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SUNDAY / JUNE 30, 2019

 NY Times: How Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. Beat France at the World Cup

REBUTTAL BYOh look — The Degenerate States of America has got itself a new media-manufactured super-hero in the person of outspoken butch-lesbian footballer (soccer)Megan Rapinoe. Besides being a “role model” ā„¢ for the misguided masculinized young “ladies” of today, Rapinoe’s leftist politics, overt anti-Americanism, and loud Trump-bashing — all on display during the ongoing spectacle of the “Women’s World Cup” —  have really won over the black hearts and unhinged minds of members of the Fake News. Top it off with the fact that Mad Megan also happens to be one of the best females players in the world (who frickin’ cares?), and you’ll understand why Sulzberger’s Slimes is now front-paging this manly shrew.    The warrior-beast roars and fist-pumps like a man whenever it scores a goal.  Rapinoe is also an anthem-kneeler. She started her act in 2016, in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, the communist San Francisco 49ers quarterback who refused to stand during the anthem because of “racial injustice.” Already arrogantly assuming that the U.S. team will win the ongoing tournament and receive a White House invite, the disagreeable dyke, to the delight of the equally demented press, boldly declared this week: ā€œIā€™m not going to the fucking White House.ā€ — Classy as always, eh Megan? But when it comes to quintessentially classless “ugly Americanism,” nothing can stoop lower than the on-field behaviour exhibited by Rapinoe and her mighty “mean girl” gang of terrible tomboys during their recent 13-0 rout of a vastly inferior Thailand team. With the outcome of the game having been decided very early in the lopsided mismatch, the American hell-cats not only pushed aggressively for more and more and still more unnecessary goals — but celebrated each and every one as if were the game-winner in a championship final as the shell-shocked and teary-eyed Thailanders looked on in despair. In the face of severe international criticism over the team’s boorish behavior, super dyke Rapinoe defended the ugly spectacle: “Our only crime was an explosion of joy.”    1. Megan is an America-hating anthem-kneeler. // 2 &3. Even after making the score 10-0 vs inferior Thailand, the deranged dyke and her fellow she-devils still wouldn’t stop celebrating.   
 * “I’m not going to the fucking White House.”  Apart altogether from the classless act of Red Rapinoe and the rest her manly crew, this whole “modern” phenomenon of unsexed girls — both “straight” and queer — playing men’s sports is tragic in our view. Our young women, if they must play some sort of sports, should be figure skating or maybe playing tennis. To watch them engage in physical sports which require “killer instinct” and even harsh contact is not only comical to behold; but it is subversive of civilization itself.  These young ladies, in being stripped of a certain degree of their femininity, sin against the laws of nature by spreading gender confusion throughout society. The deluded damsels ought to be learning how to cook, clean, stitch, nurture and act like like submissive ladies that a man would want to commit to and take care of. But instead of preparing the next generation of good wives and mothers, we are raising up millions of screaming, “high-fiving” footballer warriors with contentious, competitive and even combative attitudes. What true man wants to put up with such personality traits? Conversely, few woman are attracted to so many of today’s de-balled young men. Oh what a Marxist mess the new gender roles are creating for our young people. Thanks Jews.  vs Class vs Crass 
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that Meghan Rapinoe scored two more goals against France.
Boobus Americanus 2: Do you think the U.S. women’s team is gonna win it all?
         St. Sugar: Who givess a frickin’ rat’ss asss?!
 Editor: I already stopped caring about the men’s World Cup when the European teams became African.

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