95 Percent of Americans Believe the Media is Full of Shit

By infostormer -September 12, 20197

95 percent of Americans are “troubled” by the state of the media. In other words, they don’t believe anything the media tells them.

The Wrap:

Nearly all Americans are “troubled” by the state of the media, according to a new study from boutique PR agency, Bospar, in collaboration with Propeller Insights.

The survey of 1,010 American adults found that more than 95% are troubled by the current state of media, with 53% citing “reports on fake news,” 49% citing “reporting gossip,” and 48% citing “lying spokespeople,” as the key causes.

Other factors ranging from “celebrity opinions” to left- and right-wing agendas to the possible reporting of “blind items” in the news also spark concern.

If the corporate media was actually doing its job, nobody would need to read a site like this. But since the media is run by Jews whose job is to put out disinformation and lies to fool the gullible goyim, it explains why people have had it with these fools. And this is why the Jewish media is calling for everybody to be banned off the Internet. They want to put their competitors out of business.

The media really screwed the pooch with how they covered the 2016 presidential campaign and further damaged themselves with promoting Russiagate hoax conspiracy theories. So the results of this poll are not the least bit surprising.

Quite frankly, that 95 percent number should be 100 percent because I don’t know how any normal person can objectively look at the current state of the media and believe that they are ethical by any stretch of the imagination.SHAREFacebookTwitter

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