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FRIDAY / JULY 5, 2019
Senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris raising their hands Thursday night while the other eight debaters kept theirs down.

NY Times (Op-Ed): There Is Such a Thing as Too Far Left By RAMESH PONNURO 
 But where do you draw the line? The Democratic candidates are contorting themselves trying to find the sweet spot.

REBUTTAL BYAmongst a growing number of the official keepers of “conventional wisdom”  , there is concern that the Demonrat pack seeking the nomination for QFS (Quadrennial Freak Show) 2020 has moved “too far to the left.” The fear is that although an openly Marxist loon like Bernie the Bolshevik Sanders; or Kamala the Whore Harris; or Loony Lizzy Warren; or “Mayor Pete” Bootyfag may, in Demonrat primaries, strongly appeal to the degenerate Satanic base of the Demonrat Party — when it comes to a direct general election contest against Donald Trump, their overt radicalism will ultimately scare the manure out of many in the mushy middle. Though this dilemma facing the Demonrats is certainly real; it is important for mushy “moderates” to understand that the only difference between the aforementioned “far left” Demonrats and the perceived “reasonable” or “centrist” types — such as Creepy Joe Biden, Barack Obongo, The Clintons, John Kerry et al. — is that the former believe that there is no longer any reason to conceal their Marxist doctrine; whereas the more pragmatic latter group believes that, in a national election, it is still too risky to come totally out of their communist closets. Apart from such tactical differences, all Demonrats are the same — “far left.”  .
  Ever-angry ‘far left’ lunatics Warren, Harris and Sanders may scare the “moderates” away — but the “reasonable” Demonrats are every bit as rotten.
  As testimony to our bold broad-brush assertion that ALL Congressional and Senate Demonrats, regardless of their tone and adopted personas, are extremist evil and stupid Marxists (or just criminal co-conspirators) — we submit the following facts for our mushy-middle countrymen to ponder over: ALL Demonrats voted for the disastrous “Affordable Care Act” — aka “ObongoCare”ALL Demonrats voted in favor of Obongo’s failed $1 Trillion “stimulus” bill of 2009ALL Demonrats support the killing of unborn babies late in pregnancyALL Demonrats support open-bordersALL Demonrats support queers as a “protected class” that can’t be “discriminated” against ALL Demonrats support later-term abortions, the promotion of public faggotry and cross-dressing, and the disaster of ObongoCare.
 ALL Demonrats promote the “Global Warming”  / “Climate Change”  hoaxALL Demonrats promote anti-white “diversity” quotas in hiring and promotingALL Demonrats promote and protect voter fraudALL Demonrats are hostile toward Russia (except maybe Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI))ALL Demonrats engage in race-baiting / identity politicsALL Demonrats opposed the modest 2017 tax cuts on businesses and individuals So, where are these “moderate” Demonrats? Well, one had his head blown apart in 1963, and a few remaining semi-sane ones were all gone by the end of the Clinton & Clinton era in 2000. Today, in spite of variations in tone and rhetoric, and unlike their 50-50 (at best) Republican’t counterparts, they are ALL rotten to the core. 
True “moderates” and patriots generally don’t fare too well in the Demonrat party. — 1. JFK, blown away /// 2. James Traficant (D-OH) — railroaded on phony corruption charges by the Clinton Justice Department, then died in an “accident” in 2014.
 *  —Skipping a few days here and there as we take a bit of rest & relaxation at the Jersey shore. — 
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that some people fear that the Democrats are going too far to the left.
Boobus Americanus 2: The thing I liked about Obama was that he was a sensible liberal — quite moderate in both his approach and in his policies.
 *  Editor: You’re not going to get my blood pressure up while I’m on vacation, Boobus.

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