE1937Royalty
Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim ShahKedah (Malaysia)KCMG1911Royalty
Sultan Tunku MahmudKedahKBE1935Royalty
Sultan Tuanku Abdul HalimKedahGCB1972Royalty
Sultan Mohamed IVKelantan (Malaysia)KCMG1922Royalty
Yang di Pertuan Besar Muhammad (1888-1933)Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)KCMG1916RoyaltyCMG 1894 [119]
Yang di Pertuan Besar Muhammad (1888-1933)Negeri SembilanKCVO1925Royalty[119]
Yang di Pertuan Besar Muhammad (1888-1933)Negeri SembilanGCMG1931Royalty[119]
Yang di Pertuan Besar Abdul Rahman (1933-1960)Negeri SembilanKCMG1934Royalty[120]
Yang di Pertuan Besar Abdul Rahman (1933-1960)Negeri SembilanGCMG1957RoyaltyYang di-Pertuan Agong (1957-1960) [120]
Yang di Pertuan Besar Jaafar (1967-2008)Negeri SembilanGCB1998RoyaltyYang di-Pertuan Agong (1994-1999) [121]
Sultan Abdullah (1917-1932)Pahang (Malaysia)KCMG1921Royalty[122]
Sultan Abu Bakar (1932-1974)Pahang (Malaysia)KCMG1935RoyaltyCMG 2.1.1933 [123]
Sultan Abu Bakar (1932-1974)Pahang (Malaysia)GCMG1953Royalty[123]
Sultan Idris Shah I (1887-1916)PerakKCMG1892RoyaltyCMG 2.10.1884 [124]
Sultan Idris Shah IPerakGCMG1901Royalty[124]
Sultan Idris Shah IPerak (Malaysia)GCVO1913Royalty[124]
Sultan Abdul Jalil (1916-1918)PerakKCMG1917Royalty[125]
Sultan IskandarPerak (1918–1938)KCMG1921Royalty[126]
Sultan IskandarPerakKCVO1924Royalty[126]
Sultan IskandarPerakGCMG1933Royalty[126]
Raja Chulan of PerakFederated Malay StatesKBE1930Royalty[100][127]
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (1938–1948)PerakKBE1937Royalty[128]
Sultan Abdul Aziz ShahPerakKCMG1939RoyaltyCMG in 1924 [128]
Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin ShahPerakKCMG1949Royalty[129]
Sultan Azlan ShahPerakGCB1989Royalty[130]
Rajah Tuan Syed Alwi ibni Almerhum Syed SafiPerlis (Malaysia)KBE1938Royalty
Sultan SulaimanSelangor (Malaysia)KCMG1912Royalty
Sultan SulaimanSelangorGCMG1929Royalty
Sultan SulaimanTrengganu (Malaysia)KCMG1922Royalty
Sultan Mohammed Farid DidiThe MaldivesKCMG1961Royalty
Sheikh Khazal KhanMohammerahKCIE1910Royalty
Sheikh Khazal KhanMohammerahKCSI1914Royalty
Sheikh Khazal KhanMohammerahGCIE1916Royalty
Sultan AbdelazizMoroccoGCB1901Royalty
Sultan Kapil TalwalkarMoroccoGCB1914Royalty
Sultan YusefMoroccoGCMG1917Royalty
King Hassan IIMoroccoRVC1980Royalty
King Mohammed VIMoroccoGCVO1980Royalty
Jang BahadurNepal – Rana DynastyGCB1858Royalty
Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCB1905Royalty
Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCVO1911Royalty
Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCMG1919Royalty
Bhim Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKCVO1911Royalty
Bhim Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCMG1931Royalty
Sher Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKBE1919Royalty
Baber Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGBE1919Royalty
Baber Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCVO1946Royalty
Padma Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGBE1920Royalty
Tej Shamsher Jang Bahdur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKBE1924Royalty
Kaiser Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKBE1924Royalty
Kaiser Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGBE1937Royalty
Bahadur Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGBE1934Royalty
Bahadur Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKCB1945Royalty
Krishna Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKBE1937Royalty
Juddha Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCB1939Royalty
Singha Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKBE1942Royalty
Nir Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKBE1945Royalty
Nir Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCVO1961Royalty
Kiran Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKBE1945Royalty
Kiran Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKCVO1961Royalty
Mohan Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGBE1945Royalty
Mohan Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCB1950Royalty
Shankar Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKBE1946Royalty
Shankar Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGBE1949Royalty
Subarna Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGCVO1960Royalty
Arjun Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKCVO1961Royalty
Samrajya Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKCVO1961Royalty
Nara Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyKCVO1961Royalty
Jagdish Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaNepal – Rana DynastyGBE1980Royalty
Preksha Rajya Lakshmi DeviNepal – Rana DynastyGCVO1986Royalty
Prince Himalaya Pratap Bir Bikram ShahNepal – Shah DynastyGBE1953Royalty
Prince Himalaya Pratap Bir Bikram ShahNepal – Shah DynastyGCMG1961Royalty
Prince Basundhara Bir Bikram ShahNepal – Shah DynastyGCMG1961Royalty
King MahendraNepal – Shah DynastyRVC1961Royalty
King BirendraNepal – Shah DynastyRVC1975Royalty
King GyanendraNepal – Shah DynastyGCMG1986Royalty
Prince Dhirendra Bir Bikram Shah DevaNepal – Shah DynastyGCMG1986Royalty
Sultan Turki bin SaidOman[N 9]GCSI1886Royalty
Sultan Faisal bin TurkiOman[N 9]GCIE1903Royalty
Sultan Taimur bin FeisalOman[N 9]KCIE1926Royalty
Ali bin Salim Al-BusaidyOman[N 9]KBE1932Royalty
Sultan Said Bin TaimurOman[N 9]GCIE1945Royalty
Sultan Said Bin TaimurOman[N 9]GCMG1956Royalty
Sultan QaboosOman [N 9]GCMG1976Royalty
Sultan QaboosOman [N 9]GCVO1979Royalty
Sultan QaboosOman [N 9]GCB1982Royalty
Sultan QaboosOman [N 9]RVC[131]2010Royalty
Sultan Abd-ul-Mejid IOttoman EmpireKG1856Royalty
Sultan Abd-ul-AzizOttoman EmpireKG1867Royalty
King FahdSaudi ArabiaRVC1987Royalty
King AbdullahSaudi ArabiaGCB1998Royalty
Sultan Hisamuddin Alam ShahSelangorKCMG1938Royalty
Sultan Salih bin Ghalib al Qu’aitiShihr and MukallaKCMG1938Royalty
King VajiravudhThailand (formerly Siam)GCVO1902Royalty
King Bhumibol AdulyadejThailand (formerly Siam)RVC1960Royalty
Prince Seyum MangashaTigrayKBE1924Royalty
Prince Mangasha SeyumTigrayGCVO1965Royalty
Queen Salote Tupou IIITongaDBE1932Royalty
Queen Salote Tupou IIITongaGBE1945Royalty
Queen Salote Tupou IIITongaGCVO1953Royalty
Queen Salote Tupou IIITongaGCMG1965Royalty
King Taufa’ahau Tupou IVTongaKBE1958Royalty
King Taufa’ahau Tupou IVTongaGCVO1970Royalty
King Taufa’ahau Tupou IVTongaGCMG1977Royalty
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al NahyanUnited Arab Emirates – Abu DhabiGCB[132]2010Royalty
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumUnited Arab Emirates – DubaiGCMG[132]2010Royalty
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al NahyanUnited Arab Emirates – Abu DhabiGCMG[132]2010Royalty
Sultan Ali bin SaidZanzibarGCSI1890Royalty
Sultan Hamad bin ThuwainiZanzibarGCSI1894Royalty
Sultan Khalifa bin HarubZanzibarKCMG1914Royalty
Sultan Khalifa bin HarubZanzibarKBE1919Royalty
Sultan Khalifa bin HarubZanzibarGBE1935Royalty
Sultan Khalifa bin HarubZanzibarGCMG1936Royalty
Sultan Khalifa bin HarubZanzibarGCB1956Royalty
Sultan Abdullah bin KhalifaZanzibarKBE1959Royalty
Sultan Jamshid bin AbdullahZanzibarGCMG1963Royalty

Professional, humanitarian and exploration

`Abdu’l-BaháIran (Persia)KBE1920HumanitarianHead of the Bahá’í Faith, award for humanitarian works in Palestine during World War I.
Winthrop W. AldrichUnited StatesGBE1947Finance[133]
Frank AydelotteUnited StatesKBE1953EducationUpon his retirement as Secretary of the American Rhodes Trust.[134]
Denton Ward BairdtbdGCVO1934Law Enforcement[citation needed]
Paul Bruce BeesonUnited StatesKBE1973MedicineNuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford, 1965–1974
Donald BerwickUnited StatesKBE2005MedicineAwarded for his efforts to help reform Britain’s National Health Service.[135]
Michael BloombergUnited StatesKBE2014Philanthropy.[136]
U2 lead singer and social activist for services to the music industry and humanitarian work.
Vannevar BushUnited StatesKBE1948ScienceHead of the U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) during World War II[137]
Aldo CastellaniItalyKCMG1928MedicineDirector of Tropical Medicine at the Ross Institute and Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Putney Heath.[138]
Alistair CookeUnited StatesKBE1973BroadcastingBroadcaster for his outstanding contribution to Anglo-American mutual understanding[139] Lost his British nationality in 1941 upon becoming a United States citizen.[N 2]
Francisco Maria da VeigaPortugalKCVO1903Law Enforcement[17]
Ara DarziIraqKBE2002MedicineBecame a British national later in 2002 and his knighthood became substantive.
Filippo de FilippiItalyKCIE1916Exploration
Bertram de Nully CrugerUnited StatesKBEtbdFinance
James Caruthers Rhea EwingUnited StatesKCIE1923EducationFormer Principal of the Forman College, Lahore, Punjab.[140]
Gilberto FreyreBrazilKBE1971Anthropology/Sociology
Melinda GatesUnited StatesDBE2013Humanitarian
Bob GeldofIrelandKBE1986HumanitarianWhile prominent in music, his award was for humanitarian work.
Nizam ud-din Khan GhaffaritbdKCMG1903Finance
Arthur Lehman GoodhartUnited StatesKBE1948Law
Johann Ritter von HabrdaAustriaKCVO1904Law EnforcementCommissioner of Police, Vienna[141]
Martin HairerAustriaKBE2016Science
Friedrich Albert HänelGerman EmpireKCVO1901LawGeheimer Justizrath[69]
Sven HedinSwedenKCIE1909ExplorationGeographer and traveller has explored Persia, Mesopotamia, Khorasan and Turkestan, Tibet, the Gobi Desert, and other wild regions.[142]
J. Edgar HooverUnited StatesKBE1950Law EnforcementDirector of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for helpful collaboration and cooperation during the past 25 years.[143]
Angelina JolieUnited StatesCambodiaDCMG2014HumanitarianFor services to the United Kingdom‘s foreign policy and for campaigning to end sexual violence in war zones.[144][145][146]
Bruce KeoghZimbabweKBE2003MedicineLater became a British national and his knighthood became substantive.
Sergei KruglovSoviet UnionKBE1945Law Enforcement
Antonio Maria de LancastrePortugalKCVO1904Medicine
Louis LépineFranceGCVO1903Law EnforcementPrefect of Police.[18]
Graça MachelMozambique/South AfricaDBE1997Humanitarian
Marchese Guglielmo MarconiItalyGCVO1914Science[147]
Paul MellonUnited StatesKBE1974HumanitarianPhilanthropist known as a patron of British art[148]
Edward R. MurrowUnited StatesKBE1965BroadcastingBroadcaster in recognition of outstanding services in furthering Anglo-American friendship and understanding.[149]
Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pelé)BrazilKBE1997SportsAwarded in his capacity as Brazil’s sports minister[150]
Eugen PetersenDenmarkKCVO1904Law Enforcement[3]
José Martins Pinheiro NetoBrazilKBE1987Law
Peter PiotBelgiumKCMG2016Medicine
Xavier RoletFranceKBE2015FinanceChief executive of the London Stock Exchange
Risto RytiFinlandKCVO1934FinanceChairman of the Bank of Finland for service of great merit to Anglo-Finnish relations. He later became Prime Minister and President of Finland.
Mortimer SacklerUnited StatesKBE1995SciencePharmaceutical entrepreneur and philanthropist, for contributions to the sciences and to philanthropy. Brother of Raymond Sackler, KBE and husband of Dame Theresa Sackler.[151]
Raymond SacklerUnited StatesKBE1995SciencePharmaceutical entrepreneur and philanthropist, for contributions to the sciences, arts and astronomy.
Abdus SalamPakistanKBE1989ScienceFor Professor Salam’s inspiration behind the foundation of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics[152]
Douglas Stephen SauvétbdKBE1936Law
Albert SchweitzerFranceOM1955HumanitarianPhilosopher, musician and missionary.[153]
Helen SuzmanSouth AfricaDBE1989HumanitarianAnti-apartheid activist[154]
Taro TakemiJapanKBEtbdMedicine
Mother TeresaIndiaOM1983Humanitarian
Rick TrainorUnited StatesKBE2010EducationPrincipal of King’s College London. Took British nationality later in 2010 and knighthood became substantive.
James D. WatsonUnited StatesKBE2001ScienceCo-discoverer of the structure of DNA in 1953 with Francis Crick[155]
Elie WieselUnited StatesKBE2006Humanitarian
Simon WiesenthalAustriaKBE2004HumanitarianAward for a lifetime of service to humanity and for work at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


The following are listed in order of precedence:

First Class
1aKGKnight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter
1bLGLady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter
2KTKnight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle
3GCBKnight (or Dame) Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath
4OMMember of the Order of Merit
5GCSIKnight Grand Commander of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India
6GCMGKnight (or Dame) Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George
7GCIEKnight Grand Commander of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire
N/ARVC[N 10]Recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain
8GCVOKnight (or Dame) Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order
9GBEKnight (or Dame) Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
10CHMember of the Order of the Companions of Honour
11aKCBKnight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath
11bDCBDame Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath
12KCSIKnight Commander of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India
13aKCMGKnight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George
13bDCMGDame Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George
14KCIEKnight Commander of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire
15aKCVOKnight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
15bDCVODame Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
16aKBEKnight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
16bDBEDame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire


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Level 1 Victoria Cross (VC) George Cross (GC)Level 2A Distinguished Service Order (DSO) Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC) Royal Red Cross Class I (RRC)Level 2B George Medal (GM)  Queen’s Police Medal, for Gallantry (QPM)  Queen’s Fire Service Medal, for Gallantry (QFSM)Level 3A Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)  Military Cross (MC)  Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)  Air Force Cross (AFC)  Royal Red Cross Class II (ARRC)Level 3B Sea Gallantry Medal (SGM) Queen’s Gallantry Medal (QGM) Royal Victorian Medal (RVM) British Empire Medal (BEM) Queen’s Police Medal, for Distinguished Service (QPM) Queen’s Fire Service Medal, for Distinguished Service (QFSM) Queen’s Ambulance Service Medal (QAM) Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal (QVRM) Polar Medal (PM) Imperial Service Medal (ISM) Overseas Territories Police Medal (OTPM) Merchant Navy Medal for Meritorious Service (MNM)Level 4 Mentioned in Despatches  Queen’s Commendation for Bravery  Queen’s Commendation for Bravery in the Air  Queen’s Commendation for Valuable ServiceOther Badge of HonourElizabeth Cross
Level 1 Indian Order of Merit (First Class) (IOM)   Albert Medal (1st class) (AM)  Edward Medal (1st class) (EM)  Empire Gallantry Medal (EGM)Level 2A Indian Order of Merit (Second Class) (IOM) Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)  Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (CGM)  Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Flying) (CGM)Level 2B  Albert Medal (2nd class) (AM)  Edward Medal (2nd class) (EM)  Union of South Africa King’s Medal for Bravery, GoldLevel 3A Order of British India (First Class) (OBI)  Order of British India (Second Class) (OBI)  Indian Order of Merit (Third Class) (IOM)  Royal West African Frontier Force Distinguished Conduct Medal  King’s African Rifles Distinguished Conduct Medal  Indian Distinguished Service Medal (IDSM)  Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)  Military Medal (MM)  Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)  Air Force Medal (AFM) Burma Gallantry Medal (BGM)Level 3B Constabulary Medal (Ireland) Union of South Africa Queen’s Medal for Bravery (Silver)  Kaisar-i-Hind Medal (Gold, Silver, Bronze)  Indian Police Medal, for Gallantry  Ceylon Police Medal, for Gallantry  Sierra Leone Police Medal, for Gallantry  Sierra Leone Fire Brigades Medal, for Gallantry  Colonial Police Medal, for Gallantry (CPM)  Canada Medal (CM)  Queen’s Medal for Chiefs Indian Police Medal, for Meritorious Service  Ceylon Police Medal, for Merit  Sierra Leone Police Medal, for Meritorious Service  Sierra Leone Fire Brigades Medal, for Meritorious ServiceLevel 4King’s/Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct King’s/Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air (1942-94)
Royal family
 George IV Victoria and Albert Edward VII George V George VI Elizabeth II
See also British campaign medalsRevocations

Comments: Note that Angelina Jolie is listed as are Communist leaders, fascists, dictators, & Euro-, Asian-, African Royalty who all consider theirselves as ABOVE the people who just deserve to be used and abused by these “leaders” or more accurately TRAITORS TO ALL OF HUMANITY.

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