Fake Zionist Media Blaming Trump For Violence Just Before Midterm Elections

Trump, the Jews and anti-Semitism: A Dangerous Double Game

by TUT editor

‘I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life,’ the U.S. president declared one month after not mentioning Jews while marking Holocaust Remembrance Day

ed note–It’s time, once again ladies and Gentile-men to talk about a few elephants in the room here that–based upon the various discussions taking place out there right now–few (if any) feel are of obvious importance that warrant examination and discussion.

1. The CENTRAL figure being targeted for blame, vitriol, innuendo and screeching in the aftermath of the Sin-a-Gog shooting is not as much the shooter himself, Robert Bowers, but rather–

…drum role please–

Donald J. Trump. President of the United States of America.

On virtually every mainstream media outlet (save Fox and Breitbart) the various commentators have all but suggested that Trump recruited, trained, and set Bowers loose to do what he did.

Now, this is important all on its own, and for the simple reason that it flies directly in the face, 180 degrees in fact, with the dogmatic assertions put forth by various ‘experts’ in the 9/11 trooth muuvmnt that Trump is the favored son of Judea and who has enjoyed nothing but green lights, red carpets and open doors since (before) announcing his candidacy for POTUS.

Now, some would say, ‘So what? BFD. Let people have their opinions on things and  even if those opinions are rooted in unreality and cannot be supported by any fact’.

That would certainly be the case were all of this just an intellectual/academic exercise like something taking place between 3 or 4 old drunks in a bar debating Area 51, but it isn’t that. The future of not just the United States, but indeed the entire world–and more specifically, the question as to whether or not our barely-breathing world is plunged into total war as part and parcel of the revenge plan which Judea, Inc began fashioning 2,000 years ago–is up for grabs, and given the fact that this question–yea or nay–is being fought out right now in the political realm means that EVERY SINGLE VOICE out there contributes to this balancing act, even if only in the smallest of degrees.

Notice, the ‘Jews’ whom so many experts claim just LOOOVE Trump are not rushing to his defense on this. They are either the primary arsonists bringing extra wood and gasoline to the fire or else are sitting passively by and watching everything as it progresses, which brings us to the next elephant in the room–

2. Trump’s ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’.

All can rest assured that this latest event vis a vis the shooting spree at the Sin-a-Gog will NOT be allowed to pass without all ‘interested parties’ squeezing it for all its worth in furthering Israel’s plans, and not just in the typical fashion where Djooish State (otherwise known by its acronym ‘DJS’) conjures up Gentile sympathy for what was in effect a ‘mini-Holocaust’ of sorts, to say nothing of the shrill screeching that is already taking place advocating for (DEMANDING) new ‘hate speech’ laws aimed at protecting God’s chosen people.

No, all can bet, just as sure as s*** that this event will be used as PF evidence that Trump ‘does not have Israel’s back’ and therefore has no business pushing forth any ‘peace deal’ that creates/empowers a ‘Palestinian state’ in the Middle East and that, in the interests of ‘Never Again’, Jews simply cannot put their safety and well being into the hands of a man who can’t even protect Jews in his own country, so why should he be believed/trusted to protect Jews in the Middle East, considered the most dangerous place in the world for them?

As we like to say here often, ‘Wait for it, watch for it, because it is coming.’

And finally, elephant #3–

White Nationalism and the manner by which it is now without any shred of doubt as much a plaything and useful tool in furthering the narrative which Judea, Inc needs if she is to realize her geo-political agenda every bit as much as its counterpart in ‘the East’, Islamic ‘extremism’. How many more Robert Bowers, Dylan Roofs, Andrew Anglins, Charlottesvilles, etc, etc, etc, need to ‘pop up’ before all those making up ‘duh muuvmnt’ come to grips with the fact that this particular ‘neighborhood’ of disgruntled and disenfranchised individuals are an inherent liability to our collective interests in getting the vampire’s fangs off of our neck? As they have demonstrated time and time again and as they continue to demonstrate on a daily basis on their websites, in their chat rooms and forums, etc, (to say nothing of disasters such as what just took place in Pittsburgh) they possess not the slightest index of skill or competence vis a vis fighting and winning the ‘political’ game where public perception speaks with the same authority as a jury handing down a guilty verdict that results in either a jail term or a short, bumpy, and exciting ride on ‘old sparky’. Like the kid who really wants to be on ‘the team’ but who is fat, slow, lazy, stupid, fumbles the ball and contributes more to the opposing side winning game after game after game than to his own team, likewise, those amongst us who just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the notion that winning is not just based upon luck but skill, competence, and intelligence need to be jettisoned from said team before the season ends and if any of us truly entertain any hopes of tasting the fruits of winning at least one, miserable game. Read more of this post

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